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UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats

Flying is a big part of your holiday – which is why we want to make your trip the best it can be. From May 2015, fast-track security, UK lounge access and priority boarding are all included with our Premium Club seats. Here’s why you should upgrade…

As if the Premium Club experience wasn’t good enough – we’ve now gone and made it even better. When you book these seats on long haul flights you’ll not only get great service, comfort, food and entertainment, but we’re now making your transition from airport to plane easier, as well. From May 1st, passengers will be fast-tracked through security, enjoy access to lounges at UK airports and be invited to use priority boarding. And once you’re on board, you can relax with a glass of sparkling wine and get ready for your holiday.
Sound good? Here are the benefits included with your Premium Club seats…

UK Airport Lounges

Always wanted the A-list treatment? If you’re flying Premium Club, you’ll get complimentary lounge access from May 1st. And once inside, you’ll find tranquil spaces to relax with complimentary drinks and snacks – the perfect start to your trip. You’ll enjoy access to the following lounges –

  • London Gatwick, North Terminal – No1 Lounge
  • Manchester Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge
  • Glasgow – Sky Lounge
  • Birmingham – No.1 Lounge
  • East Midlands – Escape Lounge
  • Newcastle – Aspire Lounge
  • Edinburgh – No.1 Lounge
  • Cardiff – Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge

Extra Comfort


When the journey to your dream destination is several hours long, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Our Premium Club seats are specially-designed to offer maximum comfort with extra room and a bigger recline. Duvets and pillows are supplied on our night flights, and you’ll even get a luxury amenities kit from Rituals. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and raring to go.


Our on-board entertainment is loaded with the latest films and episodes of your favourite TV shows. In Premium Club, you’ll also be supplied with noise-cancelling headphones so you can get fully immersed in your favourite films with no interruptions. And if you fancy getting stuck into a Sudoku puzzle or catching up on the latest news, you can choose from a selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Food & drink

Once you’re on board, you’ll kick-start your trip with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine to toast a great holiday. And you can keep the drinks flowing and take your pick from a range of complimentary beverages. When it comes to food options – you’ll be spoilt for choice. We give our Premium Club passengers the gourmet treatment with a specially-prepared meal of no less than 4 courses and a light bite before landing.



From check-in to boarding – we’ll make your journey run as smoothly as possible. You’ll be given priority access to online check in 14 days before departure, a luggage allowance of 23kg for all those travel essentials, and can drop off your bags at our dedicated Premium Club desk. When leaving the UK, you’ll be fast-tracked through airport security and can then head straight to the airport lounge to relax before your flight. You will also be offered priority boarding when your plane is ready for departure. Once you touch down, you will be among the first to leave the plane thanks to our priority disembarkation service.

Will you be flying Premium Club?

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1,535 Responses to “UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats”

  1. jake1186@live.co.uk' Jake

    I am leaving jamaica tomorrow afternoon.
    Do we get fast track security with our premium? Or lounge access ?
    Not that lounge access matters as I have a priority pass so I’ll have it either way

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jake, You’ll still receive fast track through security as you are travelling in Premium Club however, lounge access is only included from your UK airport ^Charlotte

  2. kts64@hotmail.co.uk' Karen

    Its our 1st time booking long haul to Florida, we booked premium club, but not sure what to exspect, I also suffer with fibromyalgia, hence booking premium for leg space, can you give more info on premium club & do they supple compression socks for flight

    • gemma.walters@thomson.co.uk' Gemma Walters

      Hi Karen, The following are included with our Premium Club seats for Thomson Airways flights

      – At least a 36″ seat pitch, or a 38″ seat pitch on the Dreamliner
      – Amenity kit from luxury cosmetics brand, Rituals
      – Improved seats offering more comfort and a bigger recline
      – Duvet and pillow on night flights

      – 9″ seatback TV
      – Noise-reduction headphones for use during the flight
      – The latest blockbuster movies, TV, music and games available on demand
      – Kids’ TV channels

      – Enjoy a range of soft drinks, juices, beer, wine and spirits as well as tea and coffee on us*
      * Excludes champagne and sparkling wine
      – Day-before bag drop at selected airports
      – 23kg luggage allowance and 10kg for children under 2, when you’re travelling on a package holiday
      – 4-course meal and afternoon tea or a hot breakfast sandwich before landing. Just so you know, children’s meals for 2 to 12-year-olds are available on long haul flights. You’ll be able to select them during the booking process.
      – Priority access to bag drop/check-in
      – Complimentary pre-departure drink
      – Magazines and newspapers
      – Ability to choose your seats from the map of the plane immediately after booking your holiday within our Flight Extras page
      – Fast-track through security in the UK
      – Airport lounge access in the UK
      – Priority boarding

      Access to the lounge at Sanford airport in Florida
      You’ll get free access to the lounge at Sanford Airport when you book Premium Club seats for your Florida holiday.

      unfortunately we do not provide compression socks for flights. I hope this helps and if I can help with anything else please let me know. ^Gemma

  3. kevnick80@hotmail.com' kevin smith

    hi there. i am flying to orlando on 25th september. we have upgraded to premium club on the dreamliner. we are leaving from glasgow – do we get to use the fast track security line or do we have to go through the normal line? thanks

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Kevin, Yes you would get fast track through security ^Becca

  4. dittespoulsen@gmail.com' Didi


    Is it possible to buy standard seats and then change these to premium after the initial booking? Can I do this online or would I have to call Thomson?

