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Let Thomson Majesty Entertain You

Talented vocalists, live bands and UK comedians… you’ll be entertained around the clock on Thomson Cruises’ latest ship, Thomson Majesty.

You’ve probably seen our big announcement (A Royal Debut – Thomson Majesty) by now – Thomson Cruises is welcoming another ship into its ranks. Thomson Majesty is replacing old favourite, Thomson Destiny, who’s hanging up her hat after 7 years in the fleet. The new vessel is a decade younger than her predecessor, so she’s in ship shape (pun intended), with more contemporary cabins, 5 restaurants, and a spa, which features 7 treatment rooms and 2 saunas.

As for when the sun goes down, there’s the full spectrum of bars and entertainment venues, and you can expect the usual high standards. There’ll be a resident group of vocalists called the Majesty Singers, who’ll take you from the bright lights of Vegas to a rock-off with Queen. And a lot of performances will be choreographed, so you can expect show-like elements. Because the Thomson Majesty’s main stage is round, though, with seats around the edge, there isn’t much room for acrobatic dance moves. It means the performances will be more ‘Chicago’ than ‘Fame’.

You can look forward to deck parties, solo performances, cabaret-style acts, live bands and high-profile piano entertainers, too. Plus, there’ll be a UK comedian live on stage every week, as well as a second special guest act.

All in all, there’s plenty in store from morning ‘til evening – take a look at the Thomson Cruises website for more info.

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344 Responses to “Let Thomson Majesty Entertain You”

  1. simsbarb@ntlworld.com' Barbara Shepherd

    Hi. I am really pleased with the ship upgrade and that is the operative word UPGRADE especially regarding size of cabin. Can you please confirm however whether there is a self service laundry facility and cinema on board the Majesty. Many thanks.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Barbara, Glad to hear you’re looking forward to your cruise onboard the Thomson Majesty. Unfortunately there is no cinema on the Majesty, but there is a laundry service – however an extra charge applies. I hope that helps.

    • Daveandmarion@talktalk.net' Dave K

      I agree that the majesty will be an upgrade but don’t be fooled a lot of the cabins have smaller floor areas than the destiny but the more modern design gives them a feel of being bigger.

  2. janet-inglis@blueyonder.co.uk' janet inglis

    Hi, We are due to travel 4thMay on the Majesty and have read, on another website ,that Thomsons were charging 2.5% on credit cards when used onboard Thomson Destiny in March. Could you confirm if this is correct and if this charge will now be levied on all your Thomson fleet.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Janet, Yes this is correct. If you’re using a credit card on any of our Thomson Cruises, this will be subject to a 2.5% credit card charge.

  3. Daveeccles@aol.com' David Eccles

    I have been a big fan of Thomson cruises for many years but will be joining Majesty in June with some trepidation! Yes I am upset by the late notification of the change of ship/apparent disorganisation at Thomson cruises etc but am more concerned that the unique Thomson cruise experience will have been lost. The friendly ship with an entertainment team who work tirelessly to make you feel welcome and “part of the family” while you are on your cruise. I have always had a good rapport with the entertainment team and they have always enhanced my holiday experience. Their demise may prove to have been a mistake!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry you feel that way, David. But thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope you enjoy your time onboard the Majesty in June.

    • j_sowerby@sky.com' jenny sowerby

      Well, this has to be a good move, Destiny was really tired 2 years ago when we did a 3 week cruise from the Caribbean. The ship was fine when it was owned by Airtours as Sunbird but deteriorated drastically when it came into Thomsons hands. This ship has got to be better and good luck to all who have booked and had the change at the last minute I am quite sure you will have a better cruise.

    • jill.dixon56@yahoo.co.uk' jill dixon

      i dont know how you can say you will have a better cruise ,just returned from our cruise aboard majesty 14 september,have been on all thompsons ships,very disappointed with this ship, would not recommend .

    • Amarita@Thomson

      I’m disappointed to hear about that Jill. Have you contacted the After-Travel Team about your concerns?

