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Sensatori Resort Turkey Opens Its Doors

The wait is over! Who wants a sneak peek?   

Here at Thomson HQ, we’re like proud parents when our brand-new hotels are ready to greet their first guests. Especially when it’s one of our Sensatori resorts. Our 5* beachfront hotel in Side has been primped and preened, and we think you’ll agree she’s a beauty. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll shush now. Presenting Sensatori Resort Turkey

{Adult pool}


{Main pool}


{Lobby reception}




What do you think? Are you booked to go soon? 

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562 Responses to “Sensatori Resort Turkey Opens Its Doors”

  1. dbond@jawbone.com' Donna Gilbert

    Hi .. I have just booked to go with my family in August. My 6 year old boy has a rare medical condition which makes him allergic to many foods and the only thing he tolerates well is Rice Milk. In previous years other Turkish hotels have supplied us with Rice Milk for free to save us importing it or bringing it with us. How do I go about contacting the hotel to ask them to arrange this for us please?

    Many thanks

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Donna, If you contact our Welfare Team on 020 3451 2585, they’ll be able to look in to this for you. If you’ve got any further questions please let me know and I hope that you have a lovely holiday.

  2. victoria@victoriacutting.co.uk' Victoria Cutting

    Hi desperately want to email the sensatori burut hotel in side. Thompson keep giving me the email sorgunreservation@buruthotels.com but the mail is alway returned. I have also tried variations of this email address but no joy

    Can you help

    Many thanks Victoria

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Victoria, Can you send us an email with your holiday reference and full details of your query to cares@thomson.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help you add on your requests.

  3. robsus@virginmedia.com' Rob Gooding

    Hi, we are staying at Sensatori Turkey from 8th July for 2 weeks, I have requested the adults only section, is it possible to find out if we have been allocated there, also what is the Wi Fi situation like at the hotel. My ref no is *. Many thanks

    Yours sincerely

    R Gooding

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Sammi @Thomson

      Hi Rob, I’ve checked your booking and can confirm you’re booked into the adults only section of the hotel. Wi-Fi is included at the hotel, free of charge. If you’ve any other queries, please let me know. I hope you have an amazing holiday in Turkey.

  4. edwardcornell@yahoo.co.uk' Edward cornell

    People who have been to sensatori turkey and have slated it are absolutly deluded what kind of people are you ,you obvs have expectations no hotel or holiday experience can meet and clearly cant understand the hotel is in its first season and there will be teething problems if any. Sensatori turkey a pleasure to stay at and an honour

    • lorrainedelia@hotmail.co.uk' lorraine

      Hi I’m going in a couple of weeks time can you tell me if they supply beach towels

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Lorraine, I can advise that the hotel will provide you with beach towels.

  5. edwardcornell@yahoo.co.uk' Eddy cornell

    Can this sarah actually spell n for those whi have commented badly on sensatori turkey are truly deluded u are obvs got expectations no hotel or holiday is going to meet.

  6. Digginskay@gmail.com' Kay

    I have booked a swim up room for myself and husband can I request to be in the adult only section, we depart on 1st July for one week

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Kay, When booking your holiday you’ll have had the option to select a room in the Adult Only part of the hotel – this isn’t something that can be requested. So I can check to see if you’ve selected this room type, please could you email your booking reference to cares@thomson.co.uk?

  7. digginskay@gmail.com' kay

    my husband and I have booked a week commencing 1st July 2014, in a swimup room can I request we are in the adult only section please, my booking ref is : 2666/******

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Kay, I’ve got some good news and can happily advise that you’ve been booked into the adults area of the Sensatori Turkey. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday with us in July.

  8. rebeccajhall11@yahoo.co.uk' Rebecca hall

    I have just returned from a weeks stay at the sensatori turkey. Absolutely magnificent. All last year’s teething problems obviously all rectified. I am now booking to go again next month. Couldn’t fault anything at all.

  9. Ellielucy01@gmail.com' Ellielucy

    I know this isn’t a relevant question but I was staying at this hotel in turkey on 4th of April and I met someone there and I didn’t get there name and I’ve been trying to find that person I’m not a stalker but I really liked this person and his room was above the lobby on the second floor at the very end on the left hand side ( from standing in side ) and I have been trying to find him but I can’t I left on Friday 11th (2days ago) Thomson if you reply please could u email me ?(sensatori turkey)

    • Daniel.Doubleday@thomson.co.uk' Dan @Thomson

      Hi Ellie, Unfortunately we’re unable to give information regarding other guests staying in our hotels, sorry for any disappointment caused.

  10. Gazslater@msn.com' Sharon

    We are arriving from Gatwick the 12th aug and have book a swim up room, could we request this be in the adults only part and a sun facing room.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Sharon, You can request this. If you email us at cares@thomson.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to add this request on for you.

