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David Burling’s Back to the Floor Experience

David BurlingDavid Burling, Managing Director for Thomson and First Choice, rolled up his sleeves on Saturday 21st January to help out at one of our retail shops and go ‘Back to the Floor’.

“January is always one of our busiest times of year as people’s thoughts turn away from the misery of January to holidays and sunshine. Traditionally it’s one of our busiest sales periods as all the tour operators and airlines launch sales to encourage customers to book their holidays early.

Nowhere is busier then in our network of over 850 retail shops, which see thousands of customers passing through the doors requesting brochures, quizzing our agents on where the best hotels are and booking holidays to make sure they get a coveted free child place!

On Saturday 21st January I, and many of the board directors here at Thomson and First Choice, went back to the floor to help out our retail staff on what is traditionally one of our biggest weekends of the year.

Thomson David BurlingI joined the team at the Thomson Uxbridge shop, not just because it’s near to where I live, but also because it’s where Billy Leighton, our travel advisor of the year for 2011 works. I wanted to see what great looked like and pick up top tips from one of our best agents.

Our retail network has had a strong January overall, and I was pleased to see that despite the current economic climate and the depressing news stories we are affronted with by the media , customers were very upbeat. If anything it seemed that their holiday is more important than ever, and people are looking to sacrifice other luxuries and treats to save for it.

I was really impressed by the customer service offered at the shop and our agents’ knowledge of destinations and hotels. They did not just have a good understanding of Thomson and First Choice hotels, but also knowledge on cruises, multi-centres and more complex itineraries, to really assist customers in booking the right holiday for them. In particular. people were asking about our exclusive hotel concepts Sensatori and Holiday Villages, and those that had visited one of them were keen to try out another one. This was wonderful to hear as we pour a lot of resources into getting these hotels right – from ensuring that we have a great hotel to start with, to training a team of entertainers, child care reps and holiday advisors and then marketing and promoting the hotels.

Unsurprisingly a lot of our customers were looking for a good deal, and the team used all of their resources to try and find the right holiday for them. Knowing where the best offers are is vital to closing the sale. In head office we have a large team of people working on our pricing and deciding how much all the holidays should cost. It was fascinating for me to see how these decisions the commercial team make, are trickled down to the store. The staff knew all the offers we released on Friday, and in some cases had also worked out where there were free child places on peak dates so they could quickly and easily give the offers to their customers. This greatly impressed me, and more importantly our customers.

I spent a lot of the day making tea for customers and the team and chatting to them whilst they were waiting to be seen to by our agents. In terms of lessons learnt I saw how important it was for the agents to have excellent product knowledge as customers ask so many different questions. I think the Uxbridge shop is really well run, and in terms of improvements the only things I can think of are to provide more things for kids to do whilst their mums and dads are booking their holidays. And also buy a bigger kettle so the January Saturday assistant (me) can make the tea quicker when the shop is full!

Amanda Hawley the Retail Manager of the Uxbridge Branch said: “We really loved having David with us on the Saturday and he was a fantastic asset to the team making tea and keeping the customers chatting whilst they were waiting to see us. I was very impressed by his product knowledge and the level of detail he knew about the hotels we go to and sell. I hope David can pop by another time, when we are not quite so busy!”

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394 Responses to “David Burling’s Back to the Floor Experience”

  1. tubbyhubbie@gmail.com' Tubby Hubbie

    I’d be very interested to know if anyone who has made complaints on this site has actually had them resolved to their satisfaction. The responses from the media team appear to be a waste of time “I’ve sent you an email” or “it’s in our terms and conditions”. It’s time Thomson and First Choice realised the service they are providing when dealing with customer complaints is sub standard, you may have the monopoly at the moment but that won’t continue if you don’t improve your customer service. I’m so annoyed with them I’m thinking of setting up a TUI first choice = last choice Facebook page. Can’t help thinking this post might never see the light of day but would be happy to be proved wrong.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry you feel that way. If customers contact us on one of our social media channels, they will be responded to by one of our Social Media Customer Service Advisors. As part of the Social Media Team, we’re unable to personally respond to any complaints on these pages but we will do our best to help where we can. Customers will need to use the correct complaint procedures to make sure their complaint is investigated and our Pre- Travel and After Travel Team’s contact information is on our contact us page on our website – and customers can contact them via the online form or by post. If customers do contact either of these teams, I can assure you that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, but we do appreciate your feedback.

    • john.fay100@o2.co.uk' Very annoyed customer

      Rhiannon, Your response to Tubby Hubbie really does cement his point, a customer service team hiding behind emails and failing to address the matter whilst deflecting the issue. Having been corresponding with your pre travel services team and being told nothing but ‘it’s in our terms and conditions’ while never actually answering the question is just not good enough. Thomson’s customer service really is shocking and you are deluded if you believe otherwise. I went through great trouble to ensure I booked flights with decent flight times as I have two small children. After confirming the booking and then having my flight times moved four days later to 6am in the morning, meaning I will be getting up at 2am to get to the airport for 4am is one thing, but for Thomson to put on a new flight on the same day with almost identical flight times to those I originally booked and expecting me to pay an additional £350 to change is completely unacceptable. Yes, your terms and conditions allow you to change flight times and I accept in certain cases there is no option, but your company’s ethics towards customer care should ensure the impact of the changes you force on customers are mitigated where possible. In my instance, that would be to have moved me on to the closest available flight to that I originally booked. Thomson really does need to get its act together, speaking as a returning customer, I don’t believe you will see a penny of my hard earned money again. Tubby Hubbie, set up that page and I’ll be the first to join.

    • Elaine.lea@thomson.co.uk' Elaine @Thomson

      Hi, Thanks for contacting us about your flight time change. Have you spoken to our Programme Change Team about this?

  2. Melaniejade7@yahoo.co.uk' Melanie blackman

    I am dissapointing within an hour of booking my thomson holiday today! I have spent several days researching my options for a holiday in October and after previous good experiences with Thomson I was about to book online when I noticed there’s no option to make requests to the hotel.

    I called my local branch and asked if I made the booking with them can they make requests and they said yes and that they can price match web, so that’s what I did.

