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Last Chance To Vote In Cosmo Blog Awards

Fancy adding some new blogs to your lunchtime reading list? Check out the shortlisted entries in the Cosmo Blog Awards, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites before next Friday…

We’re huge fans of the blogging world. Obviously. And, as well as writing one, we also love discovering new blogs to follow – whether they cover food, lifestyle, beauty or weddings. But, we’ll admit, we have a particular soft spot for travel blogs, being one ourselves.

In fact, we’re delighted to announce we’re proud sponsors of the ‘Best Travel Blog‘ category in the annual Cosmo Blog Awards. Since the shortlist was revealed, we’ve spent hours pouring over the websites of the 7 finalists in that category. Do we have a favourite? We couldn’t possibly say…

Gemma Fottles

Hidden Gem Holidays

Kirst Over The World

Stories My Suitcase Could Tell

The Tiny Traveller’s Top 10

The Travelista

The Whole World is a Playground

Head over to Cosmo’s website to check out all the shortlisted blogs – and don’t forget to vote for your favourites before next Friday 29th August.

What’s your must-read blog?

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378 Responses to “Last Chance To Vote In Cosmo Blog Awards”

  1. judyclarke1@btinternet.com' Judith Marles

    This our 2nd year booking with Thompson Holidays, last year was perfect, check in on line, API done on line. This year on booking no mention was made that we will be flying to Tenerife with Norwegian Airways, I only found this out by being unable to enter API information on line. I spent money and time trying in vain to speak to Thompsons eventually getting through late one evening to be given Norwegian Airways phone number, they were on a four day strike and was told no I could not enter my API would have to be done at check in at the airport and no I could not check in on line……I am furious and this does not fill me with confidence at all, the whole point of going with Thompsons is the smooth way we can do all these things at home with a hassle free speedy boarding. Am seriously not happy.

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      It’s disappointing to hear this, Judith – we always make customers aware of third party flights before they book their holiday. I’m sorry for any frustration that this may have caused you and I’ll be sure to pass your feedback on.

  2. chris.parry1957@icloud.com' Chris Parry

    Your blog says Children’s APD will be refunded ASAP but no time scale.not much help. Booked a holiday after the children’s APD was abolished but still had to pay fir our 2 grandson. Travelling on 7 May and no idea when it will be refunded. Dreadful! When fuel goes up or airport tax goes up it sharp gets added to your invoice!

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Chris, Any APD from May 2015 will be removed from your final holiday cost or, if you’ve already paid your full balance, this will be refunded to you as soon as possible. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate we have a large number of bookings to refund.

  3. margowaugh@btinternet.com' Margo Waugh

    I have just waited for over 25mins to speak to someone on your helpline (0203 451 2695) – and paid a premium rate – this is despite listening to a recorded message at the beginning of the wait to say the queue was 1 min.????

    I have tried to check in on my flight TOM1256/TOM1257 but your website is taking me into the seat allocation page where I have already booked our seats on 25 Jan and paid £110.

    Can you help please?

  4. Robertdkeyte@googlemail.com' Robert Keyte

    Went to Jamaica on a Thomson dream liner last November all I can say is wow.going to Jamaica again this October on the dream liner again I hope

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful feedback with us, Robert – what did you love most about Jamaica?

  5. gailcaldwell2003@yahoo.co.uk' gail

    Booking Ref
    complaint number
    Thomson, I am really, really reaching my wits ends. Just called our local shop as I have been on hold twice today upwards of 30mins each time, trying to get someone on the phone!! My local shop tell me they cannot help me because I booked on line. However, I cannot get hold of anyone in your online call line!!!!
    My booking is incorrect !!!!!
    You have me checking into the Marti on 27/05/15 but I don’t fly out till 28/05/15!!!
    Last time I am booking this way.
    Please correct before my hair turns white!!
    Gail Caldwell

  6. stephengrafton31@gmail.com' Stephen Grafton

    Hi me and my partner are booked in for our second cruise on the celebration to the Caribbean in April. Was just wondering is it okay to check in 4 suitcases ? Many thanks your help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Stephen, You’ll be able to carry 4 suitcases as long as you do not exceed your total luggage allowance.

  7. janewoot1951@gmail.com' Jane Wootton

    will every thing be finished. On the new sensatori Turkey we are going on the 25/05/15

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Jane, As far as I’m aware this project is scheduled to be finished on time – please be assured that if anything changes we’ll be in touch ASAP.

  8. gilly6981@yahoo.co.uk' Regan

    We have already booked a weeks holiday to Kefeliona flying from Stansted on 7th-14th June 2015 and would like to know if we would be flying on the new 757 aircraft and are interested in the extra legroom seats and being able to choose seat number. Will we have to wait until end of March for this service. Thanking you
    Peter Regan

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Regan, If you send your booking reference across to cares@thomson.co.uk I’ll have a look which air craft you’re flying on. You can pay to pre book your seats today however you’ll have to wait until 90 days prior to your return date to select them.

