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Have Your Say – The Booking Process

We’re constantly trying to improve our service to you, and right now we’re trying to find out how we can improve the booking process on our website. Once you decide to book a holiday it should be a painless, even a fun, process. One way to make that the reality is by making the different options easy and quick to find.

Why not have your say on how this should be done? You’re our customer after all! We’ve put together a small game that will help us hugely.

All you need to do is take a set of cards, each of which represents a piece of information you might need when booking a holiday, then place each card in one of the categories shown on screen. If you feel the categories are wrong or confusing, there’ll be an opportunity to let us know after you’ve sorted the cards.

Why not take 5 minutes to get involved?

Click Here >> http://bit.ly/holidaybooking

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