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Don’t Forget To Check In Before You Fly

A relaxing journey starts with checking in online…

There are a hundred and one things to think about before you head off on holiday – packing, finishing up at work, cancelling the papers – so if you can get one of your tasks sorted in a few clicks, so much the better, right?

Online check-in

That’s where our new online check-in system comes in – we’ve launched this service to get you better prepared for your travels and, in short, make sure your journey’s faff-free. Be one step ahead of the game by printing boarding passes from 14 days before your outbound flight (you can do it at home or in any Thomson Travel Shop), then you can make a beeline for Bag Drop at the airport and take care of more important matters… like picking out that new sarong at Accessorize.

What’s more, you can now request special airport assistance when you check yourself in online, on top of existing features like choosing your seat and adding extra baggage allowance.

So, there you have it. Hassle-free travelling? Done.

Click here for our FAQs on checking in.

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1,644 Responses to “Don’t Forget To Check In Before You Fly”

  1. bruce218@btinternet.com' Jacqueline Bruce

    Fly to Jamaica from Gatwick on 3rd April 2017, group booking of 12, flights at 10.20 can you tell me when to get to airport, have already checked in on line, also do we all have to go to check in desk? Or can I just go with there passports?

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Jacqueline, We advise to be at the airport around 3 hours before your departure time. All passengers on the booking will need to go to the check-in/bag drop desk together to show their Passports and weigh your bags ^Zoe

  2. george.wilma@btinternet.com' Thomson

    I am trying to print my boarding passes for tom 1632 tom 1223 for Alicante for 25thmarch but it says not open can you tell me what has happened

  3. meggy_ben@hotmail.com' Megan

    When trying to check in online it says ‘you are unable to offer online check in right now’ I don’t fly until the 20th ?

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Megan, If you receive a message online advising you to check-in at the airport, this means that online check-in isn’t available for your booking. It doesn’t happen very often, but it means you’ll need to pick up your boarding passes from the Thomson Airways bag drop desk when you get to the airport ^Jodie

  4. aspullgranny@gmail.com' Pauline hodgkiss

    why can I not check in for my flight tom424 to boa vista on 20th march just keep getting error

    • jasmine.griffiths@thomson.co.uk' Jaz Griffiths

      Hi Pauline, Can you advise if you have upgraded to select seats? ^Jaz

  5. thelma.king@btinternet.com' thelma king

    we are flying from Doncaster 14march 2017 to Alicante flight tom 6230. Why cant I checkin and get our boarding passes on line

    • Samantha.Lyons@thomson.co.uk' Samantha Lyons

      Hi Thelma, Are you receiving an error message when trying to check in online? ^Sam

  6. petrasmejeris@gmail.com' Peter

    Hello, can’t make check in always come message

    The following errors occurred:
    We are currently unable to offer you online check-in for your flight. Please proceed to a Thomson Airways bag-drop desk at the airport on your day of departure where check-in will be completed for you and your boarding passes will be issued.

    my question:
    do i need pay extras for check in if i do that on airport?
    when realy i can print my check in my self?do i have that option at all?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Peter, If you’re receiving this error message then it means online check-in has now closed for your flight. You’ll need to proceed to the Thomson Airways bag drop desk to receive your boarding passes – we do not charge our customer to check-in at the airport ^Charlotte

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