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Presenting The New Thomson TV Advert: Simon – A Film With A Smile

Our new ad hits TV screens today and our blog writer, El, went behind the scenes to find out what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling…

Christmas Day’s been and gone, you’re regretting that last ill-advised roast potato, and the fun’s over for another year, right? Wrong. For the beady-eyed among you, you’ll have noticed we’ve been teasing you for a couple of weeks with the promise of something coming. Something big. We’re so excited to finally share with you our new Thomson advert, gracing a TV screen near you. Ladies and gentlemen, we present ‘Simon’…

You weren’t expecting that from us, were you? Our aim was to bring to life the true power of a holiday, and thanks to our unlikely hero, Simon – not to mention everyone working tirelessly behind the camera – we think it’s fair to say it’s mission accomplished.

Back in September I couldn’t believe my luck when I was invited to the London set to watch the UK scenes of our ad being filmed. For a telly addict like me, this was like getting a golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory. So, resisting the temptation to trawl the 3Mills studios for a film star sighting, or at least a soap star, I arrived on set armed with my trusty iPhone. Here’s what I captured…

It’s a section of a Thomson 787 Dreamliner, holed up in a studio in the East End. Completely normal. These Dreamliner seats came all the way from sunny LA and took 15 people a fortnight to put together.

Recognise that drawing? Drawn by the little girl in the ad, it was big Thomson smiles all round.

Thomson’s Senior Marketing Manager, Peter Emmerson (right), and Stephen Yates from our ad agency, Beattie McGuinness Bungay, testing out our comfy Dreamliner seats. Don’t blame them for the cheesy pose, that was under my direction. I have a feeling the globally-aclaimed director of our ad, Fredrick Bond, won’t need to watch his back any time soon…

A booklet listing the names of the 152 people involved in the filming of the advert (yes, 152) and a frame-by-frame guide to every scene. The timings were stuck to with military precision.

Possibly one of the best lunches I’ve ever eaten (on a bus! Just like in Extras!). Which either means the food was phenomenally good… or I need to get out more.

Our ogre friend, Simon, getting wheeled around the office set in Woolwich. Such a diva.

Hurrah. More food. I’d like to blame Simon for the disappearance of half the sandwiches. But that would be a lie. *Licks mayonnaise from fingers*

Our big star has a lie-down. Perhaps he was weak from a lack of sandwiches. Or maybe it was due to the 130°C heat (unconfirmed, but probably true) within his padded ogre suit.

Ogres. Big feet. Big smiles.

Exterior shots in Greenford, west London. The spotty green tablecloth from before makes a welcome return, displaying the lifeblood of all film sets… coffee. And plenty of it.

Greenford. Formally known for being the birthplace of supermodel, Jourdan Dunn. Now it’s the site of Simon’s House. I think that deserves a blue plaque.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll be getting the scoop from the stars of our new ad.

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11 Responses to “5 Of The Messiest Festivals From Around The World”

  1. leizaktom@gmail.com' Kirsten Melville

    Absolutely #AWESOME competition.. Praying I’m your lucky winner :) thanks for the chance

  2. loism.levy@gmail.com' lois levy

    It would be an ultimate dream to win this lot. Thanks for the chance xxx

  3. grant.honzik@ntlworld.com' Grant Honzik

    I’ve just booked Sensatori Turkey (Side) which we have been before to in 2013.
    We flew the Dreamliner on our first trip from Manchester and was wondering if we would be flying on the Dreamliner again in October 2015.

    • janay.templeman@thomson.co.uk' Janay Templeman

      Hi Grant, If you’d like to email your booking reference to us at cares@thomson.co.uk we’ll be able to check what plane you will be flying on. ^Janay

    • chantelle.sambrook@thomson.co.uk' Chantelle Sambrook

      Best of luck, Kat.

  4. mandyh71@live.co.uk' Mandy garland

    To David Burling,
    I cannot believe that we have received such poor customer service from your company. We booked a holiday, then received an email reminding us of our remaining payment, we also received an excel spreadsheet with over 400 people’s address’s, emails, phone numbers, dates of departure and money owing. DATA PROTECRION ISSUE!! No apology, would like this resolved please as no one in your company gives a damm

    • janay.templeman@thomson.co.uk' Janay Templeman

      Hi Mandy, Thank you for contacting us regarding the ‘Balance due’ email sent to you on today Saturday 15th August. We’re aware that customer details were shared; this was a genuine error and not standard practice. We sincerely apologise for this error and understand why you aren’t happy about your personal information being shared. The error was recognised very quickly and the email recalled which was successful in the majority of cases.

      Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention, your feedback matters to us and helps us continue to improve our service. We take data security very seriously and we’re taking action to ensure this an unfortunate situation will not occur again.

  5. jaimeashworth@gmail.com' Jaime Ashworth

    My girlfriend and I missed a Thomson flight to Girona in July and didn’t realise until last week that we could have our APD refunded – can you help?!

    • janay.templeman@thomson.co.uk' Janay Templeman

      Hi Jamie, You would need to speak with our After Travel Team to get this refunded to you. Their email address is aftertravelcustomersupport@tuiuk.com or alternatively you can call them on 02034512699. ^Janay

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