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6 Holiday Destinations of Kevin Bacon

As it turns out, Kevin Bacon is connected to more than just people – check out how his reach extends to holiday destinations…



Now, everyone knows that Kevin Bacon, screen legend and star of those EE adverts, is the centre of the Universe. We’re all connected via him. It’s undisputed fact. And if you’ve never played ‘6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ before, then here’s your starter for ten: Connect Bacon to Angelina Jolie in the smallest number of links possible – two people are linked if they’ve acted in a movie together. Go.

Whilst I give you time to mull that over, I want to introduce you to a new version that I invented. ‘6 Holiday Destinations of Kevin Bacon’. Which is basically the same game with a cheeky travel twist. As well as being ludicrously fun to put together – check out The Oracle of Bacon website… that’s your afternoon sorted – it might also give you a few ideas of where to head to on holiday this year if you want backdrops worthy of the big screen.



Kevin Bacon starred in Picture Perfect (1997) with Jennifer Aniston who starred in He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) with Bradley Cooper who starred in The Hangover Part II (2011) which was filmed in Thailand.

If you follow the über-popular travel blog, Nomadic Matt, you’ll already know that his number one destination of all time is Thailand. Coming from someone who has travelled so extensively, that’s high praise indeed. So why is it that this country should be firmly on your to-do list? In Hollywood terms, the beaches are A-listers. They’re the Tom Cruise of the beach world (without the slightly odd behaviour). And not only is Thailand filled to the brim with knock-out coastlines, it will also satisfy your cultural cravings with Buddhist temples to explore and chaotic markets to lose yourself in. Like your favourite film, it’s a country you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Check out our holidays to Thailand.



Kevin Bacon starred in The River Wild (1994) with Meryl Streep who starred in Before and After (1996) with Liam Neeson who starred in Clash of the Titans (2010) which was filmed in Tenerife.

Why does Tenerife prove to be such a box office hit with over 10 million visitors every year? One reason could be the insanely reliable weather. It’s going to be warm and sunny, it’s a given. This means you can stop incessantly checking your iPhone weather app and just enjoy your holiday. Beyond topping up your ‘jealous, much?’ tan by the pool, the experiences on this dramatic island are endless. Scaling the lunar-like landscape surrounding Spain’s tallest peak, Mount Teide, will teleport you into your very own sci-fi movie, or if you want to party with the locals like there’s no tomorrow, then visit during the hedonistic Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which takes place each February. You could say it’s Rio within easy reach.

Check out our holidays to Tenerife.



Kevin Bacon starred in Beyond All Boundaries (2009) with Tom Hanks who starred in The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) with Kim Cattrall who starred in Sex and the City 2 (2010) which was filmed in Morocco.

If Morocco had subtitles, it would feature words such as ‘exotic’, ‘vivid’ and ‘irresistible’. This spicy little number delivers a serious blitz on your senses. Foodies will delight in sampling saffron-infused lamb tagines served with dates and plump couscous, all washed down with a refreshing mint tea. Navigate the tangled alleyways of Marrakech, soaking up the tangy aromas and unfamiliar chatter – it’s a world away from the methodical framework of cities like New York. Just surrender to it. You won’t regret it. Morocco famously moonlighted as Abu Dhabi in SATC 2, but in truth it doesn’t need to play the part of someone else to entice the crowds. It’s a mystical, muddled masterpiece.

Check out our holidays to Morocco.



Kevin Bacon starred in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Colin Firth who starred in Gambit (2012) with Cameron Diaz who starred in Knight and Day (2010) which was filmed in Jamaica.

The 90s cult classic, Cool Runnings – based on Jamaica’s real-life Olympic bobsled team – was recently named the most feel-good film of all time in a LOVEFiLM survey. This is no surprise. Pay a visit to the mellow isle for a lot longer than 90-minutes and you’ll be so blissfully chilled out, you’ll consider opening a beachside bar so you can stay forever. Cocktail aspirations aside, what could be more appealing than ensconcing yourself on a sun lounger, the pages of your book being turned by the warm breeze and the tinkle of steel drums as the soundtrack to your reveries? Forget the small-screen… the only way to experience Jamaica is to go there.

Check out our holidays to Jamaica.



Kevin Bacon starred in Loverboy (2005) with Sandra Bullock who starred in Welcome to Hollywood (1998) with Nicolas Cage who starred in Season of the Witch (2011) which was filmed in Croatia.

If you want the glamour of the Oscars combined with the charisma of an old black and white movie, then Croatia is your place. It’s a hotspot, undoubtedly, but it still feels like a well-kept secret. Cities like Dubrovnik have clearly made an effort with their lavish appearances, so don’t let your host down by scrimping in the style stakes. Be sure to get your pose on, whether you’re jammy enough to score an invite aboard one of the swanky yachts that cruise the Croatian coastline or if you’re merely lolling away an afternoon in a wine bar in the old town. Croatia is a full-blown love story between antiquity and panache. And you won’t fail to be seduced by its wily charms.

Check out our holidays to Croatia.



Kevin Bacon starred in Sleepers (1996) with Robert DeNiro who starred in New Year’s Eve (2011) with Josh Duhamel who starred in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) which was filmed in Egypt.

Deserts. Pyramids. Camels. You assume Egypt is about as predictable as a Kate Hudson rom-com, right? Wrong. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover it has many more strings to its already impressive bow. If you’re enamoured by ancient architecture but want to dodge the Cairo clichés, pay a visit to Cleopatra’s Emerald Mines in Marsa Alam. You’ll feel justly humbled when dates such as ‘3500 BC’ are bandied about. Or if it’s the underwater world that floats your boat, don’t even think about missing out on the coral reefs of Ras Mohammed National Park – they’re teeming with aquatic life straight out of a Disney movie. Your holiday will be in high definition.

Check out our holidays to Egypt.

Hopefully those brief trailers have given you some holiday inspiration. So, enough daydreaming and back to my little quiz… how did you fare on the Kevin Bacon/Angelina Jolie conundrum? One solution would be that Kevin Bacon starred in Sleepers (1996) with Brad Pitt who starred in Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) with La Jolie. Now for the ultimate test… (tentatively) link yourself to the big man. For the record, I once went to a book signing for Jamie Oliver, who was awarded an MBE by the Queen, who appeared in a skit with Daniel Craig, who starred in Casino Royale (2006) with Ludger Pistor (yeah, I have no idea who that is either, just go with it), who appeared in X Men: First Class (2011) with Kevin Bacon. Which in some cultures means we’re best friends.

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