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E-ticketing Now Available At Thomson And First Choice…

Tuesday 1st November was an important date in the calendar here at Thomson and First Choice HQ. That’s when we embraced the hi-tech world of e-ticketing.

E-tickets are now available for anyone who’s booked a beach holiday on either thomson.co.uk or firstchoice.co.uk. Instead of sending you a mini ticket booklet through the post, we’ll email your tickets – and any associated travel vouchers – as a pdf attachment around six weeks before you’re due to fly. You can then either print off your tickets from the email or, if it’s more convenient, print them from your own personalised website, ‘mythomson’ or ‘myfirstchoice’ . If you’d like a bit more information about how these websites work, click here.

Two of the big benefits of e-ticketing are…

• It’s Easy It means you can keep everything online, from booking your holiday to receiving your tickets.

• It’s Better For The Environment It helps us meet our Holidays Forever commitments by cutting down on the amount of paper we use and reducing our carbon emissions.

First In Line…

To mark the launch, we dished out gifts to our very first e-ticket customers at Manchester and Gatwick airports.

Mr and Mrs Sharp Manchester Airport
Mr and Mrs Sharp from Leeds area

Mr and Mrs Sharp, from the Leeds area, checked in for their flight to Malaga at 3.20am on 1st November. The couple – who flew from Manchester – are spending a week at the Angela Hotel in Fuengirola. They’re loyal Thomson customers and were first to use the new e-ticketing system, giving lots of positive feedback in the process.

The Sharps enjoyed a glass of bubbly at the Thomson and First Choice check-in desk, plus they got a £30 Thomson Airways voucher to spend onboard their flight.


Mr and Mrs Smith Gatwick Airport
Mr and Mrs Smith over at Gatwick

Over at Gatwick, Mr and Mrs Smith, and their grandson, checked in for their flight to Alicante at 3am on the same day.

They found the new e-ticketing system really easy to understand, too. They went on their way with a bottle of bubbly and £30 of Thomson Airways vouchers.

Here’s what some of our other customers had to say about the new e-tickets…

“The new e-tickets are better because you don’t worry about your tickets not turning up in the post.”

“It was very easy to log in to myfirstchoice and print off my e-ticket.”

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2,719 Responses to “E-ticketing Now Available At Thomson And First Choice…”

  1. lefisher@loxinfo.co.th' Lynda Fisher

    I booked a ticket with you for 9 April 2012 LCA-LGW and have not yet received an e-mail confirmation. I booked on 27 Feb and written to you via the website on two occasions but have not had a reply. Until I receive the e-mail I cannot get on to Manage My Booking.

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan

      Hello Rhiannon, I am sure that other travellers would like to know what Lynda should do under these circumstances, many customers of Thomson are continually having this very same problem and it has been ongoing for many months.
      This is getting urgent, Lynda booked to travel 9th April and she needs to print out the documents, I had this very same problem but I never did get the documents to print out and my payment was seized by Thomson.

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan

      Hi Rhiannon,
      Sorry but the information you are giving out is not correct,
      I called your chargeable telephone lines and could not get through, after my flight left without me I managed after several months to get a response from your directors office and the excuse was that being unable to contact Thomson by phone was due to call waiting confirming that Thomson’s telephone system is not fit for purpose.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alan,

      You may find in busier periods that there will be waiting times but all our contact information is on our website, including our opening hours. We’re contactable via phone, email, letter and on our social media sites.

      I’m sorry you didn’t get the response you were hoping for via our directors office and that I’m unable to help further with this.

  2. Pchester52@aol.com' phil chester

    Just printed my e tickets. As a regular flyer with Thomson I think it is a great idea. Other airlines do it and it is becoming the norm, I have flown to two destinations recently which Thomsons do not fly to and each time used e tickets. All you people complaining step into the modern world. I hope those of you who say you are not using Thomsons again realise this, if not you soon will do.

