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Thomson Cruises Presents Dream Runners

We’re celebrating Thomson Dream’s new home port of Montego Bay with the help of a speedy special guest… 
What do you look for in a Hollywood blockbuster? A-list stars? Jaw-dropping locations? High-speed stunts? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these, you’re in luck. Our new mini-epic, Dream Runners, covers every single one of these bases. And more.

We’re delighted to announce our freerunning friends from 3RUN are back – remember their film last May? – and their tumbling and back-flipping shenanigans are bigger and better than ever. And this time we get to see the worlds of freerunning and sprinting go head-to-head.

You may be familiar with this speedy guy…

It’s only the Olympic medalist and second fastest man in the world, Yohan Blake. No big deal.

To celebrate Thomson Dream’s new home port of Montego Bay, the Jamaican native makes a cameo appearance in our new film, racing against a cast of world class freerunners, as they sprint across the island to get to the cruise ship before it sets sail.

Did they make it in time? Well, you’ll just have to hit play and see for yourself…

3RUN – our parkour professionals who’ve worked on Hollywood blockbusters like Casino Royale and World War Z – filmed the scenes with Yohan at the Jamaican runners’ training ground in Kingston, and even got the sprinter to pull his famous beast pose for the camera.

Ah, happy memories of London 2012.

As well as taking on the might of Yohan Blake, our freerunners also showcased Jamaica’s most iconic landmarks and our shore excursion programme by scaling Dunn’s River Falls, flipping market stalls in Ocho Rios, jumping over rafts at the Martha Brae River and diving off the cliffs in Negril. Then, before having a chance to catch their breath, they vaulted on to jet skis to chase Thomson Dream and scale its sides, à la 007. All in a day’s work for our boys.

Chase Armitage, CEO of 3RUN and Director of Dream Runners had this to say about the project: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Yohan Blake, let alone race against him. Despite running at top speed with a head start, Blake sped past us, so it’s certainly clear to see why he is the second fastest man in the world. The Jamaican scenery is awesome and it was amazing for us to freerun against spectacular backdrops like Dunn’s River Falls and Martha Brae River. We hope the film gives a flavour of what customers on Thomson Dream will be able to experience in Jamaica.

Job well done, Chase. But we get the feeling most people will enjoy the island’s shore excursions at a bit more of a leisurely pace. And with 2 feet firmly on the ground.

The Thomson Dream sets sail from Montego Bay, Jamaica in December 2014 to destinations including Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Honduras, Belize and Mexico.

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5 Responses to “Thomson Cruises Presents Dream Runners”

  1. sandytheman@hotmail.com' sandy mcdougall

    cant wait till june when we will be joining the dream in palma

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Sammi @Thomson

      We bet you can’t, Sandy! We hope you have an amazing time 🙂

  2. irene274@hotmail.co.uk' irene

    roll on 3rd march 2015 2 weeks of fun on dream hope to see some of the same team carol who always knows what drinks you want .

    • Jonathan S @ Thomson

      Just over a year to go, Irene. It will soon be here and you’ll be relaxing onboard.

  3. m.n.jones@talktalk.net' norman jones

    well done with this film your p.r team have been ok we may try this after our crouise this year with you on apr 25th to tenerife


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