    I just received my confirmation email and been charged additional £40.00 for price match service! So the price hasn’t been matched its cost me £40!

    I’ve booked by phone before and never been charged for a price match!

    I’ve called the branch and queried and complained but told the charge can’t be removed. It’s basically cost me £40 to make a request to the hotel which I could have done myself.

    Not very impressed, I booked by phone to Thomas cook back in may and they web price matched at no extra cost.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Melanie,

      As special requests aren’t guaranteed, there isn’t an option to input these on our website at the time of booking but they can be added on at a later date by Travel Agents, and by contacting us by phone, email, letter or via our social media channels.

      Our Retail Stores will charge a £10 per passenger service fee and this should be confirmed to you when you make the booking and will be detailed on your confirmation. I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with this charge and if you do want to raise this with the store again, you would need to do this with them directly.

  3. Bywendyltd@gmail.com' Jo Bloggs

    I have been trying to contact your local branch manger for the last month to discuss a complaint I have about how myself and another 30 people were treated by Thomsons. Despite numerous emails & phone calls they have not replied to me or returned my calls. I have asked branch staff to give me contact details for the area manager but they refused. I asked them to ask the area manager to call me to discuss the matter – they refused. Please can you give me the contact details for Thomson Worldwide managing director. Perhaps they will be willing to speak to me! If he won’t then I am sure the press would be interested to hear about the way Thomsons have treat me and the other 30 people involved. I await your reply. Many thanks.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not received a response from your local store manager. I’ve sent an email to you for some more information, and hoep to hear back from you soon.

  4. mmsword@live.co.uk' Michelle

    Its a joke, go back to the shop if you have a complaint. My partner has just booked us our first family holiday for next year, the year I turn a 30. For what is meant to be a wonderful holiday I am now dreading, I looked on trip adviser when I got home with the holiday we are staying in and their is picutres of mould in the rooms, I am sorry but I don’t want to risk my family’s health. Furthermore the area is a built up residential area with not alot round, we asked to change our holiday and it is going to cost an additional £100 which I think is ridculous and I was only given two options as I have a family, bascially they wouldnt give me any more options as they deemed them unsuitable, should I not be the judge of that, instead I have been discriminated because I have a family. I was also told that the extra £700 for a week is what you pay if you want to go up a grade they didnt even try to get the best deal for me, considering the holiday is costing us £2600, I think that coment is an insult. Will never book a holiday with Thomsons again.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Michelle, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the holiday booked for next year. If you do wish to make a change to your booking then amendment fees do apply. These are outlined within our terms and conditions which you agreed to at the time of booking. If you feel the shop haven’t been helpful with searching for an alternative hotel then as you know, you would need to forward your comments to the shop itself. If you search on our website and find a holiday that you’re interested in changing to, then you can take these details back to your shop, and they should be able to help transfer your holiday for the amendment fees previously advised.

  5. jkpnefc@yahoo.co.uk' John Knowles

    Having read all of the above all i can do is confirm the overall picture re thomsons after-sales and help and advice in resort and on return home.We have booked many holidays over the years with Thomson and feel the way we have been treated when something did actually go wrong waas abysmal to say the least.
    We travelled to The Dominican Republic in Feb ,had problems and were led a merry dance for most of the 2 weeks there and basically told to put a complaint in and contact Thomson on return home.I did this and had to wait 39 days before any response whatsoever before
    basically being told that a full investigation had been carried out even though i pointed out that i had not even been contacted and spoken too!
    The glib replies on this site that you will recieve will all point you to the official complaints procedure.The very procedure that people are complaining about on here-you will be sent around in circles and get absolutely nowhere.
    In todays current economic climate it is companys like Thomson that will bear the brunt because you cannot treat loyal customers like that and get away withit for too long.Put out
    all the fancy mission staements you want but the proof is eventally what hppens when something does go wrong.
    Two more customers lost here i am afraid.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi John, I’m really sorry to hear that you feel that way. If we can be of any assistance, let us know.

    • jkpnefc@yahoo.co.uk' John Knowles

      sorry to say but i find nobody at Thomson could give two hoots that our holiday was totally ruined and that Thomson DO NOT dowhat they promise in their mission statement brochure that they hand out to everyone in resort.
      Have written repeatedly to Thomson since return and get a stcok reply from finance director Stephen Harris whoever i contact.What a finance director is doing in customer care who knows? On my initial complaint it even took Thomson 39 days to reply breaking ABTA’s code of conduct i believe.
      Shocked as to Thomson’s total lack of respect and crae for their customers once they have taken their money.Used Thomson many times in the past without a problem but feel that the true test of a company is when there has been a problem .Trust me, as it stands i will never be using them again.Others take note once they have your had your money they do not care.

    • Amarita@Thomson

      Hi John, I’m sorry that you feel that way. Our Team do try and respond to any complaints as quickly as possible, and I’ll be sure to pass your feedback onto the relevant team. Can you confirm whether you’ve had a response from the team?

    • jkpnefc@yahoo.co.uk' john knowles

      mmm….looking through the rest of these blogs it certainly appears Thomson’s much vaunted customer care handout isn’t worth the paper it is written on..maybe the price you pay when you put finance managers in a position of sorting out a problem…..dedicated customer care professionals a thing of the past??Seems that way

    • Amarita@Thomson

      Hi John, I’m sorry you feel that way. Is there anything which we can help you with?

    • jkpnefc@yahoo.co.uk' john knowles

      Hi Amarita
      hard to know how you could possibly help?Have written directly even to Mr Chapman but he didn’t even have the decency to reply.Everything seems to be channeled through stephen harris finance director dedicated no doubt to cutting costs to the detriment of customer care. Mr Chapman takes great delight in informing all customers of Thomson’s charter re customer care but sadly seems completely out of touch with reality

  6. Stewartno2uk@yahoo.co.uk' Stewart Kyle

    To whom this may concern,

    I was working, yes working not even on a night out on Thursday night when I was attacked by a Thomson rep in gran canaria, he has made a complete mess of my face, I sent in pictures to Thomson to show the damage that he did to my face but they don’t seem to care, all I was told that it was dealt with internally, the only apology I received was from the help line. At this time I have not got the police involved which I feel I now need to do because being told this matter is been dealt with internally which just to me is not good enough!!!!

