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Thomson Airways Introduces New Extra Legroom Seats

We’re introducing extra legroom on board our 757 aircraft – and it won’t cost an arm and a leg…

Your holiday shouldn’t just start when you get to your hotel, it should begin the minute you step on board the plane. We get that. That’s why we’re introducing the option of extra legroom seats on our 757 aircraft this summer. More room to stretch out equals a happier you. Simples.

So, how much more legroom are we talking? Well, from the 1st of May you can get between 33 and 34 inches of the stuff (84 centimetres, for all you metric fans) when you fly short or mid-haul. We’ve introduced this new offering on board our 757s by removing existing seating and replacing it with the new extra legroom seats.

Up until now on short and mid-haul, the only seats with extra room on our planes have been located by the exits, where children and customers who aren’t fully abled weren’t able to sit. However, our new extra legroom seats are available for everyone – children included. So they’re ideal for families who want to collectively kick back en route to resort.

What’s more, when you book these seats you’ll get the added bonus of access to Thomson’s Select Your Seat service – which lets you choose your seat numbers in advance – at no further charge.

Carl Gissing, Director of Customer Service for Thomson Airways, reveals: “We are continually looking at new ways to improve our inflight products and service to ensure customers begin their holidays as relaxed as possible. Our new extra legroom seats are great for families and couples, offering 33 or 34 inches of leg room. At Thomson we want to ensure everything we do is tailored towards our customers’ needs, and our new extra legroom offering is another example of how we are doing this.

Thomson’s extra legroom seats cost from £35 per person for a return flight and are available to book from the 27th of March. You’ll have more room than you can shake a leg at. Ah, those leg puns never get old…


Tell us, is extra legroom on your inflight wish-list?

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1,381 Responses to “Thomson Airways Introduces New Extra Legroom Seats”

  1. fabnickyj@hotmail.co.uk' Nicki

    We have booked extra wide & extra legroom seats for our trip to kefalonia in june. Where are these located on the plane?

  2. lesley-r@hotmail.co.uk' Lesley Jameson

    Hi can you tell me whether Thomson will be replacing their old 757’s any time soon? We flew to the Canaries with Thomson last year on an old and extremely cold 757. We are flying with you again to the Canaries this year but the thought of flying on one of these old planes really doesn’t do much for a good start to our holiday.

    • Adam.Simson@thomson.co.uk' Adam Simson

      Hi Lesley, We always aim to ensure that our planes are the best available. I’m unable to comment on whether these are in the process of being replaced but will pass your feedback on for you. ^Adam

  3. janetedgar66@hotmail.co.uk' JANET

    I am travelling to Salou from Belfast in July with 3 children and 1 infant. I was windering can I book extra legroom or extra space seats as I want all 6 of us to be seated together.


    • Adam.Simson@thomson.co.uk' Adam Simson

      Hi Janet, You can contact our team on 0203 4512 688 and they will be able to add these options on for you. You’ll be able to select these seats 90 days before your return date. ^Adam

  4. mobrmtm@gmail.com' Tracy Arch

    Hi wondered if I would get any joy from you as I haven’t when I phoned Thomsons today. My father has booked for 12 of us to go to Zante at the end of july costing £12,000. As he has mobility problems in one leg he asked if he could pay or extra legroom seats for only him and his wife, (the rest of us are fine with normal seating.) He was told that he must pay for all 12 of us to have extra legroom costing an extra £600! I don’t think this is fair and wondered if you could help. Thankyou

    • kayleigh.watkins@thomson.co.uk' Kayleigh Watkins

      Hi Tracy, Unfourtunely this is correct I’m afraid, however as this is due to mobility problems have you contacted our Welfare team on 02034 512585? ^Kayleigh

  5. stuart4delta@hotmail.com' stuart mclelland

    I’ve paid for extra legroom seats. How/when can I chose these seats?

    • lisa-marie.king@thomson.co.uk' Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Stuart, You’ll be able to book seats 90 days before your return date.