    • j_sowerby@sky.com' jenny sowerby

      David don’t join with trepidation the ship will be much better, isn’t as old for one and was owned previously by NCL so will be well appointed. We had sailed on Destiny as Airtours Sunbird, 7 times and were on board as the ship was taken over by Louis Lines in the Caribbean, the ship was then showing signs of tiredness and had deteriorated more in Louis Lines/Thomson ownership so be pleased I am sure you will find it much better and a lot of the staff will change over too anyway. Good Luck

    • Daveeccles@aol.com' David Eccles

      Thanks Jenny. You will have guessed I have an affection for Destiny but nevertheless we are looking forwards to the new ship and it’s facilities. Thomson have never let us down but I think the loss of the entertainments team is a mistake. They were always the “glue” which held everything together and ensured a happy atmosphere aboard the ship. We wil see!

  4. lizziebb136@aol.com' Elizabeth Mcmanus

    We have been 3 times on the Destiny and admit it was getting tired so we are thrilled to find out we are on the first voyage on 4th May on Majesty, I think its all very new and exiting and wonder what alot of the complaints are all about, I am sure Thompsons wont let us down,
    All my husband wonders is if the FAcup final will be shown as it will be on 5th May ? could you tell me?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for sharing your comments with us.

      I’ve spoken to our Cruise team and they don’t have any information on whether the FA cup final will be shown but they’ve said they may know nearer the date. If you could give them a call on 0844 871 0872 10 days before departure, they’ve said they’ll hopefully be able to help.

      I hope that helps and you go on to have a fantastic time onboard the Majesty.

  5. john-tomkinson@hotmail.co.uk' john tomkinson

    I have booked for the 1st of june cruise to Venice. My main concern
    looking at the sun deck of the majesty is how small it is,not much
    room for sunbeds,where has the destiny big open decks with plenty of room for sunbeds.the plus side are the whirlpools on the majesty and the much better cabin’s

  6. K_clare@sky.com' ken clare

    Why is it taking so long for thomson to get deck plans,when if you go on line you can get them under louis majesty which was the previous name of the ship,i had them four weeks ago,not rocket science.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ken,

      I’m sorry for the delay in getting the deck plans on our website but they should be available soon. Customers can see them on our website if they search as though they’re making a new booking. But thanks for your comment and I’ll pass your feedback on to the Cruise team.

  7. alisonjstevenson@hotmail.com' Alison Stevenson

    To date, we still have not received written confirmation regarding the changes to our booking eg change of ship etc. We travel on 6th July and when I phoned I was assured we would hear within two days. That was nearly two weeks ago. When should we receive our update?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alison,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve still not received confirmation about the ship change.

      If you’ve booked in a travel agents, they should be able to print your confirmation off for you, whereas if you booked online, it will be sent directly to you. From our systems it looks as though you’ve booked in a travel agents, so I’d recommend giving them a call to request that they send a confirmation out to you.

      If you have any further problems, please let me know.

    • alisonjstevenson@hotmail.com' Alison Stevenson

      Hi there,
      We phoned Thomson directly to book our cruise but apparently it was booked through a travel agent on our behalf. We do not have a direct phone number. I would appreciate being given a number as each time I ring with a query I am transferred from one person to another. Very frustrating!

    • alisonjstevenson@hotmail.com' Alison Stevenson

      Thank you Rhiannon,
      You seemed to be able to give me the answers that no one else could! I’m told that a new booking confirmation is in the post!

    • alisonjstevenson@hotmail.com' Alison Stevenson

      Very disappointed! Having been told that the new invoice and confirmation were in the post last Wednesday, I have been told today that it will be posted 2nd class today as there are no 1st class stamps! Payment is due on Friday and we have no invoice to pay! I had confidence that things were being sorted out last week and feel very let down that this was not actually the case.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alison,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re still having problems with your invoice from your travel agents. If I can help further, let me know.

  8. johnlowe@live.com' john lowe

    After watching the Ch4 documentary last night on Why Ships Sink, I was surprised to see the Louis Majesty on, which was hit by a large wave in 2010, I do hope that the ship is up to Thomson high standards and does not smell of any damp. Also on your Thomson website New to cruising (view video), there is a video on:-Is cruising for me? The video Thomson promises a different show every night on a 14 day cruise, as well as Comedians and other entertainment, I am sure this is a breach of contract, unless the Majesty singers are able to live up to this promise.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi John,

      The incident on the Louis Majesty in 2010 was very much a one off incident that occured during extremely rough weather in the Mediterranean. After this a number of improvements were made to prevent similar damage in the future.