    • Amanda @Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear this, Stewart. I responded to your post on facebook on Friday but didn’t receive a reply. If you’ve reported this to our Holidayline team, this will be fully investigated.

  7. emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

    e: Complaint on recent Thomson Cruise (Island Escape)

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing to make a formal complaint about a recent experience we encountered onboard your Thomson Island Escape Cruise Ship. My son and I had booked an all-inclusive week long cruise through a Thomson travel agent. My booking Ref is: 1504693
    While onboard we experienced a major Service Failure which completely ruined our holiday. My son suffers from Asthma and is extremely allergic to nuts. On 17/06/2012 while we were eating in Beachcomber Restaurant, my son decided that he would like to try a cookie. Since the only sign that was present indicated that the cookies were Gluten free and that there was no sign indicating that the cookies contained nuts, my son Glenn felt that he was safe to try these.
    Within minutes of consuming the cookies Glenn’s throat began to swell resulting in his airways closing. Glenn was really struggling to breath and was experiencing agonising pain in his chest as a result. We immediately rushed Glenn to the Medical centre on board. The Nurse checked Glenn Vital signs and Throat and could straight away indicate to us that this was an allergic reaction. The doctor (who was clearly having a bad day and left us without any doubt of that) examined Glenn and gave him an injection into the arm to counter act the effect that the nut reaction was having on him. Glenn was given tablets and told to rest.
    I would like to say that this was the end of the nightmare, but unfortunately I can’t. When Glenn returned to the room he tried to rest, an impossible task with the agony that he was experiencing in him arm as a result of the Injection accompanied by violent vomiting. A short time later we could take no more, the medicine was not taking effect Glenn was getting worse, and he was really battling to breath.
    Glenn face was swollen so bad that he could hardly open his eyes at this stage. We were both extremely panicked and rushed Glenn back down to the Medical Centre. We could clearly see how worried the doctor was, Glenn was brought into the back room and an IV line was attached. Glenn clearly drained from the effect this had on him passed out. The doctor indicated that this was a very serious matter and that nut allergies are potentially fatal. He indicated that he was going to contact the Restaurant immediately to make them aware of this issue.
    We were charged not just once but twice for visiting the medical centre and told that we would have to pay a higher rate as the doctor was “On Call”. The resulting bill totalling a whopping £143 At the time I was just so relieved that my son was going to be okay that I didn’t mind handing over the money, despite the fact that this was going to leave us short on cash for the remainder of our trip and resulted from a massive Service Failure on your part.
    I reported this Incident to the reception who took a note of it in the complaint book. I also mentioned this to the Restaurant manager who offered no sympathy or apology whatsoever and even hinted that this was down to negligence on our part as “ All Cookies contain nuts ” a statement which is not true and a statement that would make you question if this person had the right qualifications /skills to be in such a position. After all aren’t customers the lifeblood of any organisation, and in such a serious situation to make such a comment to a customer is inexcusable.
    The more I am thinking about our experience on the day the more annoyed I get. Our holiday was ruined. How could we enjoy our remaining days worrying about what we can eat, what we can’t eat? The experience had a devastating effect on Glenn that resulted in him not wanting to eat at all for the last few days in fear that this could happen again.
    I would like to hear Thomson thoughts on this as I am sure they would not classify this as being an ideal holiday or one that makes a “Holiday Special” which I thought was the ethos of Thomson based on your Mission Statement. When I revisited the Thomson site I had to giggle at the “Island Escape is the most laidback ship in the fleet” that’s a given and a very true fact if you are talking about customer service and restaurant standards.
    I am looking forward to hearing Thomson thoughts on this issue and what is going to be done to rectify it. I will forward on scans of the receipts from the Medical Centre which I expect at the very least I will be reimbursed for.
    I will wait until I hear Thomson response and how they plan to rectify the complaint before deciding whether to express my complete dissatisfaction with Thomson through Word of mouth/ Word of Web on such sites such as http://www.cruisecritic.com or various alternative sites/ blogs and social media.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Emily Darcy

    Email: emilydarcy@hotmail.com

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Emily,

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you experienced whilst you were on our Island Escape cruise. Our After Travel Team would be the team you needed to contact to make a formal complaint as the Social Media Team who monitors this blog are unable to respond to your complaint. If you haven’t contacted them already, you’re welcome to confirm your booking reference with us and we’ll pass this on for you.

    • emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

      Dear Rhiannon,

      Thank you for your reply, I contacted the Thomson After Travel Team and received a confirmation email from them on the 27th June .(My second attempt, since I received no confirmation to my first email which i sent a week prior to this).

      I was just wondering if you would be able to advise me when I can expect to hear back from Thomson After Travel Team. At this stage it is 37 days and still no reply.

      I feel that i am being very unfairly treated, why is my complaint being ignored? . Correct me if i’m wrong but does ABTA rules and regulations not clearly state that “a detailed reply, or a reply containing a detailed explanation for any delay, shall be sent not later than 28 days from the date of receipt of correspondence”

      Can you please ask the After Travel Team to respond to me by Close of Business Tomorrow 3rd August or I will pass this complaint to ABTA to follow up on my behalf.

      Kind regards,

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Emily, Our After Travel Team do have 28 days to respond but they’re currently in their peak period at the moment so I’m sorry to hear you’ve still not received a response. Can you confirm your booking reference with us as we can then chase this with the team.

    • emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

      Hi Rhiannon,

      I really appreciate your prompt reply, You seem to be the only one in the Thomson group, that actually has the respect to get back to customers.

      Rhiannon, the booking reference we got when booking the holiday was:

      When we got the confirmation letter indicating that my complaint was being dealt with, the reference number was:

      Thank you for chasing this up for me,

      Best regards,

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Emily, I’ve checked the system and can see an email was sent out to you on 8th August regarding your complaint. I can’t go into detail on here about what was written in the email as we’re on a public channel so can you let me know if you’ve not received it?

    • emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

      Dear Rhiannon,

      I did receive the email from Thomson. In this email it basically indicated that my complaint is only now been investigated by Thomson. This issue should have been resolved within the 28days outlined by ABTA rules and regulations.

