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Where Should I Go On Holiday? Year-round Climates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where in the world can you go for some winter sun?

It’s the million-dollar question when it comes to booking a holiday – where should I go at this time of year? To help you find the answer, we’ve come up with an interactive tool that’ll tell you where’s hot, when. As well as average temperatures for the month you want to travel in, it covers details like hours of sunlight, rainfall and humidity levels. So you can choose a date – or a destination – based on the weather.

If you’re flying from the UK (December to March) and don’t want to go too far, your best bets for catching some sun is in North Africa or the Canary Islands. As you move into April, Southern Spain becomes quite attractive.  And by the time May comes around, suddenly the options are much wider, and remain so right through to October.

Weather Infographic
Click on the image above to launch the interactive version

You may need to upgrade to the latest version of your browser to view the interactive map.

Please note users on IE8 or below may experience problems viewing the infographic. IE9 is available on Windows Vista and above, Chrome or Firefox users with the latest version should not experience any issues.

How To Use The Graphic

Start by choosing the month you want to travel in.


Then click and drag the sliders to pick your ideal temperature and hours of sunlight per day.






As you drag the sliders, you’ll notice cities – the pink dots on the map – disappear and reappear, depending on the ranges you set.


If you want to know more about any of the locations, click on the map to zoom in. Then you can hover over the dots for more details.

About The Research

The data for the graphic came from the BBC Weather site (e.g. BBC Weather – Paris).  BBC Weather is provided in association with the MET office (the UK’s national weather service).

In most cases, we were limited to providing details of the weather in major cities. But the graphic still shows patterns which will give you an idea of the warmest places to visit at the appropriate time of year.

To embed the infographic, use the following code:

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  1. charli.samuelson93@hotmail.co.uk' Charlotte

    Don’t bother wasting your time going to Mexico & deffo don’t stay in the el dorado seaside suites. My husband & I went here for our honeymoon & it was the worst holiday we’ve ever been on!! I got food poisoning, there were ants in our room & it just goes from bad to worse!!

  2. stevenemmett@hotmail.com' Steven Emmett

    I want to book a holiday to Jamaica and following the booking trail I cannot see where the Premium Club option is. Can you help?

    Thank You Steven

    • melanie.james@thomson.co.uk' Melanie James

      Hi Steven, Is this for flight only?

  3. paul.lowroad@btinternet.com' P Mycroft

    Shocking customer service – 8 days to respond to an email question
    I have just booked a holiday to Los Gigantes Hotel Tenerife and can’t even find out if they provide pool towels and hairdryer.
    The phone is still ringing after 12 minutes at 10p per minute

    • melanie.james@thomson.co.uk' Melanie James

      Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear you have had difficulty obtaining an answer to your queries. I can confirm that the hotel will have a hairdryer in the rooms and they will provide beach/pool towels with a small deposit.

  4. anna.brooks66@btinternet.com' Anna Brooks


    I am trying to send an email with my entry for the travel photo competition but the message has not been delivered as ‘the recipients mail box is full’.

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