  3. caroleandon@hogtmail.com' Carole Andonegui

    I cant open the link to print my tickets. I rang the Thompson number and was told I dont need to print them, just take my confirmation email to the airport. It seems too soon to give up, I asked if they could print them and post them to me and he said he couldnt do that. I am worried I will get to the airport and encounter a problem with just taking me email. Is this correct?

  4. amanda_watling@hotmail.com' Amanda

    I have to say I have always preferred to have my ticket booklet sent to me by post but I have received an email to print off my E-Ticket and it was extremely straight forward and now I have my ticket in my possession 6wks before I go on holiday rather than wait anxiously 2-3wks before for the post to arrive. As long as what I have printed off is my E-Ticket!! I have 4 pages it has flight dets, both our names, baggage allowance and our accommdation dets? It does say in top right hand corner ‘E-Ticket – Travel Document with booking ref number and departure date. Can you confirm this is all I need at check-in? Many Thanks



  6. colin.l.hughes@btinternet.com' Colin Hughes

    I wouldn’t have known that the E-ticket replaced the tickets that I was advised would come through the post, had I not read the above comments.I have not received notification of this change,and was looking for Thomson e-mail address to send a query when I came across this page! All OK now…have printed ticket!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Colin,

      I’m sorry to hear you weren’t aware that you would be receiving etickets for your holiday. This should usually be written on your confirmation. But I’m glad to hear it’s all been sorted now and I hope you have a fantastic holiday. ^Rhiannon

  7. davidsalmonuk@aol.com' Mr D Salmon

    I have recieved my E-Tickets, but no where on this dose it state my pre-booked flight seats.it say there are no extra facilaties booked but i have a print out which states i have booked these seats and payed for them. is this standard for it not to appear on the E-Ticket? or is this a mistake on your part?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi David,

      Just to let you know I’ve sent you an email so you should receive this shortly. ^Rhiannon

    • stewartrks@hotmail.com' Ray

      I have the same issue and have been unable twice to generate a reply from your website. So please tell us what you wrote to David so that I can determine what the situation is.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ray,

      Are you contacting our email team via our online form on the ‘contact us’ part of our website? If so, you should have received a response to your emails.

      Could you let me know what problems you’re having with your etickets and I’ll take a look for you.

    • stewartrks@hotmail.com' Ray

      Hi – yes I have used the “contact us” facility on your website twice and have received no reply. The issue is that I booked and paid for seats some time after I booked the flights. When I received my e-ticket there was no indication that seats had been reserved. I pointed this out at the time and the e-ticket was re-issued but again with no seat information. I am flying on 31 March.

  8. stephen.moore007@ntlworld.com' Steve Moore

    Just received my e-mail to say that I must print off my e-tickets but when I press the screen keeps saying “Navigation to cm-apps cancelled”. And I can’t go to My Thomson site as I don’t have one for this April holiday – it was booked over the phone with Thomson and the reference number in the top right hand corner of the subsequent confirmation letter (1495/071684) isn’t accepted!

  9. Iphonegaz@yahoo.co.uk' G.wilkinson

    Hope you can help! I made a booking for a holiday on Saturday afternoon & upon submitting payment details a screen with a booking reference number & various other details appeared,so I decided to print it off but as I did,my computer decided to conflict with my printer & turn itself off & the last thing I rememberd seeing was “what happens next” & something on the lines of sending me a email.
    I haven’t received a booking confirmation by email as yet & I don’t have a booking reference as I was going to print it but couldn’t.
    so do you think it is likely to have booked the holiday as I’m desperate to find out as we are supposed to travel in 6 days time?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi G.wilkinson,

      I’m sorry I’ve only just seen your comment today. I hope you managed to speak to someone about this and that you’re having a great holiday. ^Rhiannon

  10. t22dal@tiscali.co.uk' Derek

    I have had my e mail saying my tickets are available on line.
    What is wrong I have tried 4 times to get them but always end up with a blank sheet.I have updated my adobe reader to 10 but still get the same result–blank screen.
    Like others I find no luggage lables a pain.I hope the airline do not lose them, or we get to our destination with 100 cases all black ,on the merry go round.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Derek,

      You can also log into your ‘my thomson’ site to print off your etickets. Have you tried this?

