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Don’t Forget To Check In Before You Fly

A relaxing journey starts with checking in online…

There are a hundred and one things to think about before you head off on holiday – packing, finishing up at work, cancelling the papers – so if you can get one of your tasks sorted in a few clicks, so much the better, right?

Online check-in

That’s where our new online check-in system comes in – we’ve launched this service to get you better prepared for your travels and, in short, make sure your journey’s faff-free. Be one step ahead of the game by printing boarding passes from 14 days before your outbound flight (you can do it at home or in any Thomson Travel Shop), then you can make a beeline for Bag Drop at the airport and take care of more important matters… like picking out that new sarong at Accessorize.

What’s more, you can now request special airport assistance when you check yourself in online, on top of existing features like choosing your seat and adding extra baggage allowance.

So, there you have it. Hassle-free travelling? Done.

Click here for our FAQs on checking in.

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1,718 Responses to “Don’t Forget To Check In Before You Fly”

  1. meganmorrison73@gmail.com' Megan Morrison

    Hi i am trying to check in for a flight on the 30th of may but the website comes up with an error any time I click to check in. I am worried that I will not be sat next to my partner for the flight.

    • clark.priday@thomson.co.uk' Clark Priday

      Hi Megan, If unable to check in online you will be able to simply check in at the airport on departure day. We never guarantee seats together. ^Clark

    • kamisx@gmail.com' Lina Zvykiene

      Hey, i booked a flight to Ibiza through travel republic that should leave on the 29th may however on the website it said that the airplane will be Thomson. But when i tried to check in online it said there were no flights from Newcastle to Ibiza so i don’t know what to do.

  2. Shellylou1987@googlemail.com' Michelle Amos

    Bag drop… Bag drop? This is absurd. Why make everyone print off and check in 14 days early, to then have half the airport foyer full of people waiting to do both drops and check in!! This ridiculous, and I for one am already disappointed in this supposed “save time service”. Even the easy jet horendous flights are worth not using thompson just to avoid this bag drop queue.
    Don’t bother checking in online or printing off your boarding passes just get in the queue with screaming children and wait any way.. also saves you using your own paper to print them off.

    Very bad start to our already over priced thompson holiday.

    • clark.priday@thomson.co.uk' Clark Priday

      Hi Michelle, I am sorry for any disappointment caused by this. We will pass your feedback on. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday ^Clark

  3. tanyshaford@gmail.com' Tanysha

    Me and my partner have been trying to check in, as we go on holiday Saturday but we keep getting an error message saying that we have check in at the airport? We are flying to Dominican Republic.

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi Tanysha, If you get this message you would just need to check in at the airport on the day of departure ^Becca

  4. nirvanarom@hotmail.com' Alex

    I’ve been trying to check in for 3 days now my flight is on Monday and also have been getting error message how can check in my closed already if it says check in 7 days prior to your departure?

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Alex, Are you getting a message online advising you to check-in at the airport desk? If so, this will mean that the online service is no longer available ^Jo

  5. frank.senior1@btinternet.com' frank senior

    I want to print my boarding passes for tomorrow 23/05/`17 booking ref :– 179627.

    Your system does not recognise me ? ?

  6. kjstebbings@hotmail.co.uk' karen

    Hi I to tried to check in today for flight from Norwich to Palma – I got the same message.

  7. cfwilks@sky.com' Chris Wilks

    Booking Reference 2735650. The check-in says it is open but then there is a message saying “error” and do it at the airport on the day of the flight. No way, not with three young children in tow. What is going on?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Chris, We advise not to post your Booking Reference Number on a public post. Our online check-in facility can close early. This will now need to be completed at the airport on your day of travel. Children under the age of 12 will be sat with an adult on your booking in line with CAA Guidelines ^Zoe

  8. cheryl_lochran@hotmail.com' Cheryl Lochran

    I didn’t book through Thomson directly. Can I check in online?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Cheryl, If you have been given a Thomson booking reference, then you will be able to check-in online ^Charlotte

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