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A Royal Debut – Thomson Majesty

The wintry weather might be back out in force this week, but here at Thomson we’ve got some news that’ll brighten up your day.

Thomson MajestyWe’re excited to announce that Thomson Cruises is welcoming another cruise ship – Thomson Majesty – into its ranks. She’ll be replacing Thomson Destiny, who’s retiring from the fleet after seven years.

So, what can you expect from the switch? Well, Thomson Majesty is spacious and modern, with cabins decked out in a contemporary style. Thomson Majesty also plays host to five restaurants and the full range of bars and entertainment venues – think stylish piano bars and lounges that bring you the best in entertainment. Another of the ship’s standout features is its spa. With two saunas and seven themed treatment rooms – including a couples’ massage room – it’s the ultimate relaxation zone.

Fraser Ellacott, Managing Director of Thomson Cruises, says: “We’re thrilled to be announcing that Thomson Majesty will be joining our fleet as part of our modernisation plans. Majesty is a fantastic ship with great onboard facilities, more outside cabins, and the same first-rate service you’d expect from Thomson Cruises.”

Thomson Majesty will be taking to the seas on 4th May 2012, when she sets sail from Corfu for the Adriatic Explorer cruise. She’ll then spend the winter in the Canaries, before heading back to the Eastern Mediterranean for summer 2013. Check out the Thomson Cruises website for the full rundown of itineraries.

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1,890 Responses to “A Royal Debut – Thomson Majesty”

  1. micklutz@hotmail.com' mick lutz

    sailing on majesty on the 8th march can you tell me if there is tea making facilities in the cabins please

    • anthony.hann@thomson.co.uk' Anthony Hann

      Hi Mick, Yes there will be tea making facilities in the cabins. ^Ant

  2. nickybutleruk@yahoo.com' Nicky

    I have just read in the Thomson Cruises Brochure Nov 2014 to Oct 2015
    p 167 that all Thomson Majesty cabins have tea and coffee making facilities, yet in forums and review sites, people say that they don’t have kettles in cabins.
    Which is correct please? (Colourful Coasts, November 2014 Outside plus)
    Also, is jogging allowed on deck, or do you have to use a treadmill?
    Do cabins have TVs?

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Nicky, Please could you email me your query to cares@thomson.co.uk with your booking reference so that I can take a look at this for you.

  3. ivanwinch@talktalk.net' Ivan Winch

    I am going on a cruise on 13 th Dec 2014 On Thomson Majesty
    Thomson Flavours What day is meet the captain

    • Phil @Thomson

      Hi Ivan, The captain’s meal is typically during the day at sea on your itinerary.

  4. Amysimm@hotmail.co.uk' Amy SIMM

    Hi, we have just booked on this cruise ship for next year. We leave Manchester at 3.30pm to corfu. Coming home is a late flight. I’ve just read we have to be out of our cabin at 8am so what do we do all day? Are we chucked of the ship earlier or can we stay in it till the coach picks us up to take us to airport? Is there a late check out if so aprox how much? Thanks

    • Jonathan S @ Thomson

      Hi Amy, You’re still able to stay onboard the ship and enjoy all of the facilities until you’re picked up. We do offer courtesy rooms and late check out cabins – you’ll need to book this onboard and they’re subject to availability. Depending on the port you’re disembarking from, we do sometimes also have a selection of half-day excursions so you can make the most of your last day before flying home.

  5. rosebrennan@hotmail.co.uk' jackie

    have to say i am getting a bit nervous, we have booked cruise on majesty, did not read reviews first,can anyone who has been cruising on majesty recently please tell us of your experience on majesty. have cruised on celebration several times , and have never been disappointed, hope majesty will be the same.

  6. rosebrennan@hotmail.co.uk' jackie

    hi, have just booked cruise on majesty for oct 2014, can anyone tell me if it is all day buffet dining? we have been on celebration before and loved it , this is our first on majesty and were hoping we enjoy it as much.

    • Chloe.Charles@thomson.co.uk' Chloe @Thomson

      Hi Jackie, Sorry for the delayed response – the buffet dining closes at 1am, however we do offer 24 hour room service at an extra charge.

  7. paulafreya@yahoo.co.uk' paula williams

    has anyone noticed how much the tobacco is on the ship, (golden Virginia) not sure whether to get it at corfu, or is the ship cheaper,

  8. maurice@mauricepearlman.co.uk' N.PEARLMAN


    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Neal, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve struggled to get through to us. So I can forward your query to the right department, please could you email cares@thomson.co.uk and advise the nature of your claim?

  9. mark.chubbster@gmail.com' Mark C

    My partner and myself have booked the Thomson Majesty Adriatic for a week, we will have been married a week when we go in June, we are also staying in Corfu for a week after the cruise. This is our first ever cruise so thought we would do just a week on a ship and a week in a hotel to test the waters.