      In regards to the video online, this is to give customers an insight into cruising if they’ve never been before. All our ships offer something different so we’d always advise customers to look at the individual videos for all our ships and the information on our website to see which one is perfect for them. Customers can still expect the usual high standard of entertainment onboard the Majesty so I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time.

  9. gemmajordan1984@hotmail.com' Gemma

    We are cruising on the Destiny on 7th April and have just seen she is ‘retiring.’ Will the service still be at the expected standard seeing as it will be one of her last journeys? Also, as they are replacing her for a newer ship, can you reassure me with regards to safety-the Destiny is still fit for service? This will be my first cruise for my honeymoon so just want to check things will be okay!

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Don’t worry, Gemma. The Destiny is still very safe and she is retiring only from the Thomson fleet. I’m sure our staff will go that extra mile to ensure the Thomson Destiny’s last cruises with us are enjoyable for everyone on board. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  10. billybogroll7757@aol.com' Bill Williams

    WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PUT A DECK PLAN ON THE MAJESTY SITE.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    The plan at the moment shows the Spirit not even a photo of the Majesty. After all this time and all the complaints why no plans. Also very disapointed about the way we have been treeted by Thompson. It seams that all the emails sent to you either say sory (with no real fealing ) or to call your office. This year is the aniversary of the Titanic, perhaps this is also the year that Thompson Cruises sink into oblivion.
    I like most others are unfortunate to have booked with a company that does not care about their loyal customers. Have not had aleter from Thompson themselves only told about changes from your travel shop. I know you say that if booked contact the shop, but a leter from Thompson would have the corect thing to do owing to the changes. We book 2 or 3 cruses a year the last 3 with you. We have now booked our next cruise with another company thanks to your atitude. Bill Williams

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Bill, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the change. We’re currently working to get the Thomson Majesty deck plans online as soon as possible, however in the meantime these can be viewed when checking availability through the website or you can view a copy at your local travel agents.

  11. chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com' chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com

    Have just noticed that someone who is traveling after us has an updated invoice. Ours has not arrived yet, can you chase this making sure our new cabin nos are on it please……………… I have not called as I know the lines are busy…….

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Chris, Don’t worry – the lines for the Thomson Majesty helpline aren’t busy, so if you give the team a call you should get through quickly. The number is 0800 0093893. As we can’t discuss any specific booking details through the blog, this will be the best way to get in touch with us.

  12. enrico123@btinternet.com' RICHARD BANKS

    Hi i see that there will be a captains gala dinner once a week,but where will this be held as all the resteraunts aboard will not hold everyone,so how will people attend.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Richard, The Captains Gala Dinner will work in the same way as onboard the Thomson Destiny. When you board the ship you’ll be able to book your preferred sitting for the Gala Night, so the new ship will not affect this.

  13. mills_88@hotmail.co.uk' Andy Mills

    Hi, we booked on the thomson destiny after having a wonderful time on it last year so was a little disappointed to find the ship has been changed. I am concerned that I have rang your so called specialist team 3 times to ask for confirmation of the changes to our holiday and have been told 3 times that they would be sent out that same day. 3 weeks later Im still waiting!! Surely it cant be that hard to send a generic letter out to everyone followed by a personal one to put everyones mind at rest. Please could you reply on here or email me to let me know whats going on. The lead passengers name is Miss P Holden and we sail on the 29th June 2012

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Andy, I’m really sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced with the notification of the change. I’ve taken a look and can see that an email was sent out to the lead passengers email address. Have you checked your junk/spam folders? I’ll send this via email to the address on the booking – but do let me know if you do not receive this.

