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On Location – Easy Like Sunday Morning

If you feel that Sunday mornings are only easy in the world of Lionel Richie, it’s time to take a break to Las Caletas Beach. Sarah Holt explains why…

You don’t just take 5 on Las Caletas Beach. This scalloped bay of sand is an hour’s boat ride from Puerto Vallarta harbour, and it’s the sort of place where you can take a million.

You can get massages in the jungle that creeps all the way up to the sand. You can take a morning yoga class. Or you can commandeer a hammock and take advantage of the beach butler service.

But my favourite thing to do here, is pick out a coconut from the beachside coconut cart, have the top chopped off, and sip fresh coconut milk from your seaside canvas chair. Then consider yourself well and truly tranquillised.

To give your Sunday the Richie treatment, check out our holidays to Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

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  1. tashalee84@live.co.uk' Natasha

    Hi can you tell me how I can get a Thomson travel money card please

    • hayley.pattison@thomson.co.uk' Hayley Pattison

      Hi Natasha, If you pop into your local Thomson shop then you’ll be able to get one there. ^Hayley

  2. hazelgc03@gmail.com' Hazel Cleaver

    Re – your new Platinum Lifestyle hotels for 2016 – are these hotels still for adults only?

    • nicole.gittings@thomson.co.uk' Nicole Gittings

      Hi Hazel, no it will not be adults only. ^Nicole

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