    Also, is it possible to phone up Thomson before committing to buying premium seats to see if two seats are available next to each other?

    Thank you

    • Dave.Ellis@thomson.co.uk' Dave Ellis

      Hi, You can upgrade at any time if there is availability. We can’t guarantee seats together, however you are welcome to contact us and see whats available prior to the upgrade. ^Dave

  5. sharonryan-79@hotmail.co.uk' Sharon Ryan

    we are flying from Jamaica to Manchester on 23rd December and are looking at booking premium seats. (there is non available on our outbound flight on the 16th December). are we able to use the lounge/speedy boarding etc in Manchester on the outbound flight, even though it is only the return flight that we would be looking at upgrading to Premium due to availability?

    • Dave.Ellis@thomson.co.uk' Dave Ellis

      Hi Sharon. You will only be able to use the services if you have premium seats on that journey. ^Dave

  6. dmward222@gmail.com' David

    Hi I have booked premium club how do I get tickets for the lounge ?
    Flying from Birmingham

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi David, All you’ll need to do is show your Premium Club boarding card for access to the lounge at your chosen airport ^Charlotte

  7. whughes1868@gmail.com' Wendy

    Do you get lounge access on the way bk from cancun

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Wendy, We do not include the Lounge on return flights from Mexico ^Charlotte

  8. emmaaitkenxx@icloud.com' Emma

    Hi I just booked a holiday to Mexico and I was able to access the booking and select my seats but I have not had any confirmation of the booking or selecting our seats. Now it won’t even let me access the booking and is saying I need to call a number? Does anyone know why this is or if it’s a problem with my booking? Thanks

  9. aled38@hotmail.com' Aled

    Hi we are flying Premium Club to Puerto Vallarta Mexico Pacific Coast (Ordaz Airport) on the 15 September 2017 for two weeks. Are all the Premium Club benefits (including lounge) available at Ordaz Airport on our return?

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Aled, This would just be for your outbound flight ^Becca

    • aled38@hotmail.com' Aled

      Hi Becca, are there no benefits at all on the inbound flight??

  10. mikelovesboro@hotmail.com' Michael Harris

    Hi booked premium club for flight to mexico, hope this is both ways and we ARE sitting together….when will we be allocated seat numbers

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Michael, You are able to select your seat numbers within Premium Club as soon as your booking is created. You’ll need to log-in to our Flight Extras page to do this ^Charlotte

  11. leebox4@icloud.com' Lee

    Iam flying on Christmas Day 2017 what time does the lounge open ???

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Lee, What lounge will you be using please? ^Charlotte

  12. claircclark@gmail.com' Clair

    Hi, I am planning to book family holiday for next year from Gatwick to Mexico in premium club as I thought I could ‘choose’ the seats I want my family to be seated together in… is this true.. is it possible to actually choose where we sit immediately after booking or does the system choose where we will be seated?
    (I noticed a previous similar comment suggesting that two people chose premium but were not seated next to each other…)
    Thx Clair

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Clair, We changed our policy for Premium Club passengers so that they are able to select their seat numbers as soon as they have created their booking. You’ll be able to access the seating plan via our Flight Extras page, and select from availability within the cabin. Due to the way the Premium Cabin is laid out, we cannot always guarantee seats together ^Charlotte

  13. stephen.astley1@ntlworld.com' Stephen Astley

    I am travelling Manchester to Punta Cana Monday 1 October returning 13 October. I paid for premium club and already booked the seats. What services do we get at Manchester and Punta Cana, (priority check in, fast track security, airport lounges etc).

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      hi Stephen. You can take advantage of some great perks at the airport in the UK, including fast-track through security, lounge access, and priority boarding. Your seats have a 38-inch seat pitch and more of a recline. You’ll be served a tasty 4-course meal and complimentary drinks throughout your flight. Don’t forget you can also select your seats as soon as you have added the seat upgrade to your booking. ^Dave

    • stephen.astley1@ntlworld.com' Stephen Astley

      Ok for Manchester but what about Punta Cana airport

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Stephen. You would get the same benefits on your return flight, apart from Lounge Access. We do not include lounge access for Punta Cana Airport. ^Dave

  14. rosemary_engmann@hotmail.co.uk' Rosemary

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to make a complaint as I am extremely disappointed in the service I have been receiving from your employees.
    I would first like to mention that I not happy with the service given to me by Carly in the customer welfare team, I have spoken to her on more than one occasion and she is very rude, unprofessional and unempathetic.