      The email which I did receive 43 days after receiving confirmation, has come from a Do-Not-Reply email account. This email has requested a medical report which I have now received from my local GP. Can you please send me an email address that I can send a scan of these reports to.

      I would again like to Thank you Rhiannon for taking the time to respond to me. I feel the level of customer service been shown by Thomson (with the exception of yourself) has been awful. Can Someone please take responsibility for this !!

      Kind regards,

    • Amarita@Thomson

      Hi Emily, I’ve just sent you an email in regards to this.

    • emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

      Hi Amarita,

      Many thanks for your email, I have replied to this.

      Looking forward to a response from the After Travel Team.

      Best regards,

    • emilydarcy@hotmail.com' Emily Darcy

      Hi Rhiannon/ Amarita,

      Would you mind chasing this up with your After Travel Team please. This is really starting to anger me. This complaint is now going on for 77 days and I still haven’t heard anything.

      I apologies as I know this is a completely different department but I am Highly frustrated with the whole situation.


      Kind regards,

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Emily,

      I just wanted to confirm on here that we’ve received your email and have chased this with the After Travel Team. As soon as we hear back from them, we’ll respond again to your email.

  8. Louise.whitehouse@sage.com' Louise Whitehouse

    I am travelling to Crete on Thrusday on a Thomson flight, I have already paid extra for just about everything bar the air that we will breathe. But the charges you want for taking some dive gear are laughable i.e £118 for 15kg!! If it is your intention to allienate customers and drive them to the competition or to alternative cheaper ways of transporting sporting equipment then you are doing a mighty fine job. The last 2 long haul holidays that I have taken have both worked out cheaper in the long run than a 2 week holiday in the med with Thomson. In this economic climate you should really think twice about driving customers to look elsewhere – I certainly won’t be travelling with you again.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry you feel that way, Louise. Diving equipment is charged as excess baggage but on production of diving certificate, travellers can receive 5kg free of charge. I’m sorry you’ve been left disappointed by our charges but thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

  9. kimjones@fsmail.net' K Jones

    As you are obviously too embarrassed to leave my original complaint on the blog about your appalling customer service. Perhaps you could have the decency to email me directly to resolve my issues and rectify your errors!!,

  10. kimjones@fsmail.net' Kim Jones

    Having had no success in resolving our issue with your customer service department, who are unhelpful to say the least, am having to turn to you for help.
    We booked our honeymoon to Sicily from your Italy, Malta & Croatia brochure, choosing a hotel on page 72. It clearly states here ‘a bigger, 20 kg luggage allowance is included with this holiday’. Our booking form also clearly states that the luggage allowance is 20 kg per person. However, on printing our E-ticket we were surprised to see that the allowance is quoted as 15 kg each. We have used you customer email service twice to ask for a revised E-ticket and your staff have not even had the courtesy to acknowledge them. We therefore had no option but to ring your customer service line despite the waiting times being over 15 mins. We eventually got through and spoke to a Sia Y who just repeatedly said his records showed we only had 15 kg each! Exasperated, I asked to speak to the manager who when finally came to the line implied I was mistaken but then said if I had a booking form saying 20 kg why was I worried! I requested a new E-ticket to which she replied she couldn’t provide one and I needed to go to a different department and she couldn’t transfer me because she might cut me off!! I said I was not prepared to ring another number and be put on hold for another 15 mins to which she replied this would not be the case. When I asked for her name she said it was Sally and would not give me her surname, claiming that Sally was enough! Anyway you can probably guess that when I rang the number given I got a message to say that the waiting time could be up to 30 mins.
    Having been loyal customers of Thomson for many years we are shocked and disappointed that you care so little about customers to provide such an appalling service. Please can you do something to correct the error you have made and ensure we get a revised E-ticket??

  11. pamelabradley@btinternet.com' pamela simmons

    I really would like to draw attention to your very poor customer service via your call centres. I have booked and paid in full for a holiday with pre-booked seats – I also paid almost £400 extra for an additional seat for my infant. Despite being told in writing on confirmation of my booking and on several occasions by your call centre I could select my seats 90 days before travel, I have now been told I can’t because I am travelling on a Thomas Cook flight. Your supervisor Flora actually just advised me that I should take better care on my next booking and select a Thomson flight then I could get pre booked seats. She then added that I also booked on line and therefore should have read the terms and conditions! So, basically it sounds as if it is all my fault for trusting you when you told me I could pre-book my seats and for accepting the only flight you were offering from Glasgow which was a Thomas Cook flight! In addition, it has cost me 15 calls of 4 minutes to the Thomas Cook airlines premium rate number this morning which hung up automatically every time I got through and 25 minutes trying to explain my problem to your call centre premium rate number. I have tried desperately to find a customer complaints section on your website, but can’t so feel I have no choice but to use this blog. I really would appreciate someone getting in touch with me

  12. macsies@virginmedia.com' malcolm smith

    Unhappy about the way a guaranteed buy back transaction was handled. As the complaint is against the travel shop, pointless trying to get the matter resolved at that level. Wish to complain at a ‘higher level’ – but who to?

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Malcolm, I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy. If you wish to raise a complaint, you’ll need to ask to speak with the Manager of the branch who will look into your issues for you.

  13. mrsccuk@gmail.com' shaun carney

    just to say have booked with thomson for years ,never any problem .
    the cancellation charges are clearly stated in the booking information

    just want to ask one question ,do we have to pay £25 per person for transfers now ?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Shaun, Thanks for your feedback. You will usually only need to pay for transfers if you book your holiday within 84 days of departure. And this will be detailed in the charges on our website.

  14. verdun@brown5277.fsnet.co.uk' mr v brown

    Customer service if that means ignore customers, keep them on hold for over thirty minutes and then not do what you promise you would, you are performing an outstanding service.
    Briefly I had to cancel a holiday due to a serious ilLness to a close relative I was told on ringing to cancel that the cancellation invoice I needed to start my insurance claim would be sent out in 5/7 days.
    After 13 days I tried to ring to chase it up but after being on hold for ages I decided to email and I am still waiting for a reply to that.
    After 15 days I rang again and eventually spoke with one of your customer service team who said she would print off the cancellation invoice and send it straight out to me.
    It is now 19 days since my first request and still no invoice.
    I have just tried again to ring you and after being told I was through to the wrong department they said they would put me through to the right one only to be on hold again and after 32 minutes I hung up.
    Surely to send me one invoice cannot be that big a task after all you got nearly a thousand pounds for nothing but my phone bill just keeps mounting up.