      Although we no longer supply luggage labels, your luggage will be electronically tagged at check in. And we do always advise that you put something on your bag so you know it’s yours – maybe a tag or label of some sort.

      Let me know if you’re still having problems with your etickets. ^Rhiannon

  11. johndavids.evans@ntlworld.com' John Evans

    Please passthe following adviceto the help desk refproblems opening the e-ticket
    I am using IE9 and had the problem where either the web page opened with a statement Navigation cancelled when run from the e- mail or it opened a blank page if opened from My Thomson.
    In IE go to Tools Menu/Internet Options/Advanced Tab/Go to Security section and untick “do not save encrypted pages to disk”. Click ok.
    Log out of IE and then back in again and you should be able to open the e-ticket.

  12. lynnclark@fsmail.net' Mrs Clark

    to all the people who have trouble with printing the e tickets we have just booked a thompson holiday with our local travel agent and were able to collect the tickets from them.

  13. alanjenkins26@hotmail.co.uk' ALAN,


    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alan,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our eticket system. We did send out emails to all our customers to let them know that they’d now be receiving etickets. However if you’ve booked a flight only, you would still receive an eticket as normal. Our package holidays now have tickets sent via email which means you no longer receive ticket booklets in the post. This is now stated on the email confirmation we send out when a holiday is booked. Hope that helps. ^Rhiannon

  14. sirhcnoel@yahoo.co.uk' Leon Gosiewski

    I cannot print my etickets from the email sent, I only get a plain white screen. I contacted your office by phone and was told that I would be sent this in another format. This was last week and as yet I have not received that email. I also contacted my local Tui shop and they cannot help, data protection apparently. Please can you send my etickets to my email address so that I can print them. Thanks

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Leon – If you booked on our website, you can download your etickets from your ‘My Thomson’ site on our website. If you have any other problems, let me know. ^Rhiannon

    • sirhcnoel@yahoo.co.uk' Leon

      Thank you Rhiannon but I have tried this and get the same white screen. It comes up with cm-apps.co.uk with a white screen. I have downloaded the adobe reader still no result. Please can you send the pdf to my email?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Leon,

      I’ll send you a quick email over about this. Should be with you in a few minutes. ^Rhiannon

    • mandyorford@virginmedia.com' Mandy Orford

      I have just received my e tickets, it says any vouchers and tickets will be attached, yet all I have is a printed confirmation of my booking with nothing attached, is this my e ticket, just a few sheets of paper with my details on it? and no tickets or vouchers? How confusing!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mandy,

      Yes that’s your eticket. It does look like a confirmation and it should have your flight and accommodation details on. If you had any vouchers included in your holiday, these would be printed off the same way. Hope that helps. ^Rhiannon

  15. carol.hutchinson45@virgin.net' carol hutchinson

    We are going on the red sea magic cruise, and stay in Sharm-el Sheikh which we booked last june.
    We had an e-mail from Thomson stating that we will recieve our e tickets through the e-mail address to print of but as yet we havent had them so I got in touch with the travel shop where we booked, and they now have gave us a letter to present at the customer service desk at Doncaster Airpot.
    I am totally disgusted with there unprofesional service.
    I could understand it if we booked last minute.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Carol,

      I can see your email address is on here so I’ll send you a quick email about this. ^Rhiannon

  16. Rhiannon@Thomson

    Hi Joseph and Catherine,

    Sorry I wasn’t available to pick your message up before you set off for your holiday. I hope you didn’t have any problems at the airport and are having a great time in Gran Canaria. ^Rhiannon

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan Ingley

      Hi Rhiannon, just spotted your reply to Joseph and Catherine above.
      I received a reply to one of my emails to Thomson that is similar,mine was from Pre-Travel as follows.

