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Thomson Airways Introduces New Extra Legroom Seats

We’re introducing extra legroom on board our 757 aircraft – and it won’t cost an arm and a leg…

Your holiday shouldn’t just start when you get to your hotel, it should begin the minute you step on board the plane. We get that. That’s why we’re introducing the option of extra legroom seats on our 757 aircraft this summer. More room to stretch out equals a happier you. Simples.

So, how much more legroom are we talking? Well, from the 1st of May you can get between 33 and 34 inches of the stuff (84 centimetres, for all you metric fans) when you fly short or mid-haul. We’ve introduced this new offering on board our 757s by removing existing seating and replacing it with the new extra legroom seats.

Up until now on short and mid-haul, the only seats with extra room on our planes have been located by the exits, where children and customers who aren’t fully abled weren’t able to sit. However, our new extra legroom seats are available for everyone – children included. So they’re ideal for families who want to collectively kick back en route to resort.

What’s more, when you book these seats you’ll get the added bonus of access to Thomson’s Select Your Seat service – which lets you choose your seat numbers in advance – at no further charge.

Carl Gissing, Director of Customer Service for Thomson Airways, reveals: “We are continually looking at new ways to improve our inflight products and service to ensure customers begin their holidays as relaxed as possible. Our new extra legroom seats are great for families and couples, offering 33 or 34 inches of leg room. At Thomson we want to ensure everything we do is tailored towards our customers’ needs, and our new extra legroom offering is another example of how we are doing this.

Thomson’s extra legroom seats cost from £35 per person for a return flight and are available to book from the 27th of March. You’ll have more room than you can shake a leg at. Ah, those leg puns never get old…


Tell us, is extra legroom on your inflight wish-list?

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1,442 Responses to “Thomson Airways Introduces New Extra Legroom Seats”

  1. Lyndawatt1@aol.com' Brian watt

    We travelled to Dominican republic on 22nd June this year from Manchester and stayed in Grand Bahia Principe we paid for extra legroom but were put on a flight without extra leg room and were promised by airhostess we would receive a refund. We received a cheque today but only for £55 for two people. Can you advise when we will get full refund.

  2. helenshillinglaw@yahoo.com' Helen

    I’ve just paid £70 each for my husband and I for extra leg room seats in November to Tenerife is this correct £70 each way.

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Helen, Extra Legroom prices can vary depending on departure date and flight route ^Charlotte

  3. l19whelan@hotmail.com' Laura

    hi there, we wish to book extra leg room but the online check is not working and have been advised to check in at the airport. We are flying later this evening. Is it possible to get these seats at the airport or is there a way to pre book the seats even though we have not check in ?

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Laura, Please call us on 0203 451 2688 after 9am, so we can see if any Extra Legroom seats are available to purchase ^Jo

  4. mark.nixon2371@gmail.com' Mark

    Travelling to Florida on Dreamliner with extra legroom. What is difference between pitch on extra legroom seats compared with seats not having extra legroom. Being 6 ft 1″ tall will I be comfortable ?

  5. r1jbb@aol.com' Jack Brown

    We are a family of five traveling to Mexico next Saturday. I went on to check our seat allocation. None of us are sitting together even though my children are 4, 9 and 13. I phoned Thompson’s and was told we may get reallocated at the airport. Sorry this isn’t good enough. I am now stressed about this issue. Perhaps Thompson needs to look at how Virgin allocate their seats. This is a shambles already! Unless this is resolved soon this will be my first and last Thompson holiday.

  6. jackiehayes1234@outlook.com' jackie

    There will be one passenger who will need legroom due to a medical condition. Why should our other party including a 2 year old,whose is mostly definitely not going to need ‘legroom’. Pay for it?

    Kind regards

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jackie, Due to system restrictions; we require all passengers to have the same seating type booked ^Charlotte

  7. sarahvshirley@msn.com' Sarah

    Can you confirm if the extra legroom seats on the Agadir flights are suitable to have an infant on your lap?
    Many thanks

    • clark.priday@thomson.co.uk' Clark Priday

      Hi Sarah, If you could email cares@thomson.co.uk with this and details of your booking we can check this for you ^Clark

  8. linanpugh@yahoo.co.uk' Linda Pugh

    We are flying from cardiff to crete and have booked row 5 D E and Friday can you confirm these are extra leg room seats
    Many thanks

  9. jackiehayes1234@outlook.com' Jackie

    How do I book legroom it does not give me the option for just one person
    Kind regards

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jackie, If you were looking to book Extra Legroom seating, then all passengers would need to chose this seating type ^Charlotte

  10. cerieynon@icloud.com' ceri

    What is the seat pitch on longhaul for extra legroom?

    • gemma.walters@thomson.co.uk' Gemma Walters

      Hi Ceri, This is 33″. ^Jaz

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