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Meet The Stars Of The New Thomson TV Advert

El Berwick goes behind the scenes to get up close and personal with the characters from our new ad…

We launched our bold new TV ad yesterday and it’s already got everyone talking. Our story centres around Simon, a man so ground down by the stresses of everyday life that he feels like he’s become an ogre. But as we reach the climax of the film we see our hero transform into the best version of himself. Well, it is amazing what a Thomson holiday can do.

Yesterday on the blog I gave you the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes at the London set of our ad – I may have mentioned the amazing catering once or twice – and today I’m going to focus on the most important element of our 2-minute masterpiece: the characters.

I’ll start with the extras. Because, well, what’s a film without extras?

Check them out… blending in, just like extras do. Sterling work, gentlemen. When Michael, Edward and Clive aren’t playing the role of office workers ignoring the fact that one of their colleagues is an actual ogre, they can be found strutting their extra stuff in TV shows and films. An example? Simon Pegg’s latest movie, ‘The World’s End’. Impressive.

Meet Cara.

Cara and I had a chat as we tucked into our delicious lunch of Pad Thai on the catering bus. Even though she’s only 8-years-old, she’s an old hand at adverts, having starred in a few already. She’s travelled to Barcelona for an acting role in the past, and was just about to jet off to the Sensatori Resort in Crete for the holiday part of our ad. Well, it beats double maths.

Next up is Tilly. As you can see, she took her role as Cara’s ‘mum’ very seriously – there was a lovely bond between the two of them.

I felt like Tilly’s face was familiar, which isn’t surprising since she’s featured in a number of high-profile adverts, including one for a well-known dating website. Not to mention her role as Amy in the TV series ‘The Cut’. Most recently, she’s produced and starred in a feature film called ‘Barking at Trees’. Clearly a very talented lady.

Finally I chatted to James. AKA Simon the ogre.

And thankfully I was in the right place at the right time to get the money shot… the face-off. James told me in his soft Scottish accent that it took a staggering 1.5 hours to get into the costume and all he could smell was sulphur. Mmm, nice. He describes the experience of being in the prosthetic suit as akin to being underwater, not being able to hear or talk very well. They say not to work with animals, but I’m guessing James has now added ogres to that list…

The business consultant-turned-actor was looking forward to heading to Crete and filming the final scene as himself. And what a fine job of it he did.

Check back in tomorrow to see exclusive videos showing behind-the-scenes clips and a look at how we brought the ogre to life.

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6 Responses to “NEW – Thomson Airways Introduces Mobile Boarding Passes”

  1. sue555@icloud.com' Sue Taylor

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My husband and I have just returned from the Grand Efe Hotel at Ozdere Turkey. This hotel is fantastic the food is good, the entertainment is brilliant and the entertainment team are fantastic for adults and children. The hotel is overlooking the sea and it is an all inclusive hotel.

    When we were there, there was only 7 British people there because British people have not heard of this hotel/place in Turkey because it is not on the major travel companies. We only heard of it through friends who work there.

    When we booked our travel agent had to book it by booking everything separate but we like booking holidays as a package so I highly recommend this hotel for your company so British people will hear about it.

    Your regards

    Sue Taylor

    • hayley.pattison@thomson.co.uk' Hayley Pattison

      Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback. I’ll be sure to pass this on for you to see if it’s something we could offer as a package holiday in the future. ^Hayley

  2. sian.taylor26@googlemail.com' Sian Taylor

    Hi, I have been attempting to print out boarding passes for our family holiday…all the logos, headers are there, but no passenger information is appearing. Am I doing something wrong?

    • melanie.james@thomson.co.uk' Melanie James

      Hi Sian, Could you please confirm your booking reference and I will check this for you.

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