  15. nathan.wilson@ntlworld.com' Nathan Wilson

    Dear Mr Burling
    As the Managing Director of First Choice, I am hoping you are able to assist me in resolving this ongoing issue at one of your local stores.
    I purchased a Luxury Spa experience voucher from your branch
    in Dunstable ( ref no.1808/13493) as a birthday gift for my wife and disabled Daughter in late December 2010, for them to take advantage of in 2011. Due to a family bereavement this was postponed for a later date. My wife attempted to book the treat earlier this year, only to find out that our daughter would not be included in this package due to her age. This we can understand, however our concern was that these conditions were not highlighted at the time of purchase. Reluctantly we have since attempted to try an alternative experience, which regrettably is either unsuitable or does not appeal. We have tried to resolve this matter by speaking to your local branch Manager as well as leaving repeated meassages. All that continues to happen is that the Manager does not take ownership and passes the issue around, showing no empathy and little understanding of being customer centric, which I thought was at the heart of your business mantra. We have requested a full and complete refund of our £190.00 pounds, which has been to no avail. We recently received a letter from Wendy Tomlin dated 16th May citing the responsibility lies with Attraction World and are therefore unable and unwilling to refund our money; citing that the store was just a booking agent. As a long standing client of First Choice we are dissapointed at the way we have been handled with little respect shown. We hope with your intervention our £190.00 will be refunded to us and by doing so our trust in your organisation will be restored, with you recognising the value of our custom.

    Yours Sincerely

    Nathan Wilson

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Nathan, Unfortunately, David Burling doesn’t respond to comments on the blog as this is managed by the Social Media Team. As you’ve purchased your voucher through one of our Retail stores, you’ll need to raise a complaint with the shops Manager. If you then wish to escalate the matter higher, you can ask to speak to the Regional Sales Manager. I’m sorry we couldn’t help further.

    • nathan.wilson@ntlworld.com' Nathan Wilson

      Hi Hollie
      As part of the social media team I would like you to forward my communication to the Regional Manager as I have little faith or confidence in the branch Manager at your Dunstable store.
      Nathan Wilson

  16. teresawatts800@aol.com' Teresa Watts

    I have booked a holiday to Jamaica and was told in the shop that they would match the web price. By the time i reached the shop the holiday had gone up by £40 per person. After hesitating as the price was quite expensive i was told by the sales assistant that every time someone books a room the cost of the holiday goes up and the holiday would not be available any cheaper. So i booked only to discover 7 days later the holiday was £230 per person cheaper. I have never looked at holidays on line before and have never booked with thomson before and i am not impressed. Is this what sales assistants are told to say in their training or is this somthing she felt was ok to say to get a sale. Even booking in the shop direct would cost a lot more that the current book price so i believed this statement to be true. If this had not been said to me and was told the price could go down as well as up i may have waited to get a cheaper price or if i had gone ahead and booked it would have been my fault. Sales assistant should not be allowed to say things that are not true just to get their commission. Please can you tell me how do i complain to head office? These tactics should not be allowed. I have booked for 4 people and have paid £920 more than i needed to.

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Teresa, I’m sorry to learn of your disappointment. I can confirm that we work with a flexible pricing system. So, the price of our holidays can go up or down at any point. The Travel Agent should not have advised you that the price would not later reduce. If you wish to make a complaint, you’ll need to do this in store with the Manager. If you then wish to escalate the matter further, you can ask to speak with the Regional Sales Manager. I hope this helps.

  17. suebusuttil@f2s.com' sue busuttil

    Booked a flight to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airlines via Thomson, Eastbourne. I need to have oxygen when I’m on a flight. The manager, herself, dealt with our booking and she incorrectly filled in the forms required by Etihad with the outcome that there was no oxgyen booked for me on the flight and I wasn’t allowed to fly on that date. She filled in the form which should have been given to me to be filled out by my doctor. (I have all the relevant paperwork to prove this.) I have spoken to her many times and had a meeting with her but she doesn’t consider that she was at fault – she blames the airline for not contacting her to let her know that the form was incorrect. Your After Travel Customer Support cannot help as it wasn’t a Thomson Holiday or Flight and they say that the shop has to deal with its own complaints. Well, when that complaint is about the manager, what do you do? She says she is not allowed to give me contact details of her regional manager so I can take the complaint to them. What options are left open to me but to complain to ABTA or ATOL

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Sue, I’m so sorry to hear of the problems you’ve experienced. I’ve just sent you an email so that I can take a look at this for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. kumar.varma@designworks-etc.co.uk' Mr. K. Varma

    Attention Attention Mr. David Burling: MD Tui UK Ltd
    Dear David
    Simply Travel: Crete 27th May -3rd June 2012

    We have saved up to take a holiday to celebrate our 35th anniversary and decided to use the personal service of Simply Travel instead of Thomson internet service as the price for the vacation was identical.

    However, I now understand that in order to sit together ( KV & AK) on the Thomson Airways Flight, we have to reserve seats and pay an extra charge, as we booked with Simply ( owned by Tui )
    When we previously booked holidays with Thomson we did not have to pay extra charges to sit together.

    Can you please help me on this occasion, by ensuring that Ms. A. Keane and I sit together on our outward and return flights for our 35th Anniversary.
    It would be really appreciated.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards – Kumar Varma
    ( ps I considered writing a letter-but understand you will take 28 days to reply.
    I telephoned 024 7628 2828 but could not get through to any help, unless I had a complaint- disappointing.)

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mr, K, Varma,

      Thanks for your post.