  9. wayne1969@live.co.uk' Green

    Got free car hire with a villa holiday to kefalonia in sept 2014. We were assured no charges would be payable at the collection point. This was wrong we had to leave £750 deposit charged to our credit card. We returned our car in good condition and have never had the deposit returned by enterprise. Thomson chose the hire company but want nothing to do with helping us recover the deposit. It’s now 20 February 2015 and no one will take responsibility. Be warned both companies are unhelpful and have no idea what customer care is!

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      It’s disappointing to hear that you’re upset, if you’re unhappy with the response that you’ve received from our After Travel Team then I’d recommend that you seek third party advice.

  10. gjrobinson43@gmail.com' George & Patricia Robinson

    We will be in the U/K from the 20.6.15 to August the 28.15 .We sailed on the Dream and the Majesty in the past ,we would like to go to different destinations during our stay in the U/K ,we are from Brisbane AUSTRALIA .Could you please send us Could you please send us details of what cruises you have available during these two months we are over in the U/K ,we know Thompson are the best in the world Best Regards George Robinson

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi George, Check out our website for the most up to date availability and prices.

  11. dawnquince27@gmail.com' Dawn Quince

    We are hoping that you will be offering extra legroom seats on our flight TOM7446 in October 2015. We always choose this option with other airways.

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Dawn, If you send your booking reference to cares@thomson.co.uk I’ll check and see if this is available for you.

  12. cazindia@hotmail.co.uk' Carole Hall

    I have been asked for a doctors letter to have extra leg room, can you explain why? also it says couple and families as a single person can you not get this extra leg room?

    • Melanie James

      Hi Carole, I am not sure as to why we would have requested this. The extra space seats cannot be used by any passengers with the following:
      – physical or mental impairment or disability
      – age or sickness
      – physical size
      – have difficulty moving quickly
      – under the age of 14 (whether accompanied or not)
      – who requires an extension seatbelt
      – under the influence of alcohol
      – travelling with an assistance animal.
      I hope this helps.

  13. belinda.lancaster@graysons.co.uk' Belinda Lancaster

    I can’t access the flight extras link which would enable me to book in online.
    I’m not due to travel until June but it worries me I won’t be able to check in online then.

    • Melanie James

      Hi Belinda, can I just confirm if you are using your booking reference or your flight reference? The flight extras page will only work with your flight reference.

  14. concettajaynes@googlemail.com' Lillie

    Thanks for finally writing about >Is it safe to fly while I’m pregnant?
    – Thomson Blog <Liked it!

  15. garycrickmay@gmail.com' Gary Crickmay

    Hi I am going on the dream cruise ship in march I want to take extra luggage another 5kg at an extra £35.00 each but we can only take 23kg on the plane you get 25kg but you can only take 23 on the plane
    And can you tell me why in the alinclusive drinks package you still pay for some drinks at a supplyment the drinks package is expensive a it is and you don’t get bottled wAter only by the glass or certain coffes this is not an alinclusive if you have to pay extra
    And can you tell me is the safes in the room free of charge and does the mini bar come free with the all inclusive. Can I take a bottle of water on board the ship or a bottle of baileys to drink in my cabin
    Look forward to your reply

    • Melanie James

      Hi Gary, you are only allowed to have a maximum of 23kg per suitcase however your hold luggage allowance can be spread out across as many suitcases as you wish. For example, if you both paid for the extra luggage you would be able to take up to 50kg with you so you could have 2x15kg suitcases and 1x20kg suitcase.

      The all inclusive package doesn’t include all drinks onboard, same as it would be if you booked into an all inclusive hotel. The supplement you would pay for these extra drinks is reduced if you are on the all inclusive package.

      Please be advised that the mini bar and safes are chargeable and you would be permitted to bring 1 bottle of Baileys onboard with you. I hope this helps.

  16. j.croft@sky.com' john croft

    read an article about a pregnant lady subjected to an internal exam (to determine
    I she was fit to fly) on a return flight on a holiday arranged by you .got to say its a disgrace and as this was a trip sold by you ,you should bear the responsibility .You should offer compensation to Mrs Deane for the humiliation you have caused .I intend to post this story on twitter and facebook so that people can see how you treat your customers

  17. julieandersonash@gmail.com' Julie-Ann Anderson

    Why do you penalise travellers who are going for longer than a week by making the seat booking 90 days from return??? Totally unfair. Also today I called to confirm when my 90th day was (in 3 days time) to be told that we can book seats now and could have done 2 weeks ago so seats I wanted were gone!!! How can this be?
    Why on earth do you not do ‘book seats when you book holiday’. This will encourage people to book early. I for one would pay more to be able to do this.