    I booked a holiday to Mexico with Thomson via the website and called in to make an amendment of the hotel.
    Whilst doing so I was informed that I had been placed in a seat with extra legroom due to my disability.
    When I called up this morning I was told that no seats had been allocated to me and the guy I spoke to told me he had placed me in 13J & 13H which are extra legroom seats.
    Upon investigation, it has come to my attention that these are not in fact extra legroom seats, which means on both occasions not only was I lied to, but as given false advertisement and information.
    When I called back up to rectify this, I spoke to Carly, whom was very rude and patronising telling me I will not get any special treatment just because of my disability and all customers are treated the same. (This in itself is very disrespectful and discriminatory, I did not ask for special treatment, I simply informed them of what I had been told previously, as a welfare team member she should know better than to say such a thing to a disabled customer as it is discriminatory, patronising and very unempathetic)
    I was then told there are no extra legroom seats left to assign me to. When I asked to talk to management, I was refused and was more or less informed that despite your employees giving me false information, i will not be able to talk to anyone who can rectify this.
    When I called back up to try to talk to someone else I was told that despite being told I had been placed in an extra legroom seat, I would have to pay an extra £140 for it (despite being told that I couldn’t get it, although I was already told I was & that there was in fact no more seats of this kind available.)

    As you can see on your system I fly with Thomson frequently and even have another holiday booked in December.
    I have fibromyalgia and a damaged nerve in my back, I am unable to climb stairs, stand for long periods or sit down for long periods of time, all of which is not an ideal way of life & not a condition I believe should be mocked or downplayed!
    Therefore I will have to keep getting up and sitting down in my seat in order to stretch my back & my knee which constantly cramps and locks, as my only comfortability is whilst laying down (causing extra inconvenience not only to myself by also to your other passengers and the flight attendants whom I will be constantly blocking their way.)
    This is an 11hr flight and it is really disheartening that Thomson will allow me to start of my holiday in extreme pain and discomfort simply because there employees were not giving me the correct information. Had I known these events would have occurred I would have just disregarded my loyalty and booked with a different airline.
    Even my last trip to Cape Verde was the same thing, I was being denied special assistance, questioned about having special assistance (which was not the first time) and even told to get off the buggy and walk by another customer, whereby your employees stood back and didn’t say a thing, I actually had one of your employees agreeing with what the woman had said.
    I feel as though I am being discriminated against and treated unfairly. Yes I am may be young and my disability may not be physically visible on first appearance, but this is not ground for discrimination or disrespect. I should have the same rights as every other disabled passenger and should not be constantly lied to.
    Had I not called up today, I would have had absolutely no idea that I had not been allocated the seat which I was told I would be.

    I would like this message to be forwarded to management and would appreciate it if someone could look into this, rectify it in any way possible and get back to me.
    I am a loyal customer to Thomson and always book with you, I don’t deserve to be treated in this manner and spoken down to or disregarded due to my disability.
    I hope this issue can be sorted as I would not like to make this issue public or appoint a solicitor as should I continue being treated in this manner I will do so and will also contact
    Trading Standard & the news.
    I really do hope this will be taken seriously and that I receive a considerate reply.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Rosemary. You are welcome to drop us an email at cares@thomson.co.uk, and we can look into this further for you. ^Dave

  15. Fiona.chamberlain1@gmail.com' FIONA CHAMBERLAIN

    His if I upgrade to premium club does this include the return flight too .many thanks

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Fiona, As long as we have the available for both flights then the seats would be included for both flights ^Becca

  16. me21kelly@hotmail.com' Kelly

    For all those considering paying the premium club supplement, please be aware that you will not necessarily be sitting together and you don’t get to see the seating plan until after booking. We’ve just paid £600 supplement birmingham to Cancun and are seated behind each other. Thomson claim this is together but obviously we won’t be able to talk or interact for the flight. Big issue with seating plan as the centre aisle is a row of three so difficult for them to sell the odd seats and you don’t know what your paying for until you’ve paid the money and they won’t refund! Shame really as we were really looking forward to it and on paper seems a nice offering. Would be resolved if they could show the seating plan when booking like most other operators so you can make an informed decision.

  17. john_griffiths@hotmail.co.uk' John Griffiths

    Hi, travelling from Manchester to Jamaica in the premium club, what is the dress code please? Tailored shorts I’ve been told are ok but are polo shirts and trainers?

