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On Location: Romance Vs Relaxation In Tenerife

Our blog writer, El Berwick, checks out the crème de la crème of hotels in Tenerife…

As day jobs go, mine certainly isn’t a bad one. In fact, half the time it doesn’t even feel like a job. Case in point: last week, my mission was to drop by some of our hotels in Tenerife to a) make sure I know as much as possible about our products, and b) show you exactly what you can expect when you check in to one of our hotels. We like to show them off, as you can probably tell.

As I snapped away with my trusty iPhone, I knew I’d have a task-and-a-half cutting down the photos when I got back to HQ. I was right. So, here are the shots I think best sum up each hotel.

For romance… Hotel Los Gigantes

Hotel Los Gigantes, part of our Couples collection, has romance wrapped up. It’s decked out in more white than the England cricket team, and is a peaceful haven against the island’s theatrical backdrop. Clear panels hug the pool area, to provide optimum tanning conditions and showcase the surrounding elements.

I can’t help it… I see this al fresco dining area, and I’m transported to a Judges’ Houses episode on The X Factor. That’s definitely a compliment.

Imagine the scene. Sunset. Glass of chilled Pinot Grigio. Jazz music playing sofly over dinner. Perfection.


For relaxation… Marylanza Suites and Spa Resort

At this Platinum property, the emphasis is on relaxation. Whether you’re stretched out by the pool, horizontal in the hotel spa, or flat out on the sunlounger on your private terrace – below, looking out over the golf course, no less – idleness is positively encouraged.

Ah, I forgot to mention laid-out on a lilo. Another great way to loaf away the day.

If this snap had a soundtrack, it would be lapping water and gentle snoring. And the pages of a book being turned, if you listen hard enough.


Which hotel would win you over? Would you go for romance or relaxation?


Check out our holidays to Hotel Los Gigantes and Marylanza Suites and Spa Resort.

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