  14. den.facer@virginmedia.com' Den Facer

    We have booked for the Thomson Destiny travelling on 14th September and have received our revised confirmation invoice. As suggested on this blog we contacted the 0800 0093893 number to re-arrange our pre-booked cabins on the Majesty. What a fiasco! The staff know nothing about the Majesty! they could not even confirm whether there were any Gala / Formal Dress nights, they had no idea about the A La Carte restaurant other than it is going to cost £20pp and after waiting 20 minutes to re-arrange our pre-book cabins we were given cabin numbers but told that Thomson could not book them unless the travel agents called to confirm…. Well done Thomsons another example of great customer service!!!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Den,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. Has your travel agent been able to confirm your cabin numbers with the specialist team?

      I can confirm that there will be a formal night and this will be the weekly Captain’s Cocktail Party and Gala Dinner. And our a la carte restaurant onboard is called Le Bistro and you’ll need to book to eat there. I’m sorry you felt that the specialist team weren’t able to give you the information you needed but if you do have any further questions, your agent should be able to help.

      Also we’ve got some information about the ship on our website, so hopefully that will help – http://www.thomson.co.uk/cruise/ships/thomson-majesty-ship-details.html

    • den.facer@virginmedia.com' Den Facer

      Hi Rhiannon, thank you for the response. In answer to your question, no my travel agent has not been able to reserve the cabins, and whilst I accept your apology for the inadequacies of your specialist advisors, I am no further forward. Your letter advising me of the change of ship informed me to contact you direct to reserve my cabin, it did not instruct me to go to my travel agent. Your refusal to book the cabin and confirm this in writing to me is pure bureaucracy on your part. What is my travel agent going to do that you cannot? They know less about what is going on than I do, it was I who informed them of the change of ship, not the other way round. Your bland reply does nothing to restore my faith in your organisation, after all if you cannot manage this simple part of the process what faith can I have in any aspect of your service? Please don’t reply do something about my predicament, after all I have paid to reserve the cabin, you are not doing me a favour by offering me something for nothing. Apart from of course a load of hassle. I remain a very dissapointed customer!

    • dot.dek@talktalk.net' Dot

      We are also travelling on 14th September. We booked through the travel agent in the Old Square, Walsall. I cannot speak highly enough of them. I had a phone call from the manager as soon as he knew about the change of ship. He also sent a letter confirming this. I went in the shop and showed them which cabin we wanted and on the exact date they told me (end of March) i had a phone at 9.30am saying the cabin had been booked for us. They also
      printed, off their computer, picures of the ship and facilities.

  15. lee.burd@sky.com' Lee Burd

    Hi just to add on to Ian & Julies comment we too have paid to upgrade 478.00 but have been allocated deck 8 at 168.00 each. I also asked if we would be given a refund but were told like yourselves that the majesty price are not reflected in the original booking! (is that the customers fault I hear you ask?) I was told that deck 6 was given to customers who had paid the same as me but they booked before i did (early nov) cabins were given out in chronoligical order of date of booking. So though some are have cabins at more expensive prices they will not be charge the difference (quite rightly) but those of us who were not so lucky to get what we booked just have to ‘ put up and shut up’. I also queried the drinks package with the ‘cruise director’ last Friday who said he would phone back to the TUI office within the hour, guess what? it’s now Monday and he hasn’t phoned back! Re deck plans if you want to see the lay out go to cruiseweb.com/NCL-majesty-deckplans-norway.htm. and you will see they are so different from what Thomson are showing. Anyway I’m still looking forward to my holiday but I feel that being forarmed and having as much information as I can have will allow me to show Thomsons that the little people are their ‘bread & butter.’

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Lee,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the pricing but thanks for taking the time to share your comments with us. And I’m sorry to hear that you’re still waiting for a call back from our Cruise team. The information we have on the drinks package is that it’s the same as all our Thomson ships and what you had onboard the Destiny should be honored on the Majesty. If you’re still waiting for a call back, could you let me know and I’ll pass your details on to the Cruise team.

  16. eleanor47@talktalk.net' Eleanor Bowden

    Why was my post of last week in moderation then removed without reply?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Eleanor,

      We’ve had a few technical issues with the blog, so I’m sorry if any comments you’ve made have not been posted straight away.

      As far as I can see, my colleague Hollie has replied to your most recent comment. If there’s anything else you need help with, let me know.