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi John, The Lounge dress code is smart/casual. Gentlemen’s shoulders must be covered at all times. Shorts must be tailored and of reasonable length. Sports attire is not acceptable, football and rugby shirts must be covered. Matching attire (such as hen or stag items), fancy dress, onesies, pyjamas, personalised items or any other items that may cause offence to other lounge users are not permitted ^Jo

  18. kym.nethercott@btopenworld.com' Kym


    We are flying from Gatwick to Mexico on 9 Sept in Premium – the flight time is 10:15 – will we be able to check the bags the evening before and at what time?

    Kind Regards


  19. miss_sheerin@hotmail.co.uk' jennifer

    Hi, I am flying Glasgow – Cancun premium in October.
    Do you offer airport lounge and fast track service?

    • clark.priday@thomson.co.uk' Clark Priday

      Hi Jennifer, These are complimentary features for customers with Premium Club on their booking 🙂 ^Clark

  20. nlehane@hotmail.co.uk' Nikki

    Please don’t waste your money paying for Premium seating expecting all the “extras”. We booked Premium to Cayo, didn’t get priority check-in, lounge, priority boarding or fasttrack security – complained to Thomson, in their words “premium” is for the seating itself and none of the “added extras” are guaranteed – totally misleading. Really disappointing start to our holiday

    • gillianbatey@sky.com' Gillian

      It clearly states that all of these are included so not sure why you didn’t get them!

  21. dan.elliott@hotmail.com' Dan

    We are a group of 10 travelling from LGW on Saturday 2nd sept 2017, we have always used the lounges in smaller groups, will we have an issue now that we’ve booked as a group of 10?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Dan, The Lounges will be available, subject to availability on the day. Therefore, this will vary ^Zoe

  22. dawn768@hotmail.com' Dawn

    Do we get access to fast track when leaving from Stansted ?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Dawn. We don’t offer fast track at Stanstead. ^Dave

  23. pat.dubsy@hotmail.co.uk' william burrows

    we are flying premium club from Bristol to Punta Cana can you please tell me have we got access to any lounges at Bristol airport many thanks

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi William, You’ll have access to the Espire +1 lounge at Bristol Airport included with your Premium Club ^Charlotte

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi William. You will get access to the Bristol Lounge with your Premium seats. ^Dave

  24. paula.33ok@ntlworld.com' paula

    We are flying out of Manchester T2 to Mexico fighting premium at 9am, do we have access to the lounge and what time can we check in.

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Paula, You can check in up to 3 hours before your flight. If you’re travelling on Premium Club you will have access to Swissport Lounge at Manchester ^Jodie

  25. mrmacadoo53@gmail.com' Danny

    Hi, we are flying premium to punta Cana from Gatwick north, as a group of 3 families (12 people). One of the group has just read that groups over 7 are not permitted in the lounge without prior arrangement? This has never been made clear to is and we have found that info by chance today. Is this true meaning we will not get access?

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Danny, Are you booked under one booking or multiple booking references please? ^Jo

    • mrmacadoo53@gmail.com' Danny

      3 different reference numbers, 3 family groups

    • clark.priday@thomson.co.uk' Clark Priday

      Hi Danny, How many passengers are on each reference ? ^Oli

    • mrmacadoo53@gmail.com' Danny

      Can you please just answer the question? It takes a day for each response!? I’ll say again, there are 3 families… total 12 people… group sizes 3, 4 and 5. But the point is… the info we found states that groups over 7 need prior agreement… even if your group is split into smaller groups. We fly Friday and was hoping for clarification before then but it takes a day for each response.

  26. jaynecouzens@hotmail.com' Elizabeth COUZENS

    Fly to Cuba in Oct do we get fasttrack service on way back now we have premier seats or do i need to book that as an extra

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Elizabeth, Fast track security is only offered at the UK airport when travelling in Premium Club; it isn’t something we offer for return flights ^Charlotte

  27. spencc69_@hotmail.com' Claire


    We are flying Premium Club a 1st time for us and I was wondering the process ie we arrive at the airport then what’s the process (for checkin, lounge and security? Also we arrive at Gatwick the day before and will be staying at a on site hotel. also once checked in is there a opportunity to go outside for smoking?

    • adycook1975@hotmail.co.uk' Laird cook

      If you fly in the morning you can check your bags in the day before you fly.
      When check in time arrives head to priority check in and receive your boarding pass,head to security fastrack premium and that’s it away to departure lounge. No smoking facility in gatwick airport air side

    • michelleshahabeddin@yahoo.co.uk' michelle

      hi there

      i have a similar query too as we have booked premium first time..
      Are we able to access the shops within the airport first then head to the lounge to relax?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Michelle. You can leave the lounge at any time to enjoy shopping around the airport. ^Dave

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