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Grand Designs at Sensatori Resort Turkey

If we’re talking dream jobs, then Helen Morgan may just have the ultimate role…

Getting paid to lie in bed might sound too good to be true, but putting mattresses to the test is all in a day’s work when you’re in the business of designing holidays.

Sleep Easy

One of the first things I do when we build a new bedroom is test out the bed”, explains Helen Morgan, who’s part of the Product Development team at Thomson. “Getting a good night’s sleep is so important when you’re on holiday, so it’s vital to check it’s up to the job!”

Helen’s tick list includes everything from the feel of the mattress (firm with a cushioned topper is best) to the state of the pillows (two plump pillows per person, if you’re wondering). But beds are just one piece of the puzzle for her team, who take new hotels from drawing board to reality.

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A Bright Idea

Everything we do starts with a concept, which comes straight from customer research. We know holidays aren’t a case of one size fits all, so we’ve tailored each of our collections to specific groups of people. Take Thomson Couples – customers told us they wanted quality time away with their other half, so we designed these contemporary adults-only hotels.

Thomson Sensatori is another example. These 5-star hotels are built around the idea of invigorating the senses, and come with things like gourmet restaurants and deluxe spas. Helen and the team have just designed the latest addition to the collection, Sensatori Resort Turkey, which opens this May.

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Getting Started

We found the perfect plot for Sensatori Resort Turkey in a place called Side. The location matched all the requirements on the specification – which is basically a wish-list of what customers want – but the existing hotel didn’t quite cut it, so we cleared the plot and started from scratch.

With a hotel’s location sorted, the site fills with everyone from health and safety experts to architects and interior designers armed with paper plans and CGI images. “There’s so much to think about at this stage – from how many swimming pools there’ll be to how we’re going to make the hotel as environmentally-friendly as possible.

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The Finer Details

Bedrooms are one of the first things to come under the microscope. A pilot room is built, decorated and kitted out with furniture, while the rest of the building is still a concrete shell. “That way we can check we’re totally happy with everything, from the quality of the grouting to the colour of the walls.

And Helen’s team won’t stop until they’re 100 per cent satisfied. She explains, “At this stage we ended up changing the interior design for Sensatori Resort Turkey, to give it a more contemporary look.

From then on, it’s all about the finer details. “For our Sensatori hotels, we pick the music that’ll be played in each restaurant according to the atmosphere it’ll create. And rather than just selecting cocktails for the bar menus, we drill right down to the colour of the straws. We’ve even created a signature Sensatori scent using calendula and chamomile, which is used in oil burners.

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The Final Stretch

While the hotel build is progressing, everything that’ll go on inside it – like children’s clubs and entertainment – comes under just as much scrutiny. And even once the doors finally open, there’s work to be done. “Our behind-the-scenes team monitors everything at the hotel, while people back in the office keep an eye on things like TripAdvisor reviews.

Totted up, a project like this takes something in the region of two years to complete. Which means your 2015 break is already taking shape…


Check out Helen’s essential checklist for any new hotel bedroom:

Bed – is it comfy?

Plug sockets – can I charge my phone and my camera at the same time?

Hairdryer – does the cord stretch far enough or am I going to have to crane my neck?

Shower head – can I angle it so I don’t have to get my hair wet?

Coat hangers and drawers – can I realistically get two weeks’ worth of stuff in without looking like a crumpled mess?


Does this sound like your idea of a dream job?

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43 Responses to “Grand Designs at Sensatori Resort Turkey”

  1. smoazami@tarrc.co.uk' Sarah

    Hi ,I have just had an amazing week at sensatori Fethiye. Can you tell me what piilows and what make because they were perfect and I need to get some

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Sarah, Unfortunately, we do not have this information. Have you tried emailing the hotel directly at stuna@baruthotels.com? ^Charlotte

  2. Roger@manatec.co.uk' Wendy Dixon

    Please help ! I’m going to sensatori turkey on 30th May with my two friends for a week really looking forward to going my only concern is the beds . I generally travel with a memory foam topper to avoid extra discomfort for my arthritis but on this occasion I’m going with my girl friends not my husband and it’s huge for me to drag around .The last time my friends and I came to turkey we stayed in the Barut Lara the beds were soooo uncomfortable even with my topper I wouldn’t return so I’d like a little reassurance that the beds including the singles are comfortable .

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Wendy, Thanks for your message. We can assure you at our lovely Sensatori Turkey resort, that the comfort of the beds will be very satisfying and will also be able to cater for your needs whilst you’re there on your holiday.