    • eleanor47@talktalk.net' Eleanor Bowden

      Thank you, I actually posted on here too and that is the missing one. I said that Louis had West End style shows aboard the Majesty and it would seem that Thomson won’t because they won’t have the staff ie the showteam and for that I feel let down because the entertainment for me was one of the important reasons I have always cruised with Thomson. It is not simply the shows but all of the other things that the entertainment team did throughout the day and evening that have helped to make the Thomson ships so friendly and happy. I am reserving judgement until I have been on board but am apprehensive. I have read the blog you put on about the entertainment and it does not resolve the central issue of no show team. Guest artists have always been on all ships and while some were successful others were not very good, so it is singers or piano bar unless there is a further update?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Eleanor,

      The last update we’ve had about the entertainment is what was posted on the ‘Let Thomson Majesty Entertain You’ blog but we’ve asked our Cruise team to update us if they do ever have any further information – as we do understand that some of our customers do want to find out more.

      We do appreciate your comments and we’re sending all the feedback we receive through to the team. But I hope you do enjoy your time with us onboard the Majesty and of course if we do receive any further information, we’ll let you know.

  17. mick.mccolgan@ntlworld.com' Mick Mccolgan

    hi could you help
    as i have tried to do the a.p.i. on line and all i get is cant find your booking details my ref No.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mick,

      You’ll need to use your new reference number to gain access to our API site. I can see you’ve added your email address to your comment so I’ll send you a quick email now.

    • mick.mccolgan@ntlworld.com' Mick Mccolgan

      thanks it is now complete

  18. cvabishop@aol.com' Colin Bishop

    We booked online for the Adriatic Explorer on 4th May (first Majesty cruise now) and received an email on 6th March advising us of the change of ship and saying we would have an updated confirmation by 12th March. It had still not arrived by the 19th so we rang to see what was happening and ware assured that it would be sent out immediately but we still have received nothing and so we have had no opportunity to consider whether to select our cabin depending upon which deck we have been allocated on the Majesty.

    I also hear that a proportion of the crew will be transferring from the Destiny to the Majesty at Corfu on the 4th May, the first day of our cruise, and wonder what effect this will have on service standards given that they will presumably be unfamiliar with the layout and workings of the Majesty.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for your comments. We’ve looked into this and our Cruise team have sent out another confirmation for you. Due to the large number of people affected by the change, there may have been an administrative error which I apologise for. Hopefully your new confirmation should be with you in the next couple of days.

      Our staff will be fully trained and will work hard to ensure you have a wonderful time on the Majesty.

  19. haydn36@btinternet.com' Haydn Beach

    Hi all are the negative people over reacting i am pretty sure Thomson will not let us down and come up with the goods,having cruised twice with Thomson yes the the shows are OK and just part of cruise so go and enjoy your cruise on this more up to date ship,but you are still be getting the same great service of the crew.Regards Haydn

    • Daveandmarion@talktalk.net' Dave K

      Hi Haydon
      I don’t think people are over reacting , we’ve done about twelve cruises with Thomson the only consistently good entertainment has been the west end style shows in the main lounge by the ships show team ( the bar lounge entertainment ie singers,pianists etc has also been good ) However some of the singers ,look alikes and comedians brought into the main theatre have been pretty awful at times ,so if the harmony singers fall into this group we are in for a poor nightly main entertainment. It’s not fair for the people cruising on the early majesty cruises to be used as guinea pigs ,they need to make their concerns known to thomsons now,afterwards is to late

    • chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com' chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com

      Exactly. Cant wait for our holiday we could only do one week this time but still going to enjoy it….

    • kevshee@hotmail.co.uk' Kevin

      Well said Haydn, why don’t people just look forward to their vacation,enjoy the experience as it happens, not relate to previous sailings and the entertainment offered. I’m looking forward once again to my 4th. cruise with Thomson’s on the Majesty’s initial sailing from Corfu. Destiny was a good vessel, but I’m sure the Majesty will will be better, will tell everyone how good it as been on my final leg of the sailing from Brindisi to Corfu on 10th. Hope everyone enjoy’s their cruise.

