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UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats

Flying is a big part of your holiday – which is why we want to make your trip the best it can be. From May 2015, fast-track security, UK lounge access and priority boarding are all included with our Premium Club seats. Here’s why you should upgrade…

As if the Premium Club experience wasn’t good enough – we’ve now gone and made it even better. When you book these seats on long haul flights you’ll not only get great service, comfort, food and entertainment, but we’re now making your transition from airport to plane easier, as well. From May 1st, passengers will be fast-tracked through security, enjoy access to lounges at UK airports and be invited to use priority boarding. And once you’re on board, you can relax with a glass of sparkling wine and get ready for your holiday.
Sound good? Here are the benefits included with your Premium Club seats…

UK Airport Lounges

Always wanted the A-list treatment? If you’re flying Premium Club, you’ll get complimentary lounge access from May 1st. And once inside, you’ll find tranquil spaces to relax with complimentary drinks and snacks – the perfect start to your trip. You’ll enjoy access to the following lounges –

  • London Gatwick, North Terminal – No1 Lounge
  • Manchester Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge
  • Glasgow – Sky Lounge
  • Birmingham – No.1 Lounge
  • East Midlands – Escape Lounge
  • Newcastle – Aspire Lounge
  • Edinburgh – No.1 Lounge
  • Cardiff – Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge

Extra Comfort


When the journey to your dream destination is several hours long, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. Our Premium Club seats are specially-designed to offer maximum comfort with extra room and a bigger recline. Duvets and pillows are supplied on our night flights, and you’ll even get a luxury amenities kit from Rituals. You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and raring to go.


Our on-board entertainment is loaded with the latest films and episodes of your favourite TV shows. In Premium Club, you’ll also be supplied with noise-cancelling headphones so you can get fully immersed in your favourite films with no interruptions. And if you fancy getting stuck into a Sudoku puzzle or catching up on the latest news, you can choose from a selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Food & drink

Once you’re on board, you’ll kick-start your trip with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine to toast a great holiday. And you can keep the drinks flowing and take your pick from a range of complimentary beverages. When it comes to food options – you’ll be spoilt for choice. We give our Premium Club passengers the gourmet treatment with a specially-prepared meal of no less than 4 courses and a light bite before landing.



From check-in to boarding – we’ll make your journey run as smoothly as possible. You’ll be given priority access to online check in 14 days before departure, a luggage allowance of 23kg for all those travel essentials, and can drop off your bags at our dedicated Premium Club desk. When leaving the UK, you’ll be fast-tracked through airport security and can then head straight to the airport lounge to relax before your flight. You will also be offered priority boarding when your plane is ready for departure. Once you touch down, you will be among the first to leave the plane thanks to our priority disembarkation service.

Will you be flying Premium Club?

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1,303 Responses to “UK Lounge Access Now Included With Premium Club Seats”

  1. scottmorris808@hotmail.co.uk' Scott

    Hi we are booked with premium club and due to travel to Mexico on 13/5/17, it states on confirmation that lounge access is included along with separate check in and fast track security at U.K. Airport is this the case?

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Scott, When you upgrade to Premium you will receive – Fast-track through security in the UK, Airport lounge access in the UK and Priority access to bag drop/check-in. You can find further information on what is included here – http://bit.ly/1gETPLr ^Jodie

  2. lynsmason@yahoo.co.uk' Lyndsey Clugh

    Hi, I’m a little concerned that I have just booked premium seats flying from Glasgow to Sanford and I’ve just read that row 7 seats don’t recline very much is this true? Are row 7 seats the very last row in Premium?

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Lyndsey, Row 7 on the flight will recline. However, this is slight less than other rows on the flight. ^Jaz

  3. paulmartinhewitt0@gmail.com' Paul Hewitt

    Hi. We have booked Togo to Mexico @july 10th …I have paid for premium flights for the family but can not remember if we have chosen seats at time of booking or have to wait until 24 days prior to flight. Is there any way you can advise see me if we have already chosen the seats

    P Hewitt

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Paul, You will be able to select your seating by logging onto our website. ^Jaz

  4. natcliff@aol.com' Cliff Marshall

    Are you going to be offering the depsit facility for florida flights 2018? At the moment you are asking for the full amount up front.
    Also, will there be any discount codes for summer 2018?

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Cliff, We offer deposits on our package holidays, flight only’s would be paid in full ^Becca

  5. barkerdavis@aol.co.uk' Emma Barker-Davis

    Hi me and my husband are flying from Gatwick to Saint Lucia in November is the lounge available at both airports and when do you get to book your seats as I would only want to do premium if we can guarantee we are sat together.

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Emma, Premium seats can be selected once the booking has been made and it would just be the lounge at the departing airport ^Becca

  6. annmarshall297@gmail.com' Ann-Marie Marshall

    Hi Jaz,

    We are travelling to Puerto Valletta on 7th July and I have purchased the premium club package. We have seats

    1 e

    And way back


    are these seats good because these were the only sets of 3 left. And complimentary lounge access is not available on return flight at airport ? Also I ordered champagne at a cost of £27 but I have not been billed for that. Will I pay on the day?

    Do we have to pay any taxes at Mexico airport? Will we need pesos or American dollars ( sorry bit off topic)

    Thank you.