  3. jacque.daydavies@gmail.com' Jacque Day-Davies

    I have to say after all the anticipation of waiting for images it was exceptionally disappointing to find its not looking anything like the artists impressions. I’m sure everyone going to this resort has paid top prices and to get plastic loungers when wooden ones were illustrated, when the splash pool in the comments over the past few weeks were made out to be suitable for young to teenage which clearly it is not plus it seems exceptionally small, and to have no slides. I only wish we could change our holiday destination. Been to several hotels in side and currently this looks poor in comparison to others in particular blue waters resort. I wanted to know how you are going to deal with those of us who booked based on the images provided and yet it seems when we arrive it won’t be living up to those images?

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Jacque, It’s disappointing you feel this way. To let you know, the artist impressions you’ve seen online and in the brochure, together with any computer generated images, are there to give you an idea of how the property will look. They’re not replicas of the finished building. We’ve recently released an album of images of the Resort on our Facebook page, if you’d like to take a look, just click this link – http://on.fb.me/11JiOm8.

  4. cbondarenko@hotmail.co.uk' Caroline Bondarenko

    We have booked a 2 bedroom family room for 11 nights on 14th June and would like to upgrade for the whirlpool on the balcony, please can you help me with whom I need to request this with?

    Kind Regards


    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Caroline, If you’d like to send your booking reference across, I can check if any upgraded rooms are available for you.

  5. dawn340@btinternet.com' Gill Family

    I can’t find a reply to my last email, can you forward me one please.

  6. gloriaburke317@hotmail.co.uk' gloria burke

    Hi, still no pictures of this hotel, very dissapointing, we are hoping
    this hotel is finished for when we arrive on the 3rd of may, and
    is not a building site, have loved all sensatori resorts so far..

  7. jeanrowland@f2s.com' jean rowland

    we are going to holiday at a sensatori yet again this will be our 7th
    sensatori holiday,being {turkey} 3rd of may and have booked two swim up rooms in the adult section of the hotel could you please confirm that
    they will have a sea view also just how near will we be to facilities as one of our party has walking issues
    we are all really looking forward to our holiday, do hope hotel will be
    finished. International drinks do you have a cost for a 14 day holiday
    will await your reply thank you jean rowland

    • Adam.staite@thomson.co.uk' Adam @Thomson

      Hi Jean, If you provide your reference number we’ll be able to check if your room as sea view and the cost of drinks.
      If you need to have your room in a certain location of the hotel, then please call our Welfare team on 0844 871 1600 who’ll be able to request this for you.

  8. Shazadiz@hotmail.com' Shazadi

    Hi… My husband and I are looking at booking at Seneatori Turkey in September 2013 with our baby girl who will be 9 months old at the time of the holiday. We are going to book a swim up suite, but I am just concerned about the heat of the swim up area and the other outdoor pools, as other reviews for Crete have complained of how cold the pools were and that children were having to swim in wet suits?! Have there been any improvements with the pools at this new Turkey Sensatori… (heated outdoor pools) Or will the pools be generally warmer in September with the weather? Thanks… Looking forward to your reply!

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Shazadi, The swim up, activity and children’s pool will be heated and kept at a moderate temperature. Also the indoor pool will be heated so you’l have a few options if you find the main pool a little cool. heated.

  9. a.willmer1@ntlworld.com' mark willmer

    we loved sensatori in crete and so have booked for turkey 30th aug for ourfriends 50th birthday so looking forward to it, hope it lives up to crete………do you do the flight book in at the hotel for here as you did there? as that was great…nice not to have to have that hassel at air port as we have just had in morroco…..making home journey as easy as possible is a + for me.

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Mark, Thanks for your blog comment. Could you please clarify your meaning of flight book? We’ll be happy to help you with your query, once we’ve got further clarification.

  10. Nicolaleyland@ymail.com' Nicola

    Hi we’re booked in to arrive on May 3rd…. Is everything n track to be up and running by then???
    Thank you

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Nicola, Thanks for your message. We’ve had no information to advise us that the Sensatori Turkey won’t be ready on time. We’re still on track to have this beautiful resort up and running from May this year. I hope this helps.

  11. dm.robson@btinternet.com' Deborah Robson

    HI , my husband and I are booked for september at the new Turkey Sensatori. Could you please tell me do you supply beach towels at the pool ?
    We can’t wait , our friends holidayed at the Egypt Sensatori last year and raved about how fantastic it was .
    Thank you Deb

    • Lauren K @Thomson

      Hi Deborah, The hotel will provide beach towels. I hope this helps.

  12. gilloverman@googlemail.com' GillOverman

    Hi, I am looking to book a 2 bedroom family room with swim up pool. I have a toddler, are you aware of any barrier between the terrace and pool or will he have easy access (too easy 😉
    Many thanks

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Gill, The swim up rooms doors to the terrace/pool will have a half lock system, so the adult bedroom door will be able to be opened from the inside, but the children’s bedroom door can only be opened from the outside. There’ll be no gate on the terrace, so if children are allowed onto the terrace, then it’s the parent’s responsibility to supervise. I hope this helps and if you’ve any further questions please let me know.