    • a_dee_knarr@yahoo.co.uk' Roger

      Hi, can you tell me if every room comes with a fridge? And do you need to pay for alcohol even when it says all inclusive?


    • Natasha @Thomson

      Hi Roger, What room type have you got booked?

    • a_dee_knarr@yahoo.co.uk' Roger

      Hi Natasha, we are wanting to know if all rooms come with a fridge before booking as we need one for baby’s food but we do not want to be limited with the room choice. The facilities section on each room type suggests only some rooms provide a fridge but I wasn’t convinced a 5* hotel wouldn’t offer a fridge in all rooms so thought I’d ask here.

    • Natasha @Thomson

      Hi Roger, I’ve just had a look for you and can see that most rooms do have a refrigerator, which should be specified on the page when booking your room. I’d suggest selecting the room type you want and just double checking that the facilities page states that a fridge is provided.

  11. C.hardy@me.com' Charlotte

    Was thinking about booking turkey with my boyfriend in July but these reviews are very mixed. I’m afraid I will be disappointed as I have been to the Mexico resort and couldn’t fault it my parents have also stayed in the Egypt resort and couldn’t fault it either. Can anyone say it’s as nice as Egypt ?
    Also is it possible to get a extra in the room for use arriving, champagne and a message?

    • jwillows@talktalk.net' Julia

      I have been to Tenerife, Crete, Sharm el Sheik and Turkey Sensatori hotels. They are all very different but I will try to be fair to each.
      I love being entertained, I lke to be able to wander outside the hotel and I enjoy good food and drink. These are the reasons I chose Sensatori hotels.

      The entertainment is much the same in them all as are the rooms. They vary in other ways. You have been to Mexico which I believe is very food orientated but does not have much entertainment. That would not suit me but you obviously loved it. This shows we are all different.
      Tenerife – Luxurious surrondings in the hotel but the hotel has other guests besides Sensatori. Thomson apparantly has the less opulent side of the hotel but of course all the ameneties are the same. The hotel is stunning, the restaurant settings are superb and the food is O.K. The service is good and the plus side is you can have full board if you prefer. Drinks are expensive but this is a definite 5* hotel.
      Sharm el Sheik – I felt was like a holiday camp. The entertainment lounge had plastic chairs and was in a tent outside the hotel. The food was awful as was the organisation in the main restaurant. It was grab a seat and grab your food. No style at all. The staff were superb. Even the “A La Carte” restaurant food looked and tasted horrible. The setting right on the Red was was superb but make sure you take plastic sandals to walk on the beach. I would never return to this hotel and if it had been my first visit to a Sensatori hotel I would not have tried any of the others.
      Crete – the food is of a decent standard both in the main restaurant and the A La Carte venues. You can walk outside the hotel but the village is small but very welcoming. You can get to Herssonisis by bus, miniature train or by Taxi. The beach to the right of the hotel is quite good but it is often very windy. In July this would be very welcome. The entertainment lounges are ecxellent and so was the entertainment. The very best virtue of this hotel is the staff. they are just wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble, they are friendly and knowledgable about their jobs. They will do anything to give your holiday the special touch. I don’t know how they remember you but I have been to this hotel more than once and from the second time onwards I was greeted by name – amazing. I am not including the Thomson staff in this praise, they are just the normal that you would expect.
      Now you asked about Turkey. I was one of the first visitors and there were many things that needed attention. New hotel and new staff is not always a good combination but the management listened to all the compalints and slowly slowly as the week passed things improved. The food in the main restaurant was better than all the above but seating needed to be addressed and the dress code was not always adhered to. The beach was O.K. but shingly with a big drop close to the water’s edge. Great for adults but not really child friendly. The pool areas were cramped and the 2 rooms with private pools were not private in the least. Glad I never booked one of those. I think all rooms face the sea. the entertainment lounge was good but there was no control with children running everywhere, even on the stage during the acts. Outside of the hotel you can jump on the local bus to Side or Manavgat for about 1 Euro and these are very interesting places. I loved this part of the holiday. I believe this would not make a 5* so it would not be up to thestandard of Mexico. The price reflects the standard of the hotel and even at this years prices I think it would be value for money.
      I am sure champagne and chocolates could be arranged for you at a price. I went for my birthday and all sorts of packages were available.
      I am thinking of booking again this year even if only to see if they have sorted all the original niggles.
      Hope this helps and if you want me answer any specific questions I will.

    • jeff.hearn@informa.com' Jeff Hearn

      I’d really reccomend NOT staying at Sensatori Turkey, it really isn’t a very good hotel at all. It’s sub 3* at best. We stayed in May last year and it was by far the worst holiday we’ve ever had.