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan Ingley

      Thank you for emailing regarding your holiday to Lanzarote,

      I apologise that we were unable to respond to your urgent message before you departed, however hope you found out the relevant information before travelling.

      My email to Thomson was that the information to print travel documents had not been received and they never did send this information and we could not get on any flight.

  17. d.p.finn@blueyonder.co.uk' david

    Are my e-tkts just a copy of the details i have received on my e-mail?
    will they be acceptable at the airport when booking in? I have printed these off as my tkts is this correct? thankyou.

  18. d.p.finn@blueyonder.co.uk' David

    How long before i get a reply to my e-mail sent at 16.29 today ?

  19. d.p.finn@blueyonder.co.uk' David

    I have just printed my e-tks off, are the just sheets of paper with all flt.& passenger details? as shown in my e-mail.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi David, Yes your eticket will have your flight and passenger details on. It’s usually a few pages with your contract on as well. You’ll just need to take that to check in. Hope that helps. ^Rhiannon

  20. martusiaczek@op.pl' marta

    I can not book my holiday per internet,I can not do the payment,what I have to do?

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Marta,

      If you’re unable to book online – are you able to visit your local Thomson travel agent as they’ll be able to help?

  21. amandamcnellis@googlemail.com' amanda mcnellis

    I have been trying to speak to someone on the telephone to say that I only now have one e ticket that I can print off, originaly both of our tickets where there fine and since I asked Thomsons to make a change to my name being miss and not mrs, now only my e ticket is showing and not our other passenger. They are now telling me to go on the day of traveling which is two days away! and the check in desk will sort it, I am worried that we show up now and have to either pay for an e ticket or they wont give us one, Can someone please get back to me asap as I am having no luck with the poor english speaking telephone operators.

    Kind regards

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Amanda,

      I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your etickets. I can see you’ve supplied your email address so I will be sending over an email shortly. It will be coming through as ‘thomsoncares’ in your inbox. ^Rhiannon

  22. ormondefyfe@tiscali.co.uk' ormonde fyfe

    where has my comments gone or is this another case of ignoreing customer complaints we are flying to goa on monday but this holiday has been ruined before it even starts thanks to thomsons uncaring and unhelpful staff it is high time this company realised that if they wish to keep customers they will have to be more helpful call centres in britain staffed with people who can speak and understand english would be a help

  23. ormondefyfe@tiscali.co.uk' ormonde fyfe

    I also am ditching thomson holidays because of this stupid e-ticket fiasco I do not have a printer but got no help at all from thomsons it is ridiculous to claim it is to reduce their carbon footprint what about the increase in the customers carbon footprint plus all the spoilt sheets of paper why do you not tell the truth and admit that if you get the mugs to print their own tickets you can employ fewer people and make even more money this is just company bullying what would happen if customers got together and refused to accept these stupid e-tickets? I bet things would change very quickly This is our fourth year going to Goa with thomson but never again this system was never mentioned when we booked and paid for the holiday and what right do you have to introduce new ticket systems without letting customers know . shame on you treating senior citizens in this manner. NEVER AGAIN!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Ormonde,

      Thank you for your comments. Just to let you know we haven’t removed them but they need to be approved before they appear on our blog. If you have a look now you’ll see your comments are on the page.

      I’m sorry to hear you feel our new eticketing system is unfair on customers. We have to be fair and consistent with everyone which is why eticketing has been rolled out to all customers who book online. You will have been advised on your confirmation that you are receiving etickets for your holiday. They’re usually sent out 6 weeks before departure to give you time to get these printed.

      If you booked before our etickets were introduced, we’ll have sent you an email to let you know about the changes.

