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Thomson: The Next Generation

As if shopping for a holiday wasn’t sweet enough, we’ve gone and made it even better…


It’s quite exciting shopping for a new lipstick, let alone an actual holiday. That’s when excitement levels go through the roof. So, with this in mind, we want to make the whole experience of booking a holiday live up to this anticipation. To really bring it to life. As a brand, we’re pretty forward-thinking – even our HQ’s interior resembles the Starship Enterprise… if you squint – so it’s only fitting that our new shops are as cutting-edge as they come.

Our first next generation shop – location to be revealed next month – will open in late summer.  And by Christmas, a further 10 stores will be revamped in the innovative new design, and it’s planned that 100 shops across the UK will be ‘next generation’ within the next few years.

So, when we say ‘next generation’, what exactly do we mean? Glad you asked. Here are the key features of our shops of the future…

–    The shop front will have a giant video wall to show off new video content and holiday shots, combined with evocative sounds and aromas (no, not like The London Dungeons…)

–     At the entrance there’ll be an interactive map and table to entertain you, and help you research holidays by finding out what products we offer

–     The Advice Bar will give you the chance to browse our websites on self-service laptops with staff on hand to answer your questions

–     Free in-store Wi-Fi will let you use your own gadgets to delve into our range of holidays

–     HD screens and booth projections around the store will display changing images and videos to inspire you, and give you a feel of what to expect from your holidays before you book

–     The store will be zoned depending on what stage of choosing a holiday you’re at… you can sit around a laptop in the pool area (beachwear optional), prop up the Advice Bar, or settle into one of our booths, where pics from your chosen holiday will be projected on the wall. Excitement levels at this stage will be at an all-time high, we suspect.

–     You can also kick back with a barista-style coffee, because all that choosing between the likes of Mauritius and Aruba has got to be exhausting. We do, however, draw the line at foot-rubs.


We’d love to hear what you think about our next generation shops… tell us in the comments below.

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