  13. Grant.honzik@ntlworld.com' Debbie

    I know lots of people have asked this, but surely you must know when the website will have updated photos of the hotel, it is now less than a month until it opens! Also we have booked a superior room which I believe is in the main section of the hotel, it is just myself & husband going how does this work with access to the adult only areas of the hotel?
    Thanks Debbie

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Debbie, As soon as we do have some updated photos, these will appear on our website. We’ve just checked with the relevant team, and they’ve advised that guests who are staying in the mixed section are able to use all facilities in the adult section. The only restriction which does apply is that children under 16 won’t be able to use these facilities.

  14. Clairelmcgee@aol.com' Claire McGee

    Hi, I’ve booked a family room with swim up pool for 2 adults and three children aged 12, 3 and under 1. Can you please tell me what type of family room we have? We’ve stayed in Sensatori Egypt and Tenerife and have found all rooms are very different. Plus we have an addition to the family this year!!!
    Thanks for your help!

    • Daniel.Doubleday@thomson.co.uk' Dan @Thomson

      Hi Claire, Congratulations on the little one and I bet they can’t wait for their first holiday. You’ve booked a Family Swim Up Room with sliding partition. These rooms sleep up to 4 people plus an infant, come with a sliding partition that divides the room into 2 sections. One section has a kingsize bed, while the other has twin beds. The best bit about these rooms, though, is the fact there’s a shared swimming pool on your doorstep. I hope this helps.

  15. apsavory@btinternet.com' Pippa Savory

    When will you be posting actual photos online (even progress photos)? We have booked for May and worried it wont be ready… Pippa

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Pippa, Thank you for your comment on our blog post about Sensatori Turkey. Please be advised that at present, the hotel is scheduled to be completed on time. I’m unable to comment on how soon we’ll have photos available of the resort, but please keep an eye on both our Facebook page and our Thomson blog, as we’ll be sure to share them here when we can.

  16. Hazzard.family@virgin.net' Kathryn Hazzard

    We are booked into a Family Room but I am concerned that one of my children (aged 11) will be sleeping on a put-you-up bed – surely this is not right having paid for a bed – pls can you let me know for sure if this is correct or not. I am also concerned about the space left in the room once an extra bed is put in it. Thanks for your help

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi Kathryn, The Family Rooms come with a sliding partition that divides the room into 2 sections. One section comes with a kingsize bed,
      while the other has 2 twin beds.

  17. john.p.casey@btinternet.com' John

    Hiya – just booked two week in July in Turkey. Looking forward to it. We have a suite with a private pool and a large 17 year old coming with us. No details of the room but wife a little concerned maybe a little squashed. Would welcome your comments thx

    • James @Thomson

      Hi John, Thanks for your query. Is it possible that you could provide us with your holiday booking reference and we’ll take a look into that for you.

    • James @Thomson

      Hi John, Thanks for providing me with your details. I’ve looked into your query and can see that you’ve booked a junior suite which will accommodate 3 people. There will be sufficient space and facilities for the 3 of you whilst you’re staying at the Sensatori Turkey. I hope you have a wonderful holiday

    • john.p.casey@btinternet.com' John

      James we have booked a suite rather than a junior suite or are they the same with the only difference being the private pool. Apologies as I posted a comment that was not in reply that you will also need to link up or take off. For such a suite will this be on the ground floor then and in the adult area? Thanks, John

      Just for complete clarity we had a junior suite in Tenerife last year and our son who is tall for 16 had a sofa bed. Our question is whether this is the same for this room layout. Your suggestions would be helpful and feel free to call to discuss. Thanks, John

    • Lauren.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Lauren @Thomson

      Hi John, So I can double check this, could you provide your booking reference again please.

    • john.p.casey@btinternet.com' John

      The reference is XXXX thanks and more than happy to chat at the phone if easier.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi John, Thanks for providing us with your reference again. To confirm, you’ve booked a suite with a private pool which has a eastern king size bed, double bed and an extra bed in the bedroom which is non-permanent. And you’ll also have a ground terrace in the adults section of the hotel. I hope that helps.

    • John.p.casey@btinternet.com' John

      Rhiannon thanks for the update which is helpful. One last point of clarification re the beds then. Does the suite have two permanent beds and one temporary one as your note suggests?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi John, The information we have on file is that there will be 2 permanent beds and one non-permanent. I hope that helps with your query.

  18. Rob_bound@hotmail.com' Rob Bound


    We found Sensatori Crete delivered on many levels but the food offer was not at the same standard. No fresh chili in the Thai restaurant for example. The overall holiday experience was great but the cramped return flight with no entertainment and the absolute chaos at Heraklion airport both detracted from the holiday. Depackaging the flight element was a backward step. The inflight food offer needs to be improved in quality and value.

    Look forward to seeing the Tripadvisor ratings for Sensatori Turkey.



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