      For the past couple of years, we’ve offered customers the optional extra of purchasing prebooked seats so everyone in the party is guaranteed to be sat together. Also when you purchase this extra, you’re given the free service of selecting your seats on our Flight Extras website. Customers don’t have to purchase these seats and can wait to see what seats are available at the airport but by doing so, its not guaranteed that our check-in staff will be able to seat you together. I’m sorry for any disappointment this has caused but unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to request that you’re sat together on your flight. If you do decide that you’d like to add these seats to your booking, you’ll need to speak to Simply Travel to do so. I’m sorry I’m unable to help further with this but I hope you both have a fantastic 35th anniversary in Crete.

  19. markdavies007@tiscali.co.uk' mark davies

    When making my booking online I made a mistake and spelt my partners surname wrong so had to change surname from Duton to Dutton. This cost me £50 to change! I dont understand this as it is all through email, so there are no admin charges! Please can you explain this?

    The other thing was that I clearly selected select your seats when making the booking and paid £34.00.(see below) I then selected seats 10a and 10b for going out and 5a and 5b for coming back. But your advisor said that payment was still pending, and that I needed to pay another £34 to secure those seats? Please can you explain this? What I had wanted to do was change the outgoing seats 10a and 10b to as far forward in the plane as possible? I have not paid a further £34.

    The last thing that really surprised me was that I had to pay an extra £52 to secure the car hire for the holiday. My booking confirmation clearly says that car hire is included! (see below) Without paying this £52 I would not have a car for the holiday.

    I am very disappointed in this, and is not what I would expect from a company like thomsons.

    Mark Davies

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mark,

      Without seeing your booking, it would be difficult for me to address all of the points you’ve mentioned in your post. But we do charge admin fees for any amendments on the booking and these are all detailed in our terms and conditions which are on our website and in our brochures. You have to tick to say you’ve read and agree with them before you’re allowed to continue with making your booking online.

      As mentioned before, I can’t comment on the other points without seeing your booking reference so I’ve just sent you an email requesting these details.

  20. lush_69x@hotmail.co.uk' Amanda Lazell

    I’m hoping you can help… My partner and i have just returned from our 2 week holiday to BlueBay Villa Resort in the Dominican Republic. I have to say how very disappointed we where. I don’t quite no where to start, so here goes: The beach was disgusting, i have photographs of it too, we found needles and syringes, which my partner almost trod on. After this we did not even attempt to go into the water, it was meant to be a relaxing adults only but this was no way relaxing.. it was more like an 18-30 club. All drinks were given in paper cups something that you would give at a child’s party. The room: The T.V blew up which took them 2 days to come and replace and this only happened as my partner went and complained again, the coffee machine didn’t work, again when this was changed we had an ants nest in it and the iron didn’t work, this was changed along with the coffee machine the day before we came home. There was also no hairdryer in the room which in the brouche it stated that there was. We did inform our rep who did try to sort this out for us but management was not listen to him or us. Their were chips out of the plates and tea cups. This is meant to be a four star resort but i would only give it a two. We found along with other holiday makers that if you were for Candida then every thing was done for you straight away. We payed a lot of money for this holiday and could not believe what we had to put up with. The safe didn’t work either and this was after we had payed $42 for it, which was not stated in the broucher that we had to pay for it. We both could not wait to get home and would never go back again. Can you advise me on what i shopuld do as i feel that we should be entitled to some money back especially with the photos of the beach that i have.

    Many Thanks

  21. rosalyn.pickering@btinternet.com' Rosalyn

    There is a serious problem with First Choice Hypermarkets Sales Representatives miselling the holiday. I have cancelled a Thomson today after I only booked it on Thursday and the balance was paid in full on Saturday. I took the complaint directly to the Manager and Head Office came back with an insulting offer of £180. I then quoted the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 Regulation 4 and this was passed on to Thomsons legal, equally as incompetant as the selling staffs as they said that those regulations did not cover cruise holidays and that the Athens Convention did. Rubbish, Athens Convention covers for personal injury, loss of valuables and just in particular while on the cruise. I have contacted Trading Standards and they have confirmed that the contract would be covered for a cruise package under the 1992 regulations, as mentioned earlier. Equally they are going to investigate Thomson and First Choice for a criminal offence of miselling under the act. David and the MD for Thomson Cruises can also expect a letter from me within the next two days of the full complaint, greivances and terms.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Rosalyn,

      I’m sorry to hear that. I can see from your post that you’re planning on contacting our Directors Team so I’ll let them know that a letter is on it’s way.

  22. stevetippa@live.co.uk' Steve

    I just booked my holiday online yesterday and then decided to hire a car instead of coach transfers costing £50. I then tried to cancel the charge for coach transfers using thomson “manage my booking” facility. I removed the coach transfer charges thinking my bill would reduce by £50. However I then discovered that they then charged £50. for the amendment which I had done !!!!! so I am no better off !! I beleive this to be misleading & contravenes the trade description act. How can you justify charging me £50 for an amendment which I had done online by clicking a mouse. I wait in anticipation for any response before I take further action.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Steve,

      If customers add an extra on to their booking, they will usually be charged an amendment fee to remove this and this is outlined in our terms and conditions. I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with this charge.

    • stevetippa@live.co.uk' Steve

      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately you have your facts wrong. Firstly I did not add any extra’s to my booking, the coach transfer price was added as a given by Thomson. I simply removed it, as it was not required. Your terms and conditions are misleading to the customer, and hidden. Terms and conditions must be fair for customers Any court in the land will correct you so e.g. charging £50 to someone for no service is not considered fair trading. Please reimburse my £50 at the earliest oppurtunity,if you disagree with my statement, please contact me via e mail so I can receive official correspondence for me to progress with the relevant authority.
      Kind regards.
      Stephen Tiplady

  23. Shoblow@hotmail.com' Shona Lee

    Rhiannon@thomson….not sure if you are still monitoring this site…but, feeling this is my last resort in seeking a resolution to my issues. I have sent 2 letters addressed to David Burling, one on 5th march, then after no reply/acknowledgment I sent a chaser letter, recorded delivery on 19th march. Still no reply. Rang customer services, got passed pillar to post, been told that you as a company have 28 days to reply, 28 days are now up and still no contact from Thomson. Lady at customer services told me all correspondence has been passed back to my original branch who dealt with booking, although I have contacted them on 5 previous occasions (1 letter, 2 visits and 2 phone calls) only to be told my only choice now was to contact head office!! Went to branch to ask when can I expect to receive a reply, guess what, they don’t have any record of my letters being passed from head office to them! I know head office have all copies of my correspondence, please can someone take some ownership of the situation and contact me to ackowledge my situation and resolve my issues. It is now over 28 days since my first letter to you, to which i have had no reply. Thank you.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Shona, I’ve just sent you an email asking for more details so I can take a look into this for you. Hope to hear back from you soon.

