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Introducing Sensatori Turkey

Check out our latest update ‘A sneak peak at Sensatori Resort Turkey’

Sensatori TurkeyWhat’s new?

We’re really excited about building Sensatori Turkey, the fifth addition to our Sensatori collection that’s set to open in. This brand new hotel will join our 4 existing Sensatori resorts – in Tenerife, Sharm El Sheikh, Crete and Mexico – and we’d like to invite you to join us behind the scenes as we follow its progress on the blog.

Sensatori Turkey RoomWhat is Sensatori?

As the name suggests, Sensatori resorts – which are only from Thomson – have been designed to fuel your senses. After all, the more senses stirred, the more we enjoy an experience. But that’s only half the concept. The other half stems from the idea of ‘satori’ – a sudden feeling of enlightenment. And that’s how the word ‘Sensatori’ came about.

What will make Sensatori Turkey stand out?

The hotel itself will have all the hallmarks of a Sensatori property. Its real standout feature, though, is the location. The hotel will be right on the beach, and just footsteps from Sorgun Forest, which covers more than 300 hectares.

Sensatori Turkey LocationHow will we build it?

With over 40 years of experience, we know what separates a good hotel from a great one. We also know the value of local knowledge, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of the Barut family to help us take Sensatori Turkey from drawing board to reality.

Barut have extensive experience of building hotels in Antalya and will be a real asset to the team. As our partner, Barut will be acting as the developer, employing local people for everything from engineering to labour and then buying materials separately. Even the architect is local. Thomson staff will be heavily involved to ensure the design follows all of the Sensatori guidelines.

What else is planned?

Sensatori Turkey will have a total of 297 rooms and be made up of three blocks, one of which is for families, and one that’s for the adults. Inside, we’re building a wide range of room options, from swim-up suites to rooms with private pools.

Sensatori TurkeyOn the dining front, there’ll be 4 restaurants included in the All Inclusive package. You can take your pick from a buffet restaurant that serves dishes from around the world, a Turkish restaurant that brings you the best of the country’s national cuisine, a seafood restaurant and an Italian place that specialises in classics like pizza, pasta and risotto. If you want to pay a bit extra, there are 2 more options – a BBQ restaurant on the beach and a fine dining restaurant that’s perfect for extra-special occasions.

Elsewhere there’ll be 5 swimming pools to pick from, including one that’s just for adults and another that’s all geared up for families. And there’ll be plenty more to keep you entertained. We’ll be building a multipurpose sports court and gym, first-rate entertainment venues, and a Play House and multi-sensory nursery for children.

Click to view – Correct at time of issue: January 2013 Please Note: Room names can vary

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1,653 Responses to “Introducing Sensatori Turkey”

  1. Becky19717@hotmail.com' Becky


    We arrive in Side on Tuesday afternoon. (Booking made under Phil Howard)

    We have booked two rooms and would like to make a request that they are close together and in the adult section.

    Please can you confirm what time the gym opens in the morning?

    Please can you also confirm that jeans are acceptable in the main restaurant?


  2. swalker56@sky.com' Sarah Williams

    Hi I am arriving at the Sensatori Turkey with my husband and son on 15 August 2014 for one week. My son has a allergy to dairy and I was wondering if there was soya milk available at the hotel.

  3. Naomiwilliams79@hotmail.com' Naomi

    Hi, we are looking forward to arriving on 11th July. Can I confirm we requested a travel cot for our 18 month old? Many thanks, Naomi

    • Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Naomi, I’m sorry we didn’t manage to answer you in time. But I hope you had a lovely holiday.

  4. caterina@resolvebusinesssolutions.com' Cat

    Hi We are booked on our 4th Sensatori trip (1x Tenerife, 2 x Egypt) so looking forward to trying out Turkey. We have a family partition room booked. Are you able to check that it is ground floor rather than balcony? We were also told to always let the hotel know if we are repeat customers so that we can get the VIP benefits. Thanks

    • Alistair

      Hi Cat, If you could send me your booking details and requirements to cares@thomson.co.uk, I’ll be happy to look into this. I can also add your requests onto your booking should you wish. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  5. Steveknight77@gmail.com' Steven Knight

    Can you tell us how much the drinks upgrade is, what you get for it & do you have to wear a band or something?

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Sammi @Thomson

      Hi Steven, So I can look into this for you, can you please provide me with your booking reference number?

  6. b.phimister@sky.com' Bernie

    Can you please advise the electrical supply voltage and outlet type on the thomson majesty

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Bernie I’ve just taken a look this for you, and can advise that the electrical current is 110/220v AC – 110v is for the American 2 pin sockets, and 220v is the European round-prong sockets. Our ships are equipped with both, so we’d advise you taking a universal adapter onboard. I hope this helps.

  7. kellybarton1910@gmail.com' Kelly Barton

    Hi, We are booked in to arrive on 3rd July. I was just wondering if i could request that we be in the adult section of the hotel. I do not think this option was offered to us as we booked online. Thank you. Kelly.

