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The Making Of Thomson’s New TV Advert

Time to reveal exactly how we brought our new ad to life with the help of a little Hollywood magic…

We hope you’ve already scoped out our epic new ad – if not, take a look pronto – so the time has come to show you the trickery behind Simon’s story.

Our ad is all about how a holiday can transform you into the best version of yourself – here’s how it brings this concept to life…

So, how did we create our over-sized hero? It was thanks to some Hollywood special effects artists, a whole lot of make-up and a complex CGI process. Check it out…

Visit MeAgain.co.uk to take the Holiday Test now.

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  3. patrickajones@hotmail.co.uk' Patrick Jones

    Why don’t you provide a link to the checking in on-line page, this would be useful. I also note that there is no mention of the 5kg hand luggage limit, did you know the average case weighs 3kg so just enough weight left for a toothbrush. Irony here is, when through to departures you could stock up on shopping boosting your weight considerably, likewise on board the aircraft. This is obviously a shameful way to generate more income for unsuspecting travllerts, even Ryan Air who are renowned for ripping off customers have a 10kg limit


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