      Apparently it’s not a patch on other Sensatori resorts, so I’d book one of them, but after our experiene with this resort last year I won’t be booking anytime soon. Only good thing about the resort was the weather!

    • bonnie9@btopenworld.com' Bee

      I’m still here now and going home tomorrow ( I will never come again) many reasons but it’s not 5 star. The rooms are no better than premier inn and we have a swim up. It’s a shame to say anything negative but this hotel needs lots of changes. I’m happy to send via email any photos of rooms etc just leave an email address

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Bee, It’s a real shame to hear that you feel this way. You can contact the After Travel Team on your return by going through this link – http://bit.ly/1eX6pCT.

  12. thinmum@sky.com' Caroline H

    Hi, can you recommend any special activities and/or optional extras for us to help celebrate our silver wedding anniversary? Arriving at Sensatori Turkey on 8th November and it’s our anniversary on the 12th. Thanks!

    • thinmum@sky.com' Caroline H

      Thanks James – very helpful! Like the look at both suggestions, sounds lovely…..

    • James @Thomson

      That’s no problem Caroline! Please let me know if you need any further help, and you’re right both look lovely!

    • Mattywells@ntlworld.com' Matthew

      Can you tell me if the pools at Sensatori Turkey are heated in May/June as I’ve seen reviews that say the pools were freezing!

    • Jonathan S @ Thomson

      Hi Matthew, The pools at our Sensatori Resort in Turkey are only heated during the winter months and won’t be heated during summer months including May and June.

  13. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    Did anyone go to Tunisia with Thomson
    Let me know please where is the best place to stay in Tunisia holidays

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Sara, I haven’t been to Tunisia myself, but I’m sure you’ll get some feedback on this page. If you’ve got any further questions please let me know.

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Sara, Is there anything that I can help you with?

  14. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    I would like to send some comments for the owner of Sensatori Side Turkey. To make 5 stars to a hotell, there are many things that costumers are looking for.
    First the good things: we were at cabana on 29.9 and this was one of our best days. The man who served us was very friendly and hard-working. He has choosed a very suitable trade for him. I hope that you owners will know that too.
    Then our ala carte evening in Turkey-restaurant was also succesfull. Food was first time tastefull in your hotell. Also serving was excellent and happy.
    And least but not last the lady in breakfast, who maked omelets and in the pool-restaurant some “lettuce”, was very shiny and friendly.
    Then something not so good: mainly your staff was very tired and very discourteous.
    Then at our first room you but some notes to our door: “we can`t get maid service” and we can`t use not disturbed-sign. Why ?
    Then at the leavingday first some cleaning-lady knocked our door at 10 a.m. saying that we have check-out. Then at 11 a.m. some boy didn`t even knock, but just used his own key to our room ? Why ? I am adult person and I know when to leave a room: check-out before 12 a.m. !! Honestly we have had much better service in all over the world. And looking in the mirrow for our earlier holidays you may have 5 stars only for you stand-up meal and our staff mentioned earlier, the rest is only
    about 2-3 stars. Sorry. I am waiting for your reply and explanation, thank you.


    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Sara, Thanks for your feedback. I’m disappointed to hear that you’re unhappy with some aspects of your holiday. For this to be investigated fully you’ll need to contact our After Travel Team. You can contact them through our on line form at the following link – http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/send-us-an-email-postTravel.html. I hope this helps and if you’ve got any further questions please let me know.

  15. Helen@orchardoakrecruitment.co.uk' Helen cant

    Heard from reviews that this hotel is not the five star I was led to believe.
    Additional charges for sun beds, branded spirits and specialist restaurants.

    Please can someone who has recently returned comment?

    • juliejenks@hotmail.co.uk' juliejenkins

      no extra charge for sunbeds ,extra for a la carte restaurant and bbq on the beach and yes also for branded drinks but please don’t be put off its an excellent hotel with fab service with 4 other restaurants free to choose from and all excellent