    We have pre-booked cabin 607 on the Majesty, would someone please let me know what this room is like for honeymooners, if you have a picture that would be great. Thanks all and hope you all have a great day.

    • mark.chubbster@gmail.com' Mark C

      Love to know why it takes so long for you to moderate, guess you are very busy. have a good day.

    • mark.chubbster@gmail.com' Mark C

      Takes nearly one month to moderate a comment, would you like me to do your social networking for you ha ha.

    • Alistair

      Hi Mark, apologies for the time taken to respond, our blogs aren’t manned 24/7. If you do have any urgent customer service queries, please email cares@thomson.co.uk. ^Alistair

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Mark, I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your last message.

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi Mark, Congratulations one your coming wedding. Unfortunately we don’t have photos of individual cabins, but may be you’ll get some feedback on people who’ve travelled on the Majesty. If you’ve got any further questions please let me know and I hope that you have a lovely honeymoon.

  10. chrissysaska@gmail.com' chris

    Hi i am going on the majesty from malaga to corfu on 24th april and i just paid full board.not all inclusive wott will i get for full board please will i get the gym. Cinema. Can i use the 24 hour buffet or do i pay for that thanks.

    • Adam.staite@thomson.co.uk' Adam @Thomson

      Hi Chris, You are able to use the Gym and the buffet (The buffet is open until late evening only). There isn’t a Cinema on board the Majesty.

  11. barbaracullie@hotmail.com' barbara

    It is very hard to find answers on the Thomson site, we are going on Majesty in April our flight home from Corfu is at 22.00 hours we will have a 9month baby with us, will be taken off the ship early and taken to the airport. The ship does not leave Corfu till 23.00 hrs.

    • Daniel.Doubleday@thomson.co.uk' Dan @Thomson

      Hi Barbara, If you’ve booked a fly cruise with us and you have a later inbound flight then you’ll usually stay onboard until later in the day. We’ll then take you to the airport in time to bag drop for your return flight.

  12. thomsonmckenna@sky.com' thomas mckenna

    do you have wheelchairs for Thomason dream 23rd march -6th april

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Thomas, Thanks for your patience. I’ve heard back from our Cruise Team and they’ve advised that you’ll need to bring your own wheel chair to use onboard Thomson Dream. I hope this helps.

  13. vodkasue@blueyonder.co.uk' Susan Dickinson

    Has anyone been on the majesty recently and if you could let me know how bar service is, and the shows. Mainly bar service, I have been on the celebration last year on two occasions service was very slow, up to 45 mind to catch someone. Thank you.

  14. melanieginn86@hotmail.co.uk' Melanie Gutu


    Can someone tell me what kind of plugs are used on the Thompson Majesty?

    I need to know if I should be buying any adaptors 🙂



    P.S VERY excited about my cruise!!

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Melanie, The Majesty has the American-style 110 volts AC, flat two-pin and the 220-volt round two-pin European variety- So you will be fine with either of these adapters. I hope this helps, if there is anything else that I can help you with please let me know.

  15. blodlewis@hotmail.com' Mary warrilow

    I’m thinking about booking the majesty for 6-11-13
    I am, but Should I be concerned about the itinery and proximity to Syria?

    • Lauren K @Thomson

      Hi Mary, We closely follow the advice given by the FCO and we’ve had no scheduled changes to our routes for the next few months. If this were to change we’d let our customers know.

  16. keithmyrtle@btinternet.com' myrtle & keith stephens booking reference 3561618

    We have recently returned from a week’s cruise on the Thomson Majesty and stay at the Eva Palace hotel in Corfu total cost £3926. We haven’t had cause to complain about our Thomson holidays in the past which have been many over the last 10 years. However we were very disappointed on the standard and quality of both our cabin and the food selection in the Café Royale and both the restaurants. We have cruised twice on the Thomson Celebration in both an outside and a deluxe cabin which in our opinion were both far more superior than the outside plus on the Thomson Majesty. This cabin was for 4 people as there were 2 single beds and two bunk beds . We feel that if there were 4 people in an outside plus that they would be falling over one another and it would be very cramped. Also the Café Royale reminded us of the Thomson Destiny and was like a cheap café and was in no comparison to the Thomson Celebration. We believe that we didn’t have value for money on this ship and would not recommend it to our friends who also cruise with Thomson. We take at least 2 cruises a year amongst other lines we have travelled with p &o and Princes line and have never been disappointed on these ships. We were also disappointed with the lack of atmosphere in the Captain’s night which was not up to previous standards As we stated earlier we never complain but did certainly not have value for money on this cruise We were very pleased with the Eva Palace as this hotel met our expectations of a 5 star in both food accommodation and staff friendliness. We would strongly advise anyone booking a cruise on the Thomson majesty to ensure that the cabin layout and measurements would meet their needs.

    • Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Myrtle and Keith, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t happy with your holiday. Have you contacted our After Travel Team regarding this?

    • keithmyrtle@btinternet.com' keith & myrtle stephens

      thank you for replying Lisa-Marie how can we contact the after travel team, we have tried unsuccessfully to find them but to no avail

  17. Leenpoll@googlemail.com' Paula Shufflebotham

    Hi, we are due to go on the majesty on the 13th November on the majesty pharoahs and promised land cruise, will this be taking place, as ports include port said, Alexandria, or has this cruise also been cancelled , or has the ports changed ,

    • Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Paula, Can you send me your reference so I can check your booking?

    • Leenpoll@googlemail.com' Paula Shufflebotham

      I have sent you the booking reference nd await your reply

    • Daniel.Doubleday@thomson.co.uk' Dan @Thomson

      Hi Paula, Our cruise team continue to monitor the situation and are reviewing Egyptian itineraries and the shore excursion programme on a daily basis. Should their be any changes we’re aware about in advance we’d try and notify you where possible.

  18. jim.smith@syngenta.com' Jim Smith

    When will Thomsons offer an alternative cruise for those booked on Majesty this winter whaich has now been cancelled – see below -and will booking conditions such as free all inclusive be honoured?

    Thomson Cruises has finally bowed to the inevitable and cancelled its remaining Red Sea cruises scheduled for this winter as a result of the worsening crisis in Egypt.

    Until last week the ports of Sharm el Sheik and Safaga, and the resort of Hurghada – visited on shore excursions – were considered safe and immune from the violence and demonstrations in Cairo and elsewhere.

    But in the present circumstances it would be impossible to operate excursions to the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, the main reason passengers travel on the Red Sea cruises.

    Thomson had already cut short this winter’s season of cruises to the region on Thomson Majesty. It had been switched to Cyprus from November 6 and was planned to operate from Sharm el Sheik only between December 19 and February 27. A clutch of other cruise lines, including Costa, MSC, Holland America, Princess and Seabourn have all cancelled their Egypt port calls and river cruising on the Nile is almost at a standstill.

    A Thomson statement issued today says: “As the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all but essential travel to Cairo and Luxor this means that we are not able to offer our customers an alternative itinerary that would meet their requirements for a Red Sea cruise. We are not able to offer the full excursion programme . . . that we know they want to experience.

    “We understand how disappointing this will be for our customers and we are currently contacting customers booked on a Red Sea cruise to advise them of these changes.”

    No alternative deployment for Thomson Majesty has been announced.

    • Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Jim, Have you got a booking with us already?

    • jim.smith@syngenta.com' Jim Smith

      My wife and I have reluctantly transferred our booking onto Celebration as no Majesty alternative available for 14th Feb for 2 weeks into a deluxe cabin, the previous booking conditions we understand have been transferred over (full breakdown to be received) and the £50pp discounted. Actually ended up slightly cheaper for a better cabin, however, certainly not the cruise area we were so looking forward to Petra and Jerusalem, we had no plans for Cairo or Luxor as we have visited twice previously.
      However, I am sure that as time goes on and the Egypt troubles pass we can visit another time.

  19. darjul55@hotmail.co.uk' Darren

    Recieved a call tonight informing us that our Cruise on the 26th December 2013on the Majesty had been cancelled. Not shocked in the circumstances but Im disappointed to find their is no contigency plan in place for something that has quite frankly been escalating for some time. I can only presume that an alternative cruise will replace the current itinery. I can look on the bright side though,THOMSON have offered £50 for each paying adult out of my party of nine,how lucky I FEEL TONIGHT!! . I have been informed I will be contacted tomorrow but my fingers will certainly not be crossed.

    • Lisa-Marie @Thomson

      Hi Darren, I hope you manage to get another holiday booked soon. If there’s anything else we can help with in the future please let me know.

  20. gayle.edmond@googlemail.com' Gayle

    Just returned from two weeks on the Majesty. I can’t speak for anyone else. But we had a fabulous holiday. Loads for us all to do. Ship lovely and clean. Crew friendly and very hardworking. Wouldn’t hesitate to sail with Thomson again

    • Christina @Thomson

      Hi Gayle, Thanks for sharing your experience of the Majesty with us on our blog. If you had to pick a highlight of your cruise with us, what would you say it was?

    • gayle.edmond@googlemail.com' Gayle

      The Adriatic was something special. But getting up early to experience the sail into Venice or enjoying the fabulous scenery of Kotor. I’ve previously done the Aegean on Thomson Spirit so I pretty much knew what to expect the second week. All ports were well worth a wonder into. though Koper was very quiet as it was a sunday. did a trip that day to Farmers market

    • juneodell@lineone.net' June

      Hi Gayle, good to hear you enjoyed your cruise with the Majesty. We are going on the ship for the first time soon and really looking forward to it.

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