  20. ian.shuttleworth1@ntlworld.com' Ian & Julie

    We booked a Deluxe room on the Destiny and paid £795 (£1590) each to upgrade, we have been alocated a Junior Suite on the Majesty, however the cost of an upgrade from a basic cabin to a Junior Suite on the Majesty is only £420 each (£840). What I would like to know is will we get a refund when our new costings are done? or should I cancel the entire holiday?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ian & Julie,

      You wouldn’t be entitled to a refund as the Thomson Majesty is overall a more expensive ship and the supplements online are relevant to new bookings only. The holiday cost originally paid for Thomson Destiny is honored along with any early booking offers, free all-inclusive drinks packages etc. If you have any further questions, please contact our specialist team on 0800 0093893.

  21. chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com' Pamela Page

    Hi, I commented that I was having concerns that our reserved cabins were not automatically given. Advised to call on Monday next week. By chance I called today and guess what GOT MY CABINS, not a problem, even told when I saw the deck plans if we wanted to change just give them a call. Roll on September so we can have a great time………… bonus theres a fridge in the cabin and as hubby is diabetic, no worry of going to reception to collect insalin pens.. THANK YOU….

    • chris-pam2315@virginmedia.com' Pamela Page

      There are so many notes here re the entertainment. It appears to us that its all being put down before anyone has been on it under the Thomson name, lets wait and see what the second or third week customers say, then we can all make a judged decision. As with all new things it will be a work in progress till they get the right mix…

    • Daveandmarion@talktalk.net' Dave K

      It’s a bit late for the second or third week customers,they’ve paid the full price like everyone else, why should they be the guinea pigs?

  22. J.connop@sky.com' Vickyconnop

    Why are thomsons showing a pic of the spirit on deck plan of the majesty

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Vicky,

      Our deck plans have not yet been updated for the Majesty but I will pass this on to our web team.

      Thanks for letting us know.

  23. johnking1951@btinternet.com' John King

    booked this cruise because it was a smaller ship, type of entertainment etc. did quite a bit of research on the net about the destiny time wasted,also probably money we paid as a deposit. not really interested in getting sung to every night. phoned so called experts good as a chocolate tea pot. told even with all the changes no refund last time i book any thing with thomsons.

  24. lee.burd@sky.com' Lee Burd

    As with many of yourcustomers i am disappointed that the entertainment has change as this was a major part of our decision to travel on the destiny once again. Also to say tough luck to customers is disgraceful, people have paid vast amounts for this cruise and many have choosen it especially for the entertainment which was offered at the time of booking. I do believe that Thomson is not delivering to the criteria stated as such when customers made their inital choice! Also to raise your drinks package by 100 PERCENT is shocking. When replying put yourself in the position you have put your customers in and think how you personally would like to be treated…

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Lee,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the change to entertainment. Although it may not be to everyone’s tastes, you can still expect the usual high standard of entertainment onboard. In regards to our drinks packages, they can change throughout the year. We could have an offer on as an early booking incentive but then prices can later return to our standard price of £199.

      We do appreciate your feedback and this has been passed on to the Cruise team.

  25. kaymorris@genie.co.uk' kay morris

    another blogger has said there were west end style shows onboard when it was the louis majesty. why then thomson are you changing the format and only on this ship? this change of ship must have been in the pipeline for some considerable time, think it highly unfair paying passengers were not advised so they could make an informed choice when booking. i would not have booked if i had known the shows were going. i was booked for decks 2/3 inside, what deck will i be on the majesty? will i be able to choose my cabin? as another blogger has said.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Kay,

      We let our customers know about the change as soon as we were in a position to, but I’m sorry if you feel you weren’t happy with our correspondence. In regards to the entertainment, we’re unable to put on the same shows we had on the Destiny due to the main lounge now being round and the ceiling being too low. But I will pass your comments on about the shows that were on board the Louis Majesty.

      Also as far as I can see, if you’ve booked for deck 2/3 inside, you should be getting deck 3/4 inside on the Majesty. And as soon as you receive your revised invoice, you’ll be able to call our specialist team to prebook your cabin. I would recommend calling our specialist team on 0800 0093893 as they’ll be able to confirm your cabin location and answer any other questions you may have.