  24. d.watson.652@btinternet.com' David

    Hi I booked a summer break online can I go into a Thomson’s shop and pay my balance ?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi David,

      You can pay your balance in one of our stores if you booked online. You’ll just need to take your reference number with you. I hope that helps.

  25. carolynbaker@hotmail.co.uk' Carolyn

    My husband just tried to book a holiday online, all was going well until the payment. The details were completed and the payment was being authorised then the screen froze. We phoned Thomson who told us to phone our bak to seethe payment was cleared. We did this and the answer was yes. We then phoned Thomsons back who said they could not do anything as the payment was now in holding, we would have to phone tomorrow and get this sorted. At 10 pence a minute this is not cheep. Any way that was that, then we asked the question was the holiday booked, we were told no even though our money was accepted. So it’s now 9 o’clock at night and we do not know if we will get this holiday or not. We can’t re book as this would cost us double. I feel that if you have access to book a holiday if there are problems with the booking there should be help available.

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Carolyn, I’m really sorry to hear that you had problems when booking your holiday. Did you manage to get this resolved? Please let me know if not, and I’ll drop you an email to look into this further for you.

    • sandylynn12@btinternet.com' Sandra Wright

      I’ve had the same experience as Carolyn on 10/04/12. I booked a holiday online, payment was accepted, then screen froze. I spent over 45 mins on phone to very unhelpful staff who just informed me that no holiday was booked. I was told that money should “bounce back” to my account or ring back next day. Payment didn’t return so I rang again. Spoke to Russell, who was intent on selling me another holiday! My bank had informed me that all Thomson had to do was fax Visa Dispute Team to confirm that they wouldn’t be confirming payment, but this request was refused. I finally got an agreement for my payment to be returned. 3 days later and I’m still waiting. Apparently this can take 7 working days and in the meantime, I am missing nearly £1000! Thomson refused to accept that this was their fault and stated that it had never happened before. I’m appalled at their response and after booking 25 holidays with them, will never trust them again. I’m just praying that my money is returned as I have no proof or booking reference.

    • Hollie @Thomson

      Hi Sandra, I’m sorry to hear of the problems you had trying to book your holiday. I hope that the payment you tried to make has now been returned to your account, but if not, please give our Customer Support Team a call on 0844 871 0879 and the team will do what they can to help.

    • gas27002@yahoo.co.uk' G Summers

      I have just had the same experience and I am now £479 out of pocket for at least a week or so. This is totally unacceptable from such a large company. Thomsons on line booking needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear that there were problems when you tried to make payment on our website. Unfortunately, it can take 5-7 working days for the funds to re-enter your account but I’ve passed your feedback on to our Web Team.

  26. susanmarsey@live.co.uk' susan marsey

    we have booked a group holiday( 6 people) to NYC. Thomson couldn’t find the hotel that we saw on the internet so advised us to book another one, which we did and paid 300 pounds each of the total amount. 2 hours later another travel company found the hotel and same flight for less money. I rang Thomson who said they would look for it. They rang back to say they had found the hotel but were basking for £103.00p more (each person).
    Why cant Thomson’s price match?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Susan,

      Price matching does depend on a number of factors so there may have been a reason why your travel agent wasn’t able to do this for you. I’d recommend having a chat with your agent if you’re unhappy and they’ll be able to go through everything with you.

  27. 601colin@sky.com' Colin Leitch

    I have just returned from The Luca Costa Lago in Torremolinos
    booking ref.469623 dep date 16/03/12 the hotel had building work ongoing while we were there for a weekend we spent £831 including £60 late booking fee, why was i not informed about the work before booking.The rep at the hotel couldnt do anything as we were there for only 3 days its a lot of money to look at a biulding site
    I await your comments

  28. tomgirdler79@googlemail.com' Thomas Girdler


    Have just returned from a fortnight in Mexico, booked with Thomson. Had a complaint about an excursion which couldn’t be resolved in resort, i have a copy of the complaint report, but now back in the UK i have to contact After Travel Support……this is by either phone and writing…….do Thomsons really still reside in the dark ages? Is there not an online complaints department? Where i can scan a copy of the complaint form and get the ball rolling?


    • pfrod6439@gmail.com' Paul Frodsham

      Thomas, like you I am amazed that Thomson makes it so difficult to make a complaint. My wife and I have recently had to cancel our holiday due to a relative becoming seriously ill. The staff in the local shop called the “Head Office” to find out our cancellation charges and refund figure and we were initially given a figure. When we decided we were definitely cancelling we were given another figure which was almost £90 less for the refund. We were later contacted again to say a mistake had been made and our refund would now be reduced by a further £398…sheer incompetence. To compound this, no-one in the shop could show a sequential calculation to show how these figures are arrived at. The shop staff seem as confused as us and have offered to send a letter on our behalf. I might take this offer up, but I have little confidence in Thomson and would like to know of their formal complaints procedure and deal with someone who can take a fresh impartial look and provide some explanations, hence my wish to find their complaints procedure, but so far all I have experienced is piped music down my telephone line. How poor is it that I have to resort to hoping someone in a position of some influence will respond to picking up on this as another possible avenue of getting some satisfactory answers….dreadful service!!!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been experiencing. Our terms and conditions are located on our website and in the back of our brochures and these show all the cancellation and amendment fee charges if that’s any help to you? In regards to complaint procedures – If you’ve booked online and customers have a pre-travel query/complaint, they need to contact our Pre-Travel Team via email, phone or post. But if customers book with one of our travel agents, then these complaints must be directed to the store. And when customers return home from their holiday, they’d need to contact our After Travel Team. All these details can be found on the ‘contact us’ page on our website – http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/legal/contact-us-package-holidays.html. I hope that helps.

