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Summer 2014 Holidays On Sale Now!

Your countdown to summer 2014 starts right here… 

After more build-up than a John Lewis Christmas, we can finally – and very proudly – tell you that our summer 2014 holidays are on sale now! You know it must be special when I use an exclamation mark. I do, however, draw the line at a smiley face.

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, and don’t have a clue what our new destinations are, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a peek at our shiny summer ‘14 brochure covers, with a quick recap of the treats you’ll find inside…

Summer 2014 Holidays




Will you be booking one of our new holidays, cruises or weddings?

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164 Responses to “Summer 2014 Holidays On Sale Now!”

  1. vhall19@msn.com' v hall

    can you tell me when thomson will resume flights to taba heights

    • Phil @Thomson

      Hi, At the moment we have no future plans to operate flights to taba heights however this may be something we review again in the future. I apologise for the disappointment caused.

  2. andy83_berry@hotmail.co.uk' Andy

    We have just received a quote for £4600 to go to Mexico in June 2015 (family of 4) and noticed that if we were travelling this year the same holiday on the same dates would be £3300. Are we better off waiting until this time next year to get a better deal or is there a reason for the massive price difference?

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Andy, Thanks for your post. It’s hard to say, as we do work on a flexible pricing system – so the cost of our holidays can fluctuate across the course of the selling period. While it’s not uncommon for us to offer ‘Late Deals’ closer to departure dates, we can’t guarantee availability on these – so you may find that the holiday you want isn’t available closer to departure. I’m sorry that this isn’t a more definitive answer, but I’d advise you to keep checking the prices on our website – as these will change.

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