  26. roro232@btinternet.com' Ro Lawrence

    Think Thomson may have made a big mistake here. What if the Majesty Singers are not ones “cup of tea”? You’ll be stuck with them and no shows. Sounds like its geared more for oldies. Also no balconies available! What?! That leaves them one ship, The Dream, with 6 Balconies (at the cost of a Suite) in the entire fleet. What are Thomson thinking about?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ro,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the change of ship but thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

  27. richardkiddle04@aol.com' Richard Kiddle

    Having been on the Destiny a number of times, the last time in the Carribean last year, she was definitely getting a bit tired.
    The crew were the tops and it is good to know that a large number of them are to transfer to the Majesty.
    As far as entertainment is concerned, on The Destiny, after the main show was over each evening, a member of the entertainment team did a solo cabaret act and we found this more entertaining than the shows! so , if they have individual singers on the Majesty this may not be a bad thing. I am keeping an open mind and looking forward to my cruise on the Majesty in October

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for sharing your comments with us. I hope you have a great time on the Majesty in October.

  28. alisongreig@ymail.com' Alison Greig

    I was a bit disappointed that our cruise in August is not on Destiny as we have a soft spot for her as it was her we had our first ever cruise, but we are looking forward to Majesty and if most of the crew are transferring that will be fab they are all wonderful, as for the entertainment the change could be good i do like the entertainment and look forward to the comedian(well most of them) go Thomsons do your very best i personally cant wait.

  29. gareth.north@o2.co.uk' Gareth North

    The loss of the entertainments team is disconcerting to me also but moreover the quality and actual variety of what replaces it is now more important. The musicians on the ships usually play similar music – the band in the main lounge eg on the Dream you have the band in the Medusa and the band in the Ocean Bar playing similar music – what happened to variety ? Why not reintroduce the passenger talent night ? What about putting on plays instead ? Some of the shows by Peel could have been carried out but the decision is made – however as there is no team who will be doing all the tasks the 10 members of the showteam do such as embarkation,library,sports etc etc – the loss of the showteam could well be a major faux pas but time will tell. Getting higher quality musicians to play on the shop could alleviate this potential disaster.

    I have read the original blog and really what it says sounds to me like a watered down version of what is currently provided – the ships already have solo performances by the show team, deck parties,pianists ,comedians from the UK and live bands etc – so what is the main attention grabbing feature of the new entertainment programme for the “new” ship ? Why not bring back some ballroom dancing with dance hosts ? You will need some variety .

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the change to entertainment, Gareth. But thanks for taking the time to send your comments to us. If you do have any further questions about the entertainment, I’d recommend calling our specialist team on 0800 0093893.

    • gareth.north@o2.co.uk' Gareth North

      I must say we enjoy the shows but it will not in itself stop us trying the ship and intend to do so in September. My point is that all your eggs appears to be in one basket with the Majesty Singers as opposed to the variety of shows performed by the show team. The other entertainment in the last paragraph of the original blog is very much what is always provided on all other ships in the fleet already. It is for that reason that the alternatives need to be of a higher quality to provide a real alternative and more variety as I suggested needs introducing to offset against this. Some of the piano players I have seen on the ships over the years have been very mediocre and lack variety invariably playing just one style of music. That has not mattered to us as we have watched the shows instead – however it may become more important to all passengers now not just us. I am sure Thomson Cruises are aware of this but I just hope that the importance of this is not underestimated by whoever is contracted to fulfill this obligation.

  30. helenllewelyn2000@yahoo.co.uk' Helen L

    We traveled on the Majesty with Louis Cruises and they managed to have dancers, circular stage and low ceiling notwithstanding. Do Thomsons not have dance captains or choreographers who can work with this or is it just a case of ‘its elf and safety guv’? Still looking forward to our cruise on the Majesty in November though, it is a very nice ship, but we will be a bit disappointed if there is no dance element to the entertainment. Comedians celebrity or otherwise just don’t do it for us.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve passed on your comments regarding the entertainment to our specialist team. If you do have any questions, you can contact them on 0800 0093893 and they’ll be able to help.