      There are a number of factors as to why we decided to move to eticketing and this includes us no longer being reliant on postal deliveries, keeping us in line with other tour operators and being environmentally friendly. We ask any customers who don’t own printers to speak to family or friends or even try their local library.

      If you have any other questions then please let me know. I hope you still have an enjoyable holiday in Goa.

  24. sarah.stewart@freeuk.com' Mrs Stewart

    I have just helped my parents sort out their e-tickets…but its not really that straight forward and I consider myself to be computer savvy! They had the latest Adobe etc…I ended up not using the email link google my.thomson.co.uk and log in from there, but even aafter doing that one PC loaded up the e-tickets but the other one didn’t (?) Why…I have no idea, I even checked the internet options/tools/security/privacy were all the same. Perhaps a little more technical help on the website might be useful. When I telephoned the first time the man just said he would resend the email and was not very helpful at all. I think for older people this is all a step too far.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mrs Stewart, Thanks for your feedback and we’ll pass your idea of technical help on to our team.

  25. andreaburke1@yahoo.co.uk' andrea burke

    I booked my holiday and was informed that i would receive my tickets in the post, a few weeks later i was told they would be sent in email for me to print off, i do not have a printer to do this, what is the alternative, i contacted the local thompson shop as advised if i had a problem and they said they couldnt help,

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Andrea,

      If customers don’t own a printer, we ask them to make arrangements to print them off with family/friends or at their local library. Unfortunately our travel shops are unable to print them off due to not being able to see online bookings on their systems. Thanks

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Graham, We’re no longer sending out luggage labels due to luggage being electronically tagged at check in. This means that the labels are no longer essential. However, we do recommend you put something on your bag so you can identify it at the airport.

  26. himandme@himandme.karoo.co.uk' michelle lyons

    we have booked a flight to alicante on 29/12/2011 to fly on 31/12/2011, after paying for the flights the page came up confirming payment and that the email confirmation will arrive soon, it also stated without that without the printed email confirmation you may be refused travel, 10 hours have passed and no email, rang thomsons on two numbers, but because its the holiday season the automated response service is wishing all its customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that their are working reduced hours. No mention of what these hours are. So now I sit in hope that the email arrives or I ring Thomsons at a time their are actually open to recieve my enquiry.

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan Ingley

      Hi Michelle,
      Hope you managed to get away, I had similar problem and did not get the documents to print out, no reply to my emails and unable to get anyone at Thomson to pick up the telephone.
      My payment confirmation also had the wrong departure airport and Thomson,s excuse is that they may offer different departure airports if they are unable to fly you on the day you request.
      Thomson had two flights within days of our selected departure date with available seats from our selected airport but they still changed the departure from an airport we were unable to get to, not only that Thomson seized payment and still refuse to return payment apart from the air passenger duty which they kindly returned because we did not make the flight.
      Regards Alan

  27. linda.whitley@virgin.net' Mrs Linda Whitley

    Where on your Manage my Booking can I get my e-tickets printed?
    Do your technical difficultied include this problem?
    I rang Louise yesterday and she said she could e-mail mythe tickets rather than a link to your website so i could print them off at once – is this possible? Thanks

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Linda,

      Your e-tickets are emailed to you 6 weeks before travel. Have you received an email from us already but you’re unable to open it? If this is the case, please email me. Thanks

  28. cmjcpope@ntlworld.com' Marie Pope

    What a joke this site is no where on website to download e-ticket when logged into account and no reply to any e-mails sent over the last 2 weeks about the e-ticket sent to print out does not open its just a blank page and i have tried other laptops and pcs i have windows 7 latest version of adobe as well you would think thomson would help as i go away on the 26.12.2011 but not even a reply so its back to the normal print confirmation and que up as normal then

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Marie,

      I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. Can you email me with the details please? ^Rhiannon

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan Ingley

      Rhiannon, Marie has been sending emails to you for two weeks and never got a reply, How many emails do you need before responding?????
      At least Marie managed to log on to her account, your manage my booking system did not accept the booking reference number that I was given and you didn’t reply to my emails either.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alan,

      I’m sorry to hear that Marie didn’t receive a response to her emails. Did she email our Pre-Travel team via the online form on our website?

