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First in line for… Djerba

Why go there? This Tunisian island in the Gulf of Gabès is making serious waves on the holiday scene, delivering the long sandy beaches of your Mediterranean favourites and the enigmatic culture of North Africa. You’ll also be smug in the knowledge that you’ll instantly become the most intrepid among your friends.

Why does it sound familiar? Djerba lays claim to being the ‘Land of Lotus Eaters’. It’s where Ulysses almost lost his crew after friendly natives gave them local flowers to eat, which filled them with such well-being that they didn’t want to leave. Weird plant narcotics aside, Star Wars fans will know that Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hut is in Ajim and you can actually stay in Luke Skywalker’s home (now a hotel). So if you see a coachload of science fiction buffs with Chelsea buns stuck to their heads, that’s why.

Djerba sunsetWhat will I see? Check out the biblical white-washed village of Er-Riadh with its curious domed-hut architecture or the twisted cobbled streets of the Moorish capital, Houmt Souk. Berber culture is woven into the desert landscape and you’ll spy local women wrapped in striped fabrics, keeping cool under straw hats. The famed sunsets are also not to be missed – catch them at Borj Djillidj, a serene little port and lighthouse where the fishermen catch octopus with traditional clay pots and return at dusk with their yields.

djerba hagglingWhat is there to do? If you’re a nature-lover, call in on Flamingo Island to see the original Pink Ladies in their natural habitat, rather than atop a roof in South Ken. Haggle your way to a bargain Persian rug or some multi-coloured pottery in the narrow alleys of the capital’s souks. For some family fun, Djerba Explore is a large tourist complex with a crocodile park, heritage site and an impressive museum of Islamic arts. Also worth a visit is the El Ghriba Synagogue in Er-Riadh – it’s the oldest in North Africa and contains what is believed to be the world’s oldest Torah. Finally, when in Rome Tunisia your trip wouldn’t be complete without a camel ride on the beach. Lawrence of Arabia, eat your heart out.

Djerba restaurantWhat will I eat? Djerba’s cuisine is a Paleo enthusiast’s dream. Think grilled fish straight out of the Med, tender lamb with couscous, chick-pea soup and mixed grilled vegetables. Figs, dates and olives are grown locally, so expect to see this trio make regular cameos at mealtimes.

When should I go? Now. Go now. Before the world and his wife cotton on.

Check out holidays to Djerba at our chic and contemporary Clubhotel RIU Palm Azur or our family-friendly Magic Life Penelope Beach Imperial

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6 Responses to “NEW – Thomson Airways Introduces Mobile Boarding Passes”

  1. sue555@icloud.com' Sue Taylor

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My husband and I have just returned from the Grand Efe Hotel at Ozdere Turkey. This hotel is fantastic the food is good, the entertainment is brilliant and the entertainment team are fantastic for adults and children. The hotel is overlooking the sea and it is an all inclusive hotel.

    When we were there, there was only 7 British people there because British people have not heard of this hotel/place in Turkey because it is not on the major travel companies. We only heard of it through friends who work there.

    When we booked our travel agent had to book it by booking everything separate but we like booking holidays as a package so I highly recommend this hotel for your company so British people will hear about it.

    Your regards

    Sue Taylor

    • hayley.pattison@thomson.co.uk' Hayley Pattison

      Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback. I’ll be sure to pass this on for you to see if it’s something we could offer as a package holiday in the future. ^Hayley

  2. sian.taylor26@googlemail.com' Sian Taylor

    Hi, I have been attempting to print out boarding passes for our family holiday…all the logos, headers are there, but no passenger information is appearing. Am I doing something wrong?

    • melanie.james@thomson.co.uk' Melanie James

      Hi Sian, Could you please confirm your booking reference and I will check this for you.

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