  18. katie.harper1122@gmail.com' Katie Harper


    I’ve booked a Florida holiday for Aug 2015 staying at a WaltDisney Hotel and I have purchased Disney park tickets all with Thomson. I have linked my hotel details to the ‘My disney experience’ with no problem but I can’t link the park tickets to it because I need the ticket reference number. I need to do this because resort guests can make FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance of their visit. I would like to link my Disney park tickets so when 60 days before my departure arrives I can go ahead and pre-book rides. But I need my ticket ref number to do this?have spoken to the online shop where I made the reservation but they don’t seem to know…..? How/where/who can give me my ticket ref number? Many thanks

    • Melanie James

      Hello, you can obtain your ticket reference number 60 days prior to departure by contacting Thomson Tickets on 0203 636 1903. I hope this helps.

  19. corburry@talktalk.net' B J Urry

    i have not completed a post holiday survey because i booked my recent holiday through an agent where it was not necessary to give my email address but having consulted a local Thomson office i still cannot fine the survey on you site. Please help.

  20. Markodonovan89@live.com' Mark

    Hi, I know this is a weird one.. but worth a shot!
    i used to work for TUI as an overseas team leader in Mallorca. when we were given the task of creating our charity day we took it to the extreme and raised copious amounts for the FHA and our local charity in PMI. overall we raised @3500 and were recognised worldwide for our efforts in that year, i hope you would remember it in 2011! any way…. myself and my team worked our fingers to the bones, nights and days doing performances of grease, x factor, bake sales, bingo the list went on!!! anyway…. i was extremely happy to help where i could for these amazing charities! because i had what it took to help our customers dig deep into their pockets and help fund such a worthy cause! now.. i am hoping that you guys can also help me now! although i know you guys do AMAZING charity work for your corporate charities which is admirable, however i think you will agree that this cause is important not only to you as a business but as an individual on this planet! so… i am currently raising money for Comic Relief! i currently work for Tk Maxx and we are one of the largest fundraisers for this amazing charity! last year we raised 3.6 million and this year we hope to beat it for those amazing individuals in the UK as well as across seas! so… if you could please please point me in the direction of someone who would potentially be able to donate a holiday ( low season/self catering or half board) would be a massive massive help!!! i really don’t think that holiday for 2 to somewhere like mallorca for a week low season would cost you any where near the value of the lives that it will save!!! i absolutely know you guys do amazing work for charity and i understand the potential issues, but if there is any way, absolutely anyway around it i am pleading with you to try your best and help us try and kick ass!!!! Comic Relief is one of the WORLDS biggest and best causes and needs as much as possible, and i really do believe that if i had a holiday to raffle off to my whole company this would raised immense amounts of invaluable cash !!!! please get back to me with any help you possible could!!!! xxx

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Mark, We’re committed to partnerships with a number of charities through our fundraising programme. Unfortunately, this means we can’t help with individual requests for support. We do however wish you the best with your fundraising endeavors.

  21. koniandco@hotmail.co.uk' sam

    I’ve got a active17 month old toddler x I’m nervous about him getting board in the airport as well as the flight I’m contemplating not going abroad

  22. pablox43@hotmail.com' Paul Bradley

    Yes! As a sufferer of Ankylosing Spondylitis, every flight I take (apart from Easyjet A320 flights with Recaro SL3510 seating!) leaves me with stiff aching hips & knees for 2-3 days afterwards. As you might appreciate this makes any holiday a thoroughly miserable affair. PLEASE help ease this situation?

  23. d.legg@btinternet.com' D J Legg

    obviously the person who put this blog together has never done this themselves.
    My wife and two friends recently flew to Tenerife with thomsons after checking in on line.
    What a farce , we arrived at Gatwick only to find that the line for so called Bag Drop was at least twice the length as the one to check in normaly. It took almost two hours to so called drop our bags off as you went through exactly the same procedure as for ordinary check.
    Passengers fumed as they watched the line at the check in getting smaller and smaller.
    Then half the Bag Drop staff decided to go leaving two to deal with us.
    Do not bother checking in on line because I dont know who it it supposed to hellp but it certainly is NOT the passenger
    I am now about to leave foe our return flight to the UK with much trepidation.

  24. briardale2000@Yahoo.com' Kevin Gleason

    We are traveling on Thomson Majesty in Feb could you tell me if there is a plug sockets next to the bed as i need a machine to assist me when i sleep.
    Thank you

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Kevin, What cabin type have you booked?

  25. geoffwbb@gmail.com' R G WEWBB

    yesterday I booked extra legroom seats for my wife and over the phone
    it was like pulling teeth
    I still do not understand the pricing policy but more importantly I do not have a clue where I might be sitting

    please help somebody


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