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E-ticketing Now Available At Thomson And First Choice…

Tuesday 1st November was an important date in the calendar here at Thomson and First Choice HQ. That’s when we embraced the hi-tech world of e-ticketing.

E-tickets are now available for anyone who’s booked a beach holiday on either thomson.co.uk or firstchoice.co.uk. Instead of sending you a mini ticket booklet through the post, we’ll email your tickets – and any associated travel vouchers – as a pdf attachment around six weeks before you’re due to fly. You can then either print off your tickets from the email or, if it’s more convenient, print them from your own personalised website, ‘mythomson’ or ‘myfirstchoice’ . If you’d like a bit more information about how these websites work, click here.

Two of the big benefits of e-ticketing are…

• It’s Easy It means you can keep everything online, from booking your holiday to receiving your tickets.

• It’s Better For The Environment It helps us meet our Holidays Forever commitments by cutting down on the amount of paper we use and reducing our carbon emissions.

First In Line…

To mark the launch, we dished out gifts to our very first e-ticket customers at Manchester and Gatwick airports.

Mr and Mrs Sharp Manchester Airport
Mr and Mrs Sharp from Leeds area

Mr and Mrs Sharp, from the Leeds area, checked in for their flight to Malaga at 3.20am on 1st November. The couple – who flew from Manchester – are spending a week at the Angela Hotel in Fuengirola. They’re loyal Thomson customers and were first to use the new e-ticketing system, giving lots of positive feedback in the process.

The Sharps enjoyed a glass of bubbly at the Thomson and First Choice check-in desk, plus they got a £30 Thomson Airways voucher to spend onboard their flight.


Mr and Mrs Smith Gatwick Airport
Mr and Mrs Smith over at Gatwick

Over at Gatwick, Mr and Mrs Smith, and their grandson, checked in for their flight to Alicante at 3am on the same day.

They found the new e-ticketing system really easy to understand, too. They went on their way with a bottle of bubbly and £30 of Thomson Airways vouchers.

Here’s what some of our other customers had to say about the new e-tickets…

“The new e-tickets are better because you don’t worry about your tickets not turning up in the post.”

“It was very easy to log in to myfirstchoice and print off my e-ticket.”

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2,715 Responses to “E-ticketing Now Available At Thomson And First Choice…”

  1. itsjadehares@hotmail.com' jade

    I have received an email stating ‘this is your E-ticket’ it just looks like loads of links to different websites and has all our details and accommodation details on it, along with flight numbers etc.. Is this my E-Ticket or not? Also I’m confused about boarding passes. when do I get these and when can I print them?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Jade, Yes this is your E-ticket. Boarding cards will be given when you check-in either online or at the airport ^Charlotte

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Jade. You will get your boarding pass when you check in, either online or at the airport. ^Dave

  2. schapman662@gmail.com' Shannon

    Hello I have got my boarding passes and not sure what my e-tickets should look like would you be able to send me a picture of what one should look like

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Shannon, You can take just your boarding passes to travel. Your E-tickets would look like your booking confirmation ^Jodie

  3. cheddary67@live.com' karen

    Do I need to print out the e tickets, or is showing the email sufficient?

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      Hi Karen, You don’t have to print confirmation, you can take a copy on your phone ^Jodie

  4. jahmaipurcell100@gmail.com' Jahmai Purcell

    Hi can I use my confirmation email on my phone to get my booking pass on arrival or does this needed to be printed off??

    • Rebecca1.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Rebecca Williams

      Hi, You can use this on your phone. ^Becca

  5. phillipse2002@aol.com' David Phillips

    We booked to go away to Tenerife 20/8/2017 with three separate Booking Reference Numbers I received E-TICKETS for Booking Reference Numbers 1952377 2269401 these where emailed on sunday 8th july

    But I have not received the E-Ticket for Booking Reference Number 2270527 I have emailed and phoned them since Monday
    The answers am getting you we received then shortly or within 24hrs I cant understand why all there weren’t sent together

    Thank you

  6. louiseg149@hotmail.com' Louise


    I have received my e ticket and one of the names is Mike instead of his full name which is Michael on the passport. The email states initial and surname must be correct. The initial and surname is correct therefore I assume this will be ok? When we check in online is it just the initial and surname on the boarding pass?

    Thank you

    • Zoe.Chappell@thomson.co.uk' Zoe Chappell

      Hi Louise, Please email your query and Booking Reference Number to cares@thomson.co.uk so we can look into this for you ^Zoe

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