  6. terry.tolley@dsl.pipex.com' TT

    When I selected my seat no extra leg room seats where available. I have now received an email telling me I can select extra leg room. If I go to the same page as when I selected my seat it still says none available why? This is very confusing. I have already paid £28.00 for the selected seats. How much extra above this does it cost for extra leg room seat…assuming they are available?????

    • Natasha.Malik@thomson.co.uk' Natasha @Thomson

      Hi Terry, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to select the seat you’ve paid for. Please email us your booking reference details to Cares@Thomson.co.uk with your query and we can try having a look into this for you.

  7. cheryltaylor_r37@sky.com' Cheryl

    Why can I select my seats which I have paid for, but only leave an aisle seat free and not a window, that is totally out of order. Thamkyou

    • Phillip.Moody@thomson.co.uk' Phil @Thomson

      Hi Cheryl, I can confirm that we don’t allow customers to select seats which would create empty single window seats. This is because it would reduce the number of seats left together for families to choose from and would cause families to be split up.

    • Chris.wilson@zen.co.uk' Chris Wilson

      Hi I have already complained to Thomson but got the usual letter back so hoping for a better reply using this blog lets see if the email address cares@thomson.co.uk. We booked a holiday to Turkey for 4 adults and my newborn daughter we then went to book the extra leg room seats me and my father require as we’re 6ft 4in in height to be told we could not because there was an infant on the booking, we explained we only wanted 2 the ladies would sit in normal seats but then get told we can’t because of your system. Apparently it does not allow us to do this. Had we been told by a message on the website before booking we would have split the booking 2 adults on one and 2 and the infant on another which would have allowed us the chance to get extra leg room. So because Thomson’s system is poor we’re stuck …. Not happy customers considering we paid over £4000 for the holiday. The standard letter we got back from Thomson told us now there isn’t any seats left but o check at the airport when we check in as we maybe able to get 2, well is there some or isn’t there? The system is absurd if ou ask me customer who actually need it can’t get the room they require.

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Chris, Extra Space seats aren’t suitable for infants to sit in, however Extra Leg room seats will be available for you all to book dependent on availability. If you send across your booking reference I’ll look into this further for you.

    • Chris.wilson@zen.co.uk' Chris Wilson

      Chloe I realise that which is why we only wanted 2 for the males in the party who are over 6ft tall…… The booking ref is …

    • rowland.jones@thomson.co.uk' Rowland

      Hi Chris, I’ve had to remove your booking reference as this is your personal information. Our Blog’s unfortunately aren’t used as a customer contact point for queries however I’ve looked into your booking and can see you had a reply from our Pre-Communications team on the 26/02/14. I’ve re-checked the seating map for you aswell and there are extra leg room seats available on your inbound flight. If this is something you’re still interested in, please speak with the check-in staff at Dalaman airport. I hope this helps, but if you have any further queries please do e-mail us at cares@thomson.co.uk.

  8. gillimark2@talktalk.net' Mark Hunter

    We are flying from Newcastle to Sharm El Sheikh on 13/10/14. Flight Number TOM 474 and have booked extra legroom seats. Could you please tell me the type of plane this is and also the rows that are the extra legroom seats. Thanks

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Sammi @Thomson

      Hi Mark, If you provide me with your booking reference number, I’ll be happy to check this for you.

  9. samantha-c2008@hotmail.com' sam


    Pre-booked seats 12b and c. Exit seats. Will we automatically get these on return flight 31.7.14 from Marrakesh?

    • Phillip.Moody@thomson.co.uk' Phil @Thomson

      Hi Sam, You’ll not automatically get matching seats on your return flight. You’ll need to select these seats yourself for your inbound flight too.

  10. sharon.sutherland4@ntlworld.com' Sharon

    Hi, I am disabled and need airline/airport assistance for my holiday. Please can you tell me, will all my family still be seated together on the flight or will i be sat alone? Also, the last time i flew with assistance i was placed in the bulkhead seats,is this still the same policy? Only ask because I would struggle to get out of the seat due to my disability if there were seats in front of me (Someone needs to stand in front of me to help get me out of the chair)
    I was considering booking extra leg room/space but travel agent said i shouldnt bother if i have assistance.
    Many thanks

    • Phillip.Moody@thomson.co.uk' Phil @Thomson

      Hi Sharon, I advise you call our Welfare team on 020 3451 2585. It is this department who can provide you with the assistance you need and answer all of your queries regarding this.