    • bonnie9@btopenworld.com' Bee

      I’m here now. Drinks are hit and miss and branded drinks are charged. All drinks charged after midnight.
      I tried this evening at about 12.45am to get food and I was shown an empty dish and then given two rolls, which we couldn’t eat.
      The rooms are not as good as premier inn in England and even though we’ve got a swim up ( forget it) £2000 totally wasted on this holiday. Everyone walks past your room and unless you stop it, other people staying on your block, may walk continually past your room. Entertainment great in evening but that’s it.
      cold pools and a tiny indoor jacuzzi about 1 foot deep) cold. You have to pay for games, such as pool and table football.
      The scraping of chairs from rooms above or to the side of you is dreadful.
      Be careful when getting changed as the person who supplies your water, may just walk into your room, even with your ” having a sensatori moment” hung on your door. We didn’t want cleaners coming in our room but the cleaner insisted after 2 days, that she wanted to look in our room. I bashed my elbow on the phone in the tiny toilet. No lock on bath door, which also has the two showers in the same small bathroom ( it’s as basic as it gets) beds are comfy and tea and coffee available in your room. The beach, we didn’t bother going as it wasn’t the best of beaches. The Cabanas look lovely on beach but again, you have to pay for these. We didn’t bother with trying to book a meal in other restaurants, as they were always booked and why do we have to pay for one of the restaurants. If you tip, you can get anything, if you don’t tip, you get basic.
      There are gratuity boxes placed everywhere in the hotel, ( very off putting) and at meal times, it’s virtually impossible to get your own breakfast and drinks without someone, trying to pour you something you either, don’t want or is too strong and by the time, you’ve tried to explain, that you simply want to go and get a cup and pour your own water, coffee etc, your breakfast is cold. I didn’t feel we could relax while eating. The walls are so thin, the person with the TV on the adjoining wall, can hear everything, so I couldn’t have my TV on. Check out today by 12pm but we then have to sit around until 10.45pm, with use of a shower by reception. We have been told it’s about £60 to pay go keep our room until 6pm and this is only if no one is coming in today. It is wrong to have to pay for our last day. Sorry Sensatori, this is only a 3 star hotel

  16. juliejenks@hotmail.co.uk' juliejenkins

    went to sensatori turkey 0n 8th oct for 1 week had a fabulous time cant understand anyone complaining about this hotel not too sure just what people want ,our experience was amazing with really good service ,good food ,excellent entertainment ,our room was cleaned on a daily basis and hoping to return next year

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Samantha @Thomson

      That’s brilliant to hear, Julie. Thanks for sharing your lovely feedback with us 🙂

  17. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    Just back from Turkey holiday it was the worst holiday ever

    • Lauren K @Thomson

      Hi Sara, It’s a shame to hear this. Have you raised your concerns with our After Travel Team?

  18. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    I ordered the anniversary cake They gave me a birthday cake saying happy birthday on it for my anniversary. When I ordered cake for my wife’s 28th birthday I did not get no cake at all it is the Sensatori Turkey for you . I am very annoyed and upset

  19. Jane.crittenden@gmail.com' Jc

    We’re not keen on organised tours but we like to explore our surroundings, is it easy to go out sight-seeing from the resort using public transport? Taxi? Car hire? Which places would you recommend?

    • James @Thomson

      You’re more than welcome to explore the area. You’re able to act as normal as you’d like, and hire car’s or walk about depending where you’d like to go. You’re able to pick up some tourist guides from the hotel reception and take phone numbers in case you need to contact them whilst you’re out of the resort.

      Which resort are you looking to visit?

  20. colinpratt1@hotmail.co.uk' Colin Pratt

    Thinking about booking for the 17 th oct 2013,not many reviews to go off.i know it hasn’t been open long.have you got any discounts of any sort for this holiday I am thinking about booking.i know it’s short notice but shy bairns get no sweets!!.
    Yours. Colin @ Ann

    • Leanne.myers@thomson.co.uk' Leanne @Thomson

      Hi Colin and Ann, I’ve had a look for you, and we have some Turkey offers but none for our Sensatori Resort.

  21. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    I paid a lot of money and I am very very upset that I’m getting this kind of Service from The sensatori I’ll booked for my anniversary and didn’t do nothing special for me and my wife

  22. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    The room Service very bad They don’t clean your room

  23. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    I all way book wes sensatori for 3 Yeah and I am not happy wes turkey

    • James @Thomson

      That’s not good Sara. What is it that you’re not happy with at the Sensatori Turkey?

    • Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

      The way customers are on the way that people work here and the beach and stuff about the foodp

  24. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    The sensatori resort turkey is NOT LIKE the one in the Magazine

  25. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    I like to say about the room service and the cleaning is very bad and very slow

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      It’s a shame to hear this Sara. Did you raise your concerns with our After Travel Team?

  26. Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

    Hi I am At the new resort turkey it okay but is not Like Egypt Everything in Turkey it’s okay. The beach is very very bad

  27. juliejenks@hotmail.co.uk' juliejenkins

    arrive on Tuesday 8th really cant wait so looking forward to experiencing our first sensatori holiday

    • James @Thomson

      We’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful holiday experience with us. You’ll be able to relax and soak up the sun and enjoy that Turkish delight!

    • Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

      I’m sorry but you won’t be happy with your first holiday

    • Dilshadishaq@hotmail.co.uk' Sara

      Turkey is the worst Holiday you can have

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