      I have sent you an email so if I can help further, let me know. ^Rhiannon

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan Ingley

      Hi Rhiannon, I have received your emails and sent a replies to both of them, I understand that you would not wish to disclose the contents on the blog.
      About your question whether Marie emailed via pre-travel or the on-line form.
      I have been advised by Thomson that emails via pre-travel and also after travel will not be processed, and that we must only use the on-line form restricting methods of contacting Thomson, your on-line form does not always confirm that our message was received allowing Thomson to shred documents they do not like.
      Regards Alan.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      We don’t have any active email addresses for Pre Travel or After Travel which is why customers need to use the online form. When we receive the correspondence, you should be sent an automatic acknowledgement to say we’ve received it and will be investigating your query. So I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive these. I will be pass this feedback on to both department managers, so they’re aware of this. ^Rhiannon

    • alan@ingley.com' Alan

      Hi Rhiannon,
      You should have active email addresses for customers to contact you, I discovered the following regulation:-

      The UK’s E-Commerce Regulations
      The email address of the service provider must be given. It is not sufficient to include a ‘contact us’ form without also providing an email address.

      Regards Alan.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Alan,

      The online form on our contact us page is an active email address and customers will receive an acknowledgement to say the email has been received. But I will pass your comments on to our Web Team.

  29. juelcontrol@hotmail.co.uk' julie

    my comments have been removed too….? the webiste is not responding and shows nothing but a blank screen when tryin to print off tickets….have called now twice – still not working

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Julie, the PDF might not be responding due to you not having the latest edition of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. As suggested to J Hancock, have you checked you have the latest edition or tried opening the email on another computer?

  30. juelcontrol@hotmail.co.uk' j Hancock

    I cant print off my e tickets – nothing is happening . it isnt adobe conflict – i spoke to thomson, 10p a minute. they have resent link – still it wont work…………..how much do i have to pay to get tickets i have already paid for??????????

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Usually if the pdf is not opening it’s due to not having the newest edition of Adobe Reader on your system. I would recommend trying to open your email on a different computer or checking you have the latest edition of Adobe Reader. If you have any other problems, let us know!

  31. churmcy@spidernet.net' Pat & Michael

    We agree with Mr. Hagarty. E-tickets are not convenient to everyone who has access to the internet. What happens if, as we shall be, the customers are away on one Thomson holiday and have no access to a
    computer/printer and another holiday follows on almost immediately, with no visit back home possible? (We live outside the UK and travel back there in order to go on package holidays)

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Pat & Michael,

      Every customer will have different circumstances but if possible I would advise printing both of your tickets out at the same time. E-tickets should be sent out 6 weeks prior to your departure date.

    • churmcy@spidernet.net' Pat & Michael

      Thanks for your reply, the first holiday (at the beginning of Jan) should present no problems, but when we leave home
      to travel to the UK in two weeks’ time,it will still be about 7 weeks before our
      next hols. The e-tickets will not be available then, and
      after this we run into difficulty with access to computers/printers.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Pat & Michael, we feel the e-ticketing system should be of more convenience for you. In your situation, if we had sent paper tickets and you were not at home because you had travelled back to the UK, you would not have had access to them. Now with our new system, you will have access to your emails wherever you are. I realise you have mentioned that printing is a problem but are you able to ask any friends or family or perhaps visiting a library?