  31. Daveandmarion@talktalk.net' Dave K

    I only hope that the acts used in place of the shows ( this does not relate to the guest comedians who usually are very good ) are of a far better standard than the Elvis look alike ,who was on the Destiny in the Caribean last year. It is the only time I have seen the showroom half empty by the end of a performance !! If the new style acts are not good Thomson will face a major PR problem which could take years to resolve

  32. eleanor47@talktalk.net' Eleanor Bowden

    At last we are finally getting some information from Thomson, although I am still not sure what it actually means! Happy that there is more too it than just singers. No matter how good they are I think I would be fed up by the end of the second week. Sometimes I like a bit of a knees up. Where is the dancing? Give us some current stuff and some classic pop and rock. ( I am thinking of the Celebration here). What is the disco used for at night? Wouldn’t take much to put on some music for dancing. Speaking for some of the older members of our party, they like old time dancing and would love the opportunity to do that too. I know there is other stuff going on but some of it is not to my taste eg piano doesn’t do it for me and I am not a pleb, it is just personal choice.

    I love cards and would love the chance to have the odd evening playing whist or bridge.

    As big sports fans, we would hope to be able to watch big sporting occasions.

    Finally, a plea on behalf of the Celtic nations. No doubt there will be a special celebration while we are on board for the Diamond Jubilee. On a similar Royal occasion recently on a rival cruiseline, friends of ours were very miffed when the occasion was marked by ” a very English tea party”. I am sure Thomson would not be so insensitive.

    On a positive note, this is an opportunity for Thomson to use the facilities the Majesty has and perhaps stamp its own identity. They may be able to suit more people as not everyone liked the shows, although I and the majority did. This would only be possible with a cruise director. There has been no mention of that.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Thanks for your comments, Eleanor. I’ll pass your feedback about the entertainment on to our cruise team.

  33. paulyelliott@talktalk.net' Paul Elliott

    Thomson are playing a very risky game here, all you have to do is look at how full the theatres are every night on any cruise. My wife has been cruising with her mother on Thomson cruises for several years and also with myself for a few years now and she is gutted that the west end style shows are going, even I have strong concerns. I can honestly say that despite occasionally enjoying being entertained by resident trio’s over the past few years they aren’t what your regular customers want each evening. Let’s hope you listen to your customers concerns and deliver something that manages to aleviate their concerns and keep them entertained. I agree with Gary and say that this is a potentially massive own goal for Thomsons but I’ll keep my finger crossed for the next 9 weeks.

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Paul, The entertainment has changed on board but you can still expect the usual high standards of performances. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from personality pianists, cabaret and comedy. And instead of having a regular show team, there’ll be a resident troop of close-harmony vocalists called the Majesty Singers to keep you entertained. We do not understand that this might not be to everyone’s taste, but we hope you’ll enjoy your time on board. We’ve recently posted a new blog about the entertainment, which will give you more information. ^Hollie

  34. johnlowe@live.com' john lowe

    We booked thomson destiny nearly 12 months back for 8th of june,pearls of the agean cruise.We booked it with the entertainment a main priority.We now find out there are no west end type shows,also no showteam onboard.We are celebrating our silver wedding on this cruise and feel let down by thomsons.This is not what we booked.What compensation ,if any is available.We have booked holidays off work to suit these dates ,so find it impossible to re:book.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy about the change of ship, John. We have a specialist team in place who’ll be able to answer all of your questions. You can reach them on the free phone number – 0800 0093893.

  35. Rugbystar1@live.co.uk' Gary morris

    Re the shows as you can see on e blog the entertainment its still a big issue did know one at thomsons think it would be a concern bearing in mind that awards have been for the on ship entertaiment team it does appear to be a huge on goal to be honest

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Gary, We’ve had a lot of questions about the entertainment, this is why we’ve put the new blog on to give our customers more information. We know the entertainment may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can still expect the usual high standards of performances. If you do have any further queries then please feel free to contact our Specialist Team on 0800 009 3893.

    • Rugbystar1@live.co.uk' Gary morris

      Hollie I have cLled them they said that’s how it s and non refund… Nice

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