  7. jackraymondgriffiths@gmail.con' Jack G

    Will I get premium lounge returning from Vallarta Mexico

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jack, You’ll get the lounge included in your UK departure airport, but not coming home from Mexico ^Charlotte

  8. helen.hewson@btopenworld.com' Helen Hewson

    Hi, we have seats 9J and 9g in Premium Club but the seat plan only shows up to Row 7. Is this correct? We are flying Gatwick to Orlando

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Helen, If you could contact us with your booking reference to cares@thomson.co.uk we will be able to look into this for you. ^Jaz

  9. geoffoverton@btinternet.com' Geoff Overton

    Hi we are travelling Premium class to Dominican from Manchester on 27/04/17 Do we get access to the premium lounge or is it only from May 17

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Geoff, There is refurbishment going on at the moment however, there is an alternative lounge offered. This would be subject to availability. I would recommend checking in early to avoid disappointment. Our lounge access is complementary and not guaranteed as part of Premium club. ^Jaz

  10. james@tech-green.co.uk' James Allen


    We are looking at booking for Mexico March 2018 and would like to upgrade to the premium club package.

    Does this include lounge access in cancun airport?



    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi James, Unfortunately this is not something we offer from Cancun airport. I apologise for any disappointment caused ^Jaz

  11. sharon.farrow10@googlemail.com' Sharon

    We’re booked to go to Mauritius for our honeymoon in July. We paid for premium on the dreamliner.
    Unfortunately the seats we wanted had already been taken. It is a long flight and I have always had a window seat due to my claustrophobia and anxiety. If one becomes available due to a cancellation can we be considered for this in a first come first served basis.
    Thanks for any advice

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Sharon, You will need to contact us to double check availability. We would be unable to notify you if and when a seat becomes available. ^Jaz

  12. salopian1959@live.co.uk' Stephen Edwards

    On the premium seats number row 7.dose it Recline back like all the others.

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Stephen, This is slightly restricted on row 7. However, it does recline. ^Jaz

  13. kevinthomas1978@hotmail.com' Steve

    Hi thinking about booking premium club. Flying from Bristol to Orlando in 2018 do we get lounge access at both Bristol and Orlando?

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Steve, You will receive lounge access on the way back from Florida. However, we do not offer premium lounge access from Bristol airport. ^Jaz

  14. blakechrisblake@hotmail.com' Chris

    Looking at booking to go to Jamaica in September, upgrading to premium club, when booking our holiday can we choose our seat before completing booking as my wife and I do no want to be separated, in premium class after paying all that cash
    Regards chris

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Chris, The booking will need to be made before you will be able to select these. ^Jaz

  15. louwootten@aol.com' Lou


    I’ve been looking through the comments and I’m really confused. Do you offer the lounge when departing from Bristol Airport? On some of the comments you’re telling people you do and on others you say you don’t. Just want to confirm this as we are wanting to book this anyway so don’t want to waste our money!

    Thank you

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Lou, We offer premium lounges for the following airports:
      London Gatwick – No.1 Lounge (North terminal)
      Manchester Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge
      Glasgow – Sky Lounge
      Birmingham – No.1 Lounge
      Newcastle – Aspire Lounge
      East Midlands – Escape Lounge
      Stansted – Escape Lounge
      Edinburgh – No.1 Lounge
      Cardiff – Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge

      Unfortuantely Bristol is not included in our premium lounge access list. I apologise for any confusion / disappointment caused. ^Jaz

    • kevinthomas1978@hotmail.com' Kev

      We are in the same situation as you. Says on our booking confirmation that the Bristol lounge is included and now being told it is not!!!

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Kev, All our lounge information can be found directly on our website. ^Jaz

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Sam, Unfortunately this is not included from Cancun. ^Jaz

  16. helenbarley@hotmail.com' Helen

    Hi, we are travelling to riviera maya in august from East Midlands and are considering an upgrade to premiere. I have notice that the lounge would not be available on our return flight from cancun. Are you still given priority boarding departing Mexico. Also on landing in Mexico how would priority disembarkation work. With two children and a teenager that is always one of the most painful parts of the flight, being trapped in the middle of the plane with three excited kids and an impatient husband. In fairness I’m not much better!

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Helen, Here is a link where you can find what is included in our Premium Club seating:http://bit.ly/1gETPLr. Regretably there is not premium lounge in Cancun. I apologise for any disappointment this may cause. ^Jaz

  17. brandon1a@hotmail.com' Yvonne


    We are flying premium economy to river naya Mexico in December, will we have access to the airport liunge in mexico?

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Yvonne, No. The airport lounge as part of your Premium Club upgrade is for the UK departure airport only ^Jo

  18. lynn.webster2@btinternet.com' Lynn

    Absolutely love premium class with thomson dreamliner its amazing and the extras are just the icing on the cake for a fantastic holiday wouldnt travel any other way now. Glasgow to Cancun brilliant.

  19. emilyrocks96@hotmail.co.uk' Emily Mcneil


    I have booked premium club flying from Gatwick to Puerto Vallarta soon. Just wondering what types of food and drink are complimentary in the airport lounge? It says snacks but we would maybe want something more substantial. Thanks

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Emily, Each lounge is different. however not all airport lounges offer made to order meals ^Jodie

  20. pauldlny@hotmail.co.uk' Paul

    Hi, flying premium to Puerto Vallarta soon, can you tell me how we are fast tracked through security? Also what is the lounge we can use before our flight. Thanks

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Paul, Can you confirm the UK airport you are travelling from? ^Charlotte

  21. vickyd76@virginmedia.com' Vicky

    Hi looking to book premium to Florida for next June, can you confirm whether the airport lounge access is available a both Manchester and Sanford or just Manchester? Thank you

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Vicky, You’ll have access to the lounge at both Manchester and Sanford Airport ^Charlotte

  22. JACKIECOE50@GMAIL.COM' Jackie Coe

    Hi there. I had a call from you last night offering an upgrade to first class. Is this the same as the Premium Club please?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jackie, Yes that’s correct ^Charlotte

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