  11. gatewest@hotmail.com' Edward Easson

    Very disappointed with the service we have received. We are due to fly to Dom Rep on 13th Sept from Manchester. We thought we had booked extra legroom seats but when we checked we had booked guaranteed seats together. We were told that extra leg room seats couldn’t be booked until 11th September and if we want them it will cost £100.00 with no refund of the £60.00 we have already.
    We have flown with many of the so called bargain airlines and have never experienced this.

    • Phillip.Moody@thomson.co.uk' Phil @Thomson

      Hi Edward, While I can understand your disappointment, there is an additional charge for extra legroom seats. If you’d like to send your query and booking reference to cares@thomson.co.uk, we can look into availability for you.

  12. karlbatey@yahoo.co.uk' Karl

    I’m travelling with my wife and 20 month old child. We’ve booked extra leg room seats and have been told today the we have been pre-allocated seats one behind the other, aisle seats row 4 and 5. Has someone at Thomson Airlines not thought about the practicalities of this. Travelling with an infant is hard enough at the best of times but splitting us up makes no sense whatsoever, plus I thought by booking extra leg room seats we would have a choice of where we sat and would at least be together so we could make sure our dauaghter travelled with as little inconvenience to other passengers as possible but apparently not as I appear to have no say in this matter whatsoever, this rather draws into the question the reason why we paid for these seats. Some help would be appreciated please.

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Karl, I’m sorry to hear this. When purchasing extra leg room seats, we can’t guarantee that these will be together. You can select your seat numbers from 90 days before your return flight. If you don’t do this then seats will be allocated as close together as possible. Seats together are classed as next to each other, in front or behind and across the aisle from each other. I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause I hope that you have a lovey holiday.

  13. Sharonmackey24@gmail.com' Sharon mackey

    Hi I have just booked extra leg room seat to majorca on 16th August, what I really wanted was exit seats , the girl in shop could show layout of plane until she had taken the £70, she said they can’t be changed can you help please. Sharon
    Booking ref . Many thanks

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Sharon, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your seats. Once you’ve purchased seating this is non-refundable. If you’re unhappy with the service that you’ve received with the store, you’ll need to escalate this directly with the shop.

  14. traceyparish@Btinternet.com' Tracey

    Got a call from Thompson 2 days ago with a “fantastic upgrade offer on my holiday for seats with Extra legroom” for an extra £11 each. I said that’s amazing as they are normally £70 each. Thompson person agreed. So I went ahead with it. My booking was updated but no email received. I went on line to see what the prices were and they are £30 anyway and not £70 so no saving at all for me(just got another £22 of me). I then when onto see what the price of the holiday would be now and overall its now £166 cheaper than 5 weeks ago!! Really disappointed as I have always been lead to believe the further in advance you book the cheaper it is. I understand that prices can fluctuate but surely not by that much. I rang to speak to CS this morning and spoke with someone called “Rachel”!!?? Wasn’t really helpful. Contradicted herself a couple of times and basically stuck to the script. I asked to speak with someone else and got told to ring again and someone else would answer!!!??? We travel quite a lot with Thompson and I am disappointed. I only opted for the extra on the seating as it was an offer which it is now clearly not. Also I am not the lead passenger but Thompson were happy to take my authority to change the seats!!

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Tracey, I’d sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the service that you’ve received from us. This isn’t something that we expect and I’ll pass your feedback on.

      The price that you were given for the extra legroom seats, would have been the difference between the pre booked seats and the extra leg room seats. I’m sorry this wasn’t explained to you.

      Like most tour operators, we have flexible pricing. This means the cost of our holidays can change at any time. When you book your holiday the cost is frozen. If the cost goes down you won’t get a refund, but at the same time if the cost increases, we won’t ask you for a penny more.

      If you’ve got any further questions please let me know and I hope that you have a lovey holiday.

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