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UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats

Flying is a big part of your holiday – which is why we want to make your trip the best it can be. From May 2015, fast-track security, UK lounge access and priority boarding are all included with our Premium Club seats. Here’s why you should upgrade…

As if the Premium Club experience wasn’t good enough – we’ve now gone and made it even better. When you book these seats on long haul flights you’ll not only get great service, comfort, food and entertainment, but we’re now making your transition from airport to plane easier, as well. From May 1st, passengers will be fast-tracked through security, enjoy access to lounges at UK airports and be invited to use priority boarding. And once you’re on board, you can relax with a glass of sparkling wine and get ready for your holiday.
Sound good? Here are the benefits included with your Premium Club seats…

UK Airport Lounges

Always wanted the A-list treatment? If you’re flying Premium Club, you’ll get complimentary lounge access from May 1st. And once inside, you’ll find tranquil spaces to relax with complimentary drinks and snacks – the perfect start to your trip. You’ll enjoy access to the following lounges –

  • London Gatwick, North Terminal – No1 Lounge
  • Manchester Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge
  • Glasgow – Sky Lounge
  • Birmingham – No.1 Lounge
  • East Midlands – Escape Lounge
  • Newcastle – Aspire Lounge
  • Edinburgh – No.1 Lounge
  • Cardiff – Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge

Extra Comfort


When the journey to your dream destination is several hours long, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Our Premium Club seats are specially-designed to offer maximum comfort with extra room and a bigger recline. Duvets and pillows are supplied on our night flights, and you’ll even get a luxury amenities kit from Rituals. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and raring to go.


Our on-board entertainment is loaded with the latest films and episodes of your favourite TV shows. In Premium Club, you’ll also be supplied with noise-cancelling headphones so you can get fully immersed in your favourite films with no interruptions. And if you fancy getting stuck into a Sudoku puzzle or catching up on the latest news, you can choose from a selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Food & drink

Once you’re on board, you’ll kick-start your trip with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine to toast a great holiday. And you can keep the drinks flowing and take your pick from a range of complimentary beverages. When it comes to food options – you’ll be spoilt for choice. We give our Premium Club passengers the gourmet treatment with a specially-prepared meal of no less than 4 courses and a light bite before landing.



From check-in to boarding – we’ll make your journey run as smoothly as possible. You’ll be given priority access to online check in 14 days before departure, a luggage allowance of 23kg for all those travel essentials, and can drop off your bags at our dedicated Premium Club desk. When leaving the UK, you’ll be fast-tracked through airport security and can then head straight to the airport lounge to relax before your flight. You will also be offered priority boarding when your plane is ready for departure. Once you touch down, you will be among the first to leave the plane thanks to our priority disembarkation service.

Will you be flying Premium Club?

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1,453 Responses to “UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats”

  1. wendy.hennessy@southwales.ac.uk' Wendy

    I am flying to Cancun on the 7th October Premium Class, Do we get access to the VIP Lounge in Bristol as it is not included on the list?

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Wendy, You will receive complimentary access to the airport lounge at Bristol, to gain access you will need to show your boarding pass ^Jodie

  2. bagshotww@hotmail.com' Nina

    Is it possible to get Premium club on flights to sal in Cape Verde?

  3. claire-nadine@hotmail.co.uk' Claire

    We are flying premium club from Stansted to Cancún next week. Is the lounge included pn our booking.

  4. beryl.brewster@yahoo.com' Beryl brewster

    We’re flying premium class from Manchester to Mexico there a premium lounge in manchester and Mexico regards beryl

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Beryl, The Airport Lounge will be available in the UK. However, this is not provided in Mexico prior to your return flight ^Zoe

  5. david.mcginty1965@gmail.com' David

    We are travelling premium club to St. Lucia. Is there a lounge at Hewanorra Airport we can access on the route back?

    • angiemread@aim.com' Angela

      Airport lounges are only included and available in the UK when flying in Premium Club.

  6. kelly.stonelake@me.com' Kelly

    Hi I’m flying next Sunday (23/7/17) Bristol to sandford, will we get access to lounge with our premium seats?

    • Oliver.Jones@thomson.co.uk' Oliver Jones

      Hi Kelly, You will receive the Aspire Lounge as part of Premium Club. ^Oli

  7. jenimaton@msn.com' Jennifer GLogiewicz

    We are flying Premium Economy from Gatwick to Mexico on 22/07/17 – How do we book to go into the lounge for free as part of this please

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Jennifer, You would have complimentary access to the airport lounge when upgrading to Premium Club. You will use your boarding pass to gain entry ^Jodie

  8. thomasperks@hotmail.co.uk' Thomas Perks

    Hi, will there be a premium check in desk at East Midlands airport for flights to Sanford, florida

    Thank you

  9. markase7@aol.com' Mark

    We are traveling to cancun from Glasgow in the premium seats. Is there a lounge there we can get in or do we have to book this separate.