  32. mrktaylor1957@aol.com' Mark Taylor

    My partner and I booked a Thomson cruise some months ago and broke with tradition (we usually book online) and visited the Thomson shop in Leicester city centre. We are due to depart on 2nd December and as we had not received our tickets, we called in at the agents on Friday 18th November. After a long wait and excuses about the staff not be able to contact us by telephone (two numbers supplied!) we were informed that our tickets had been received but returned to the operator because of a spelling mistake. This seemed improbable as surely tickets are printed from information entered at the time of booking and as the confirmation was accurate I’m uncertain how a spelling error could have occurred. We were then provided with a couple of sheets of A4 which looked very similar to the original confirmation that we had received – no tickets, luggage labels, trip information, flight details, etc, and no reference to the ‘mythomson’ facility that I have since read about on this webpage. We contacted the agents the following day and asked for replacement tickets but were advised that tickets are no longer produced by Thomson (contrary to your response to another comment you have received which clearly states that customers who still want a paper ticket booklet can book in one of your retail stores). We were therefore issued with print-outs from what I now assume to be the ‘mythomson’ facility. We received no emails regarding these changes and the excuses provided by the agents were unacceptable.
    I also note that your new etickets apply to “anyone who has booked a beach holiday on thomson.co.uk”. We neither booked a beach holiday or used the website to complete our booking. So you are either providing misleading information on this website, responding to comments incorrectly or failing to train staff dealing with bookings in your shops. Which is it? I look forward to your comments.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mark,

      Currently our cruise bookings are not using the e-ticketing system. This will be implemented at a later date and customers with bookings will be informed if they will have to print their tickets off. In regards to your situation, it seems from your post that there was a spelling error on your tickets which would have occurred at the time of booking. This seems the most likely reason for the agent requesting new ones to be sent out. When it comes to re-issuing tickets, we are unable to do this within 14 days of departure which means customers have to have a ‘ticket on departure’. This looks like your normal booking confirmation and just needs to be given in at check in. When it comes to the ‘My Thomson’ facility, this is for web bookings only so you would not have had access to this because you booked in a shop. As stated in my last reply, you are still able to get a paper ticket booklet if you book within one of our retail stores; however they are still paper tickets and not the original ticket booklets you would have received before. I hope you have a lovely holiday but if you do have any further questions please contact me.

  33. ianphagerty@googlemail.com' Mr Hagerty

    Where has my comment gone, it is that Thomson only want nice comments, and want to hush up peoples bad experiences, shame on you!

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi, we hadn’t deleted your comment, it just hadn’t been approved yet. I’ve responded to your previous post below.

  34. ianphagerty@googlemail.com' Mr Hagerty

    We preferred the ticket book with its hints and recommendations , and as we don’t have a printer and can see no reason to ever buy one, then we will be booking with a different operator for our future holidays.
    Our current booking conformation is obviously now null and void, surely this is a breach of contract.
    We have been told that we will now not be getting anything in the post as originally promised, maybe we as customers should be given a choice, or is it that Thomson just don’t care about us…

    The booking confirmation email reads.
    “Ticketing Information”
    “It is important that you keep a record of your reference until you receive your paper tickets from us by post. Tickets will be with you approximately 2-3 weeks before you are due to fly.”

    Any Thomson comments welcome.

    • Rhiannon@Thomson

      Hi Mr Hagerty,

      Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our e-ticketing service. We understand that some customers liked our ticket books; however e-ticketing allows us to be more environmentally friendly and keeps us in line with other tour operators who offer the same service. The information which was previously in your ticket booklet is now available on MyThomson which can be updated when any new information surfaces. We also believe that by using this service, in future it will allow the check in process to run much smoother.
      I would like to assure you that your confirmation is still valid and you should have received an email to advise you that we would now be supplying you with e-tickets. Although I can see from your comment that you did receive an email stating you would receive paper tickets, this was due to bookings being made before the service was implemented. We have advised customers that if they still want a paper ticket booklet, they can book in one of our retail stores, but none of the ticketing contains any hints or tips like they previously did. I hope that answers your queries and if you do require any further information, you can contact us here.

    • david@12345.net' David

      what a petty comment….oh woe is me thomson won’t give me a ticket booklet waaaaaah

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