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The Packing Challenge

I’ll admit it, I’m an over-packer. I don’t travel light anywhere. My handbag is stuffed to the gills even when I pop to the village shop for a pint of milk, so when I go on holiday for a week or two I can’t help myself.

I’ve read all the anecdotes about taking out half of the clothes you’ve packed. And I loved the advice from Brix Smith-Start for packing light on our sister blog. But my long-suffering husband will testify that I just can’t seem to put this theory into practice. I’m always tempted to throw in a seventh kaftan, and I really, really need to take that polo neck jumper. You know the woman at the airport struggling to drag her enormous suitcase? That’s me!

But I think our friends over at The Handpicked Collection may have found the answer for a serial take-too-mucher like myself. It’s called the ‘Pack This’ list. The genius lies in its simplicity. It’s just a notepad of pre-printed essentials, split out into handy sections. It’s perfect for planning a slimmed-down suitcase. And the key here is planning rather than stuffing and panicking the night before your flight. As well as the more obvious outfit tick boxes there are useful things, too (which I always forget to pack) like plasters, a journal and your camera charger. It’ll do away with those nasty surprises when you unpack your toiletries in your hotel and realise you’ve forgotten your deodorant. It’s not rocket science, but it might just work.

The Pack List
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And while I’m on the subject of all things practical, the Wash Me Wear Me bag, also from The Handpicked Collection is going to be another addition to my suitcase. The idea is to keep your clean delicates separate from your not-so-clean delicates when you head home. It’s soft and squishy so will fit easily into your case. And when you get back to reality and loading the washing machine, everything that needs washing is simple to find.

Wash Me Wear Me Embroidered Bag

I’m going to put these to the test next month and see if I can manage to take a sensible selection of my wardrobe with me rather than 90% of what I own. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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11 Responses to “The Packing Challenge”

  1. amandasuzannegreen@gmail.com' Amanda Green

    Due to cruise on the TUI Discovery 2, in just three weeks. It’s our first cruise, & so many questions, my heads in a spin! lol Would be most grateful if anyone could help me.
    FREE WIFI – Are there any free wifi zones on the ship?
    MIFI – I normally take a dongle abroad & pop in a local data sim. However, being ‘between countries’ as it were, guessing it’s not going to be that simple? Please, does anyone know if there is any one sim that would cover the whole mediteranean area.
    Any help much appreciated, as my teenage Son is accompanying me … & I’m anticipating some grumpiness if I can’t find a way round this! 🙂

  2. annelester01@yahoo.com' Anne

    Is one allowed to pack coffee and tea into checked in luggage?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Anne, Yes you will be able to carry tea and coffee in your hold luggage. ^Charlotte

  3. gillmackaystonor@yahoo.co' Gillian Stonor

    Booked on your flight coming back 4 nov need to add suicase flight no 4139 going out with different carrier can book with them but not you booked package on beach wont let me do thompson suitcase on there web but other carrier I can help thankyou

  4. jackiegreg1611@hotmail.co.uk' Mrs J Carter

    I am travelling on the Thomson Celebration for two weeks. I have been told there is a launderette containing washing machine plus dryer. Are there any dispensing machines for soap powder. I hate the thought of packing soap powder and then find out I could have purchased it on board

    • Lauren K @Thomson

      Hi Mrs. Carter, There are no dispensing machines for soap powder, because we the ships use liquid soap that goes into the washing machine automatically.

  5. vicmunro942@btinternet.com' vicmunro

    Does thomson spirit have tea & coffee facilities in outside cabins

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Samantha @Thomson

      Hi Vicmunro, I’ve just checked this for you and unfortunately we don’t offer tea & coffee making facilities in our outside cabins on the Thomson Spirit.

  6. kevin@kpmiles.co.uk' Kevin Miles

    I’ve read many adverse comments re the lack of tea and coffee making facilities on the Majesty. Why do you not provide them? Why do we need to bring a travel kettle with us just to make an early morning cup of tea?

    • Amarita@Thomson

      Hi Kevin, I’ve just checked the brochure and the tea and coffee making facilities are subject to room type. I’m sorry you’re not happy with this and I’ll pass your feedback on to the cruise team.

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