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Mark, You would use your boarding passes at the Glasgow – Sky Lounge ^Becca

  10. anita1958@btinternet.com' Anita Edwards


    We are flying to Bristol to Cancun on the 22/07/2107 Premier Class – does Bristol airport have an executive lounge?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Anita, Yes, you do receive lounge access at Bristol Airport if you book Premium Club ^Zoe

  11. morkandmindy5@blueyonder.co.uk' Mandy

    We have book premier upgrade. Please can you let me know if there is priorty check in queue at Bristol airport and at Sanford airport? Do we also get fast track security check in at bristol and sanford?

    • Jezreel.Garcia@thomson.co.uk' Jezreel Garcia

      Hi Mandy, You will get priority check-in and fast track security with premium. ^Jez

    • morkandmindy5@blueyonder.co.uk' Mandy

      Thanks for your reply. Pease could you confirm if the priorty check in and fast track security is for both Bristol and Sanford as your reply is not clear.

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Mandy, Yes this will be available for both journeys ^Zoe

  12. sharoneriley@hotmail.com' Sharon Riley

    Hi, we fly to cancun premium on the Dreamliner October 2017. Do we have free access to the airport lounge? If so, do we have to book? Some blogs on TripAdvisor say if you can’t get in you are given a £15 food and drink voucher each to use in terminal 2 on the day of departure. Many thanks

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Sharon, You would just need to show your boarding cards at the lounge ^Becca

  13. thethy30@hotmail.co.uk' Nicky

    Hi I’m travelling premium class to Jamaica in August are the headphones included or do they have to be purchased on the plane.

  14. vickynurse@live.co.uk' Vicky

    We are flying from Bristol to Orlando on the 6th august. We’ve booked in for premium economy. But have been told the VIP lounge is not included in the price. Which is very disappointing for us. As we’re not getting the full package. Can anything be done about it.

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Vicky, There will be a lounge available at Bristol Airport for you to use if you are flying Premium ^Becca

  15. Luna-12@hotmail.co.uk' Natalie Collins

    Myself and my husband fly to the Dominican republic on 23rd October this year and i am wanting to upgrade to premium but can’t find the cost anywhere. we fly from Manchester.

    Could you help?


  16. sugar_and_spice85@hotmail.com' Claire Jones

    Hi there, we are flying back from Cancun tomorrow. We had UK lounge access coming from Gatwick, will we be offered lounge access in Cancun too? Many thanks

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Claire, It would just be for the outbound flight I am sorry ^Becca

    • sugar_and_spice85@hotmail.com' Claire Jones

      Many thanks for your speedy response!

  17. andrewmedlicott@aol.com' Denise

    We are flying Premium economy to America with free lounge access from Manchester this month. Can you tell me if Lounge Access is booked by you for us automatically as I know without a booking they can get full and then refuse entry

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Denise, Access to the Lounge will be subject to availability on the day. We cannot guarantee this will be available ^Zoe

  18. Milliemunchkin03@yahoo.co.uk' J Waterfield

    Flying premium class to punta Cana on 18 July from Birmingham and just told not guaranteed a place in the lounge Not very happy

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi, This is correct. This is subject to availability on the day ^Zoe

  19. gillianbatey@sky.com' Gillian

    Is there a priority checkin desk at Cancun airport for Premium passengers?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Gillian, Yes there is a Priority check-In Desk in Cancun Airport ^Zoe

  20. dizzykel33@aol.com' kelly Applewite

    Hi i am flying to Dominican Republic from Manchester on the 23rd July what airport lounge do we go to?

    • dizzykel33@aol.com' kelly Applewite

      Sorry meant to say we were premium club

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Kelly, If you have booked Premium Club, you will have access to the Swissport Lounge in Manchester Airport ^Zoe

  21. bev.tull@hicks-woodley.co.uk' Bev


    We are flying Premium Club next year and would like to know if we can pre book the No. 1 lounge at Gatwick.

    Many thanks

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Bev, The Airport Lounge is included in Premium Club ^Zoe

  22. susan.white@gmail.com' Susan White

    Hi There,

    Can you let me know how many toilets are in premium? Just wondering as one of my party are disabled so it would be good if there was more than one and also, are the toilets bigger? Thanks!

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Susan, There are two toilets located in Premium. These are standard size ^Zoe

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Sharon, Yes, we now offer Lounge Access at Bristol Airport with Premium Club ^Zoe

  23. gasmith1@sky.com' Geraldine Smith

    We are travelling to Orlando in Oct and we are flying Premium Club, will we be able to access the new adults only lounge in Terminal 2 at Manchester or is it just the escape lounge?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Geraldine, It’s the Escape Lounge that it is included for Premium Club passengers travelling from Manchester ^Charlotte

  24. chris_donny_owl@hotmail.com' Chris

    We are flying Birmingham to Cancun on 7th July 2017 in Premium Class.

    Is there any dress code for Premium Class as a work colleague advised us it was long trousers for men, is this right?


    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Chris, There is no dress code for Premium Club ^Becca

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