  29. kc0575@hotmail.com' keith conde /shaun dyke

    please tell us how to contact mr david burlings we think your customer services are terrible we found a PDQ machine in mexico bought it back to the UK,If it was found by someone who wanted to transfer thousands off pounds out off your account they could have done we have not heard a thing since we retuned it to Lynn Hargate banking assistant manager at head office Luton yours k conde s dyke a nice gift would not go a miss for our trouble

  30. alisondsutton@hotmail.com' Mrs Aliison Elkin

    I recently tried to book a holiday online but the website crashed and would not allow me to make a payment. It was past 5pm on a Sunday so I had no choice but to wait til Monday morning to try and book.
    However, by 8am on Monday morning the price had increased. I spoke to your call centre who said the could do nothing about the price increase so I emailed the pre travel contact centre.

    What an appalling email experience I had!! They persistently responded with standard comments with high visibility of poor copying and pasting, not to mention grammar! The manner also seemed slightly aggressive and as if I was causing them a problem when I advised I was not happy with their response! I was made to feel that I had done something wrong.

    Surely a problem with your site crashing ‘out of working hours’ should not mean I have to pay more? Is this really ‘Treating Customers Fairly’?

    I am extremely disappointed with Thomson and will share my experience with as many as I can. Booking a holiday should be a happy experience but this time it has quite upset me.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      I’m sorry to hear you weren’t happy with the responses from our emails team, Alison. I do understand your frustrations and can see you’ve been given the contact information for our directors team. Once you’ve contacted them, they’ll responded to you in due course. ^Rhiannon

  31. ceedee1@virginmedia.com' Darren DN

    I really think David should go back to the floor urgently within your customer service team. We recently had cause to complain, the complaint was dealt with rather poorly and it is still unresolved. We have been regular customers for over a decade, and I have never known such poor customer service come from a company as large as yours. I personally have worked in customer facing roles for over twenty years and understand how important complaints are in order to build a better company and win back customer confidence. The tone of the response letter to our complaint was at best disgraceful and at worst illustrated a clear disdain for Thomson customers. The nature of our complaint involved cabin crew making a promise to resolve an issue that occurred due to poor hygiene standards in the aircraft. To resolve the issue a crew manager advised that a report was logged and cleaning or replacement of a garment would be honoured when we returned to the UK. Upon our return we raised the issue together with further issues with regard to the holiday rep for your customer services team to address. Not only were all areas for concern not addressed in the response but then you also refused to honour what was promised in flight. I can only assume that all areas of your business do not communicate and that poor customer relations is the way ahead for Thomson as it appears that there are a large number of customers unhappy at the way that they are treated by your customer services team. Foolishly we had already booked travel again with Thomson later this year. I would recommend any potential, new or existing Thomson customer to seriously consider a company other than Thomson before your book, we chose Thomson over Thomas Cook although the latter were cheaper we stayed loyal to Thomson but as we have discovered loyalty at Thomson costs customers. What happened to treating the customer fairly?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Darren,

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. Our After Travel team deal with any complaints made once you’re back home so you would need to contact them if you’re unhappy with their response. You’ll find the name and number of the advisor who dealt with your complaint on the email/letter you received from them -so they’d be the best person to contact as they’ll be familiar with your case. If you don’t have the advisors name, please let me know and I’ll find out for you. ^Rhiannon

  32. glyn.rowbotham@btinternet.com' Glyn Rowbotham

    Following my comment of the 17th Feb , would someone , Rhiannon ? , respond or advise who I should write to get my compaint addressed please.

    • glyn.rowbotham@btinternet.com' Glyn Rowbotham

      Hi Rhiannon,

      But I get no where with the Store Manager and wish to escalate to a higher authority , can you let me have the address of the person responsible for shops nationall please.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Glyn,

      I’ve sent you a quick email to explain our complaints procedure. It’ll be coming from ‘thomsoncares’. Thanks ^Rhiannon

    • glyn.rowbotham@btinternet.com' Glyn Rowbotham

      Thank you , but the Store Manager is covering up the blatant error and my contact with her has been exhausted , please advise who i can write to who has national authority for stores and can address my complaint , we have booked a once in a lifetime holiday and this issue has totally clouded it to the point we are considering never to use Thomson again.

  33. glyn.rowbotham@btinternet.com' Glyn Rowbotham

    Its a pity David didn’t visit my local shop where my recent experience has been very very poor , we have been good Thomson and its subsiduaries customers for years but to no avail after being pushed into paying extra costs 6 weeks after settling our final balance , who can address this for me as the local Shop Manager advises she does not have authority yet its her staff that told us on paying the final balance that there would be no further charges.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Glyn,

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had in one of our retail shops. Any retail complaints do need to be dealt with by the store, so I’d recommend writing a letter addressed to them and then it will be investigated for you. ^Rhiannon

  34. paulyt1@sky.com' Paul Taylor

    Would be really interested in having a chat with David about the customer service I have had in past couple of days. A long time customer and fan of Thomson made to feel completely unvalued

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Paul, I saw your tweets on our Thomson Twitter page and have replied back from our customer service account. Thanks ^Rhiannon

  35. ellendarlington@gmail.com' Ellen Darlington

    Great article. It’s a real shame that you’re not working with your customer service or complaints team as the service offered is horrendous! I’ve written to you several times including to your Service Delivery Manager and have had no correspondence let alone resolution to my issue. You leave me no other option than to take my complaint to the press.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ellen,

      I’ve just sent you an email. It will be coming from ‘thomsoncares’. Thanks ^Rhiannon

    • ericthomasdillon@gmail.com' Frederick Thomas Dillon

      I would greatly appreciate Mr. David Burling explaining to me why Mr.Ian Chapman in his role of ”After Travel Support” has thus far totally ignored several emails plus one very expansive hand written letter with dates commencing June 1st which referred to Thomson’s mis-management of their holiday arrangement on behalf of two very senior citizens. Reference 0618/34849

    • Amanda @Thomson

      Hi Frederick, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive a reply. I can see from your booking reference that you have spoken to Donna this week regarding your complaint.

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