    • Samantha.thorley@thomson.co.uk' Sammi @Thomson

      Hi Kelly, If you provide me with your booking reference number, I’ll add a note to your booking requesting this.

  8. Roger@manatec.co.uk' Wendy Dixon

    I suffer from arthritis and I’m worried about the bed quality I travel with my friends on 30/5/14 can you reassure me .many thanks

    • Alistair

      Hi Wendy, Thanks for your question. Our customer welfare department will be the best to answer this for you. You can call them on: 0844 871 1600, Monday to Saturday 9-5pm. I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful holiday ^Alistair

  9. Terristevenson20@yahoo.co.uk' Tom Anderson

    Went to sensatori side hotel for honeymoon in swim up rooms
    and can’t fault one part …entertainment the food and the staff were all brilliant .. Try the mudslide cocktail and French martini

  10. parkinson606@btinternet.com' Chris P

    I can’t hide the fact that I am concerned at some of the recent comments about this resort . We go out there next week,-family of four and the standards reported in some of the posts alarms me.
    Please can Thompson comment on what appears to be concerns over food hygene – is it true, yes or no that some people have been hospitalised ?

    • Daniel.Doubleday@thomson.co.uk' Dan @Thomson

      Hi Chris, Please be assured that we would take any complaints in resort seriously and address any concerns with the hotel. Online reviews are subjective and what’s on persons perfect holiday may not be someone elses.

  11. Sonja2244@tiscali.co.uk' Sonja Jackson

    We leave for Sensatori , Side, Turkey in two weeks, what should be an exciting prospect is turning into a nightmare, after reading the very bad posts on trip advisor and seeing Beth Howard’s concern above, I do understand that third party reviews are subjective but as our holiday is imminent we would appreciate some feedback and reassurance that these complaints are being looked into by yourselves. Especially regarding the standard of food, uncooked chicken, people being hospitalised! Rooms not being as clean as they should be and the lack of friendliness of the staff. Sensatori Hotels are supposed to be your Flagship of Excellence reading these reports does NOT reflect the recommendations that we were given when booking. Sensatori resorts we were told are a FIVE STAR experience and we would NOT be disappointed. What are your doing to rectify these issues can you please reassure me that something is being done? We are taking our Children and their young Children, it’s a special occasion we are Celebrating, now as I said we are extremely worried about what the standards will be. Yesterday I picked up our tickets and mentioned my concerns to your staff, the reply I got was that the Hotel had not been flagged up on their system as having any issues!
    Thank you.

    • Natasha @Thomson

      Hi Sonja I’m sorry to hear you’re concerned with the reports you’ve read about the Sensator in Side
      We do throughout the year continually review the quality and standards of all our accommodation and if any problems were reported with our hotels then our Resort and UK Quality Teams would work closely with the hotel and implement any recommended processes to improve the overall quality. We monitor the results of our Customer Service Questionnaires, the facilities and performance of all hotels on a regular basis.

      Although we appreciate negative reports on review sites can be concerning, it’s good to remember that these reviews are subjective and what may be one person’s perfect holiday, may not be to someone else.

      I hope the above has offered some reassurance and we do always take customer feedback seriously and will act upon this in resort when required.

  12. bethoward@hotmail.co.uk' Beth Howard


    I will be arriving with my family at Sensatori Side on the 8th July, we were all very excited for our holiday until we read some recent trip advisor reviews. Whilst the majority of reviews are fantastic there are some serious issues highlighted by previous guest:

    ‘98% of the hotel staff are useless and bad mannered, if you get threatened by them for complaining just stand your ground and they will back down’

    ‘We were one of the lucky few who didn’t have to go to the hospital to be put on a drip or stay in your room due to say not feeling very well?’- Incidents of raw chicken in main restaurant.

    We are basically seeking reassurance that Thomson is monitoring such reviews and are taking measures to prevent dissatisfaction from reoccurring?

    Thank you

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Beth, We appreciate your concerns in regards to these reviews about the Sensatori Turkey. We’d like to advise that third party reviews are subjective and may not reflect a true image of the holiday, and may also be down to that one particular holiday experience. We’d like to reassure you that we do work closely with our resort’s – this includes the Resort Manager, Resort Staff, as well as the Resort Area M as to when any issues are raised then these are resolved immediately. Our Quality Team will also be involved with any implementation process to help iron out any issues, and ensure that the high standards of Thomson are enforced. Without a doubt, we know that you’ll have a wonderful holiday at the Sensatori Turkey.

    • Terristevenson20@yahoo.co.uk' Tom Anderson

      We are Here now and staff can’t be any more better or helpful if they tried.. From cocktail bar to cleaners are brilliant .

  13. info@spr-gib.com' Rob Chapman

    Hi, We are booked in to go to the Sensatori for our Honeymoon in May. Is it possible to book a bottle of wine and some chocolates to be left in the room for when we get there please. Regards


    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Rob, We wouldn’t be able to do this Rob, but we can add a note to your booking to advise the hotel that it’s your honeymoon. If you can provide your booking reference number I can do this for you. You can also contact the hotel directly to arrange wine and chocolates